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"There were some experiences that just couldn't be bought, and being shyly hit on by a drowsy nine-year-old was one of them."
fandom:mortal_instruments  pairing:alec/magnus  fanfiction  rating:K+  author:spun  length:2000-5000  *kid!fic 
august 2014 by Wordflake
White Nights - Chapter 1 - spicedpiano, tahariel - X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Movies), X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Duke Erik Lehnsherr of Ironhold needs an omega to carry on his line, and Earl Charles Xavier of Salem needs an alpha to give him the political leverage he needs in order to make his sister Queen. An arranged marriage brings them together, but Erik's lust for war and Charles' hidden agenda threaten to tear them apart. In the frozen Northlands of Ironhold life is hard and cold, and both Charles and Erik must give up their pretense and see each other as they really are: perfect for each other, if only they'll acknowledge it.
fic  fandom:x-men  fic:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  Site:AO3  *Age!Disparity  *BAMF!Charles  *AU  *Alpha/OmegaDynamics  *ComicVerse!Characters  *Complete  *Cross-Over/Fusion  *Daddy!Charles  *Daddy!Erik  *Established.Relationship  *First!Kiss  *First!Time  *jealous!/possessive!Charles  *jealous!/possessive!Erik  *Kid!Fic  *Historical!AU  *Marriage!/Wedding!Fic  *MovieVerse!Characters  *Mutant!AU  *Pining/Smitten!Erik  *Paranormal/SupernaturalAU  *Protective!Charles  *Protective!Erik  *Protective!Logan  *Protective!Raven  *Royalty!AU  *Reunion  *War/SoldierAU  *Warning!Mpreg 
june 2014 by BlazenCubs
Most Important Things
At first Derek didn’t know what to do with Romy. She was this tiny, squirming, pink thing that he had no idea how to read. But she was also his niece, and the only thing he had left in the world. He thought about giving her up and going back to California, but the thought of being so close to the place where his family had once been so alive hurt him, and so did the thought of letting her go. And so, in Chicago he stayed, and the Hills were forgotten. He didn’t want to go back. And no one came looking for him anyway.

//Derek takes care of Cora's daughter after Cora dies. They have a good, albeit a quite lonely, life in Chicago. Everything changes when they meet Stiles, who has moved from Beacon Hills.
fandom:teen_wolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:NC-17  author:sarcasticfishes  length:20.000-35.000  *kid!fic 
june 2014 by Wordflake
These Fires Endure [by daymarket], PG-13
She’s the Fire Nation princess. She’s a nonbender. The two were never meant to be true at the same time, but with her family around her, anything is possible.
avatar!fic  *futurefic  canon!pairing(s)  genfic  *kid!fic  *parent!fic  *friendship  outsider-pov  Zuko  Mai  Aang  Katara  Sokka  Toph  Suki  °daymarket 
may 2014 by mayachain
The Greatest Earthbaby in the World [by cosmic_llin], PG
Toph really isn't sure about this whole having a baby thing. Sokka is there for her.
avatar!fic  genfic  Sokka  Toph  *kid!fic  *friendship  *futurefic  *parent!fic  *love!fic  *hug!fic  °cosmic_llin 
may 2014 by mayachain
Medvezhonok [by lanyon], PG-13
The Winter Soldier is on the run and no one is more surprised than he is by the fact that he is accompanied by a little boy who seems convinced that he is his father
avengers!fic  timeline:avengers  *alt.canon  *kid!fic  *parent!fic  BuckyBarnes  NatashaRomanov  DarcyLewis  SteveRogers  *amnesia!fic  TonyStark  *love!fic  *hug!fic  °lanyon  *unwintering  *mental!issues 
april 2014 by mayachain
write this number down (you can call it anytime) - pocky_slash - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
When Erik upsets his children, they have a habit of running away from home--and straight to Charles' school for cookies and consolation. Charles doesn't mind the visitors, but as they appear more and more frequently, he realizes that sooner or later, he and Erik are going to have to talk about what happened on the beach and what it means for their future and the future of Erik's children.
fic  fandom:x-men  fic:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  Site:AO3  *Canon/CanonAU  *Complete  *Daddy!Erik  *Established.Relationship  *Fix-It!Fic  *h/c  *Future!Fic  *Kid!Fic  *Mansion!Fic  *MovieVerse!Characters  *Post-BeachDivorce  *Protective!Charles  *Protective!Erik  *Reunion 
february 2014 by BlazenCubs
In the Bleak Midwinter - Chapter 1 - keire_ke - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
It is not easy to find out, well into the second decade of the twenty-first century, that your mother arranged a marriage for you. It is even less easy to convince her that you have no interest in the very fertile Magda, she of the wide hips and lustrous auburn hair. Fortunately, with a good friend at his side over the holiday weekend, Erik is sure he will prevail.
fic  fandom:x-men  fic:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  Site:AO3  *AU  *Complete  *Daddy!Charles  *Daddy!Erik  *First!Kiss  *Fake!BoyFriends/Relationship  *First!Time  *h/c  *Friendship!Fic  *Fluff/Schmoop  *Kid!Fic  *Mutant!AU  *MovieVerse!Characters  *Modern!AU  *Pining/Smitten!Erik  *BestFriends!AU 
january 2014 by BlazenCubs
this is life (and everything's all right) - pocky_slash - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Edie Lehnsherr came into Charles' life long before he ever heard Erik Lehnsherr's name, and her death left a gaping hole in the lives of everyone in Charles' family. As the first Purim without her approaches, he begins to get creative in his efforts to bring everyone out of their grief. Kitchen creativity, however, is not quite his strength....
fic  fandom:x-men  fic:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  Site:AO3  *AU  *Complete  *Daddy!Charles  *Daddy!Erik  *Established.Relationship  *h/c  *Kid!Fic  *Modern!AU  *MovieVerse!Characters  *Mutant!AU 
january 2014 by BlazenCubs
Hitch A Ride On The Back of a Butterfly [by torakowalski], NC-17
When Loki attacks SHIELD and brainwashes Clint Barton, Phil Coulson’s first priority is to get their daughter to safety. After that, there's just leading the ground defence against the Chitauri, organising a group of brand new SHIELD recruits into a workable army, and learning to work with Tony Stark. (Female!Phil AU.)
avengers!fic  hetfic  timeline:avengers  Clint/Coulson  *genderfuck  ClintBarton  Philcoulson  NickFury  NatashaRomanov  Loki  SteveRogers  TonyStark  Thor  PepperPotts  Rhodey  *kid!fic  *alt.canon  *hc  *hug!fic  *cuddle!fic  *de-angst  *friendship  *random.agents  DarcyLewis  °torakowalski 
november 2013 by mayachain
Teen Dragons Nunquam Titillandus
(Sequel to "When You Wish Upon a Dragon") “What!” Steve comes thundering down the stairs. Appropriate, since he is wearing a mutinous scowl and is apparently too mad this morning to use question marks. It occurs to Stiles right then that his son has turned into the Derek Hale Stiles first met all those years ago: broody, distrustful, and so, so angry. God, somehow, when Stiles wasn’t looking, his sweet baby boy turned into Derek Hale 2.0: now with more brood
fandom:teen_wolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:PG  author:lupinus  length:2000-5000  *kid!fic  sequel 
september 2013 by Wordflake
When You Wish Upon a Dragon
Stiles is at the Hale house, lounging on the front stoop watching Isaac, Erica, and Boyd wrestle, when the baby comes running out of the woods.

Derek becomes instant father to a magically appearing baby and falls in love. Stiles can’t take the cute and worries Derek’s heart will break if he loses the kid.
fandom:teen_wolf  pairing:derek/stiles  fanfiction  rating:PG  author:lupinus  length:10.000-20.000  *kid!fic 
september 2013 by Wordflake
When the Bough Breaks [by The Feels Whale (miscellea)], PG-13
Wherein the pack failed to notice Stiles adopted a baby because Scott neglected to tell them, the Hale pack is 10-12 wolves strong and Stiles isn't sure he can handle Derek all but moving in.
teenwolf!fic  Derek/Stiles  *kid!fic  *futurefic  *pack!fic  StilesStilinski  DerekHale  ScottMcCall  EricaReyes  Boyd  IsaacLahey  LydiaMartin  SheriffStilinski  *schmoop  *moveintogether  *becoming!fic  °miscellea 
september 2013 by mayachain
A Logical Progression - cloudyjenn - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik and Charles were only together once before doubt and fear ground their romance to a halt. But once was apparently all it took. Now Charles is dealing with a pretty crappy secondary mutation, a brand new career teaching mini-mutants and a stubbornly overprotective Erik. This is the story of how Charles and Erik got from Point A to Point B and what they collected along the way.
fic  fandom:x-men  fic:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  Site:AO3  *AUBeachEnding  *BAMF!Charles  *Canon/CanonAU  *Complete  *Daddy!Charles  *Daddy!Erik  *First!Kiss  *First!Time  *Fix-It!Fic  *h/c  *Future!Fic  *Friendship!Fic  *jealous!/possessive!Erik  *Kid!Fic  *Mansion!Fic  *MovieVerse!Characters  *Pining/Smitten!Erik  *Protective!Raven  *Protective!Erik  *Protective!Charles  *Warning!Mpreg 
april 2013 by BlazenCubs
Dog Days - dedkake - X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Erik doesn’t realize that the puppy he gets Charles for their one year anniversary will grow up to be a bear.


Written for this prompt from the kink meme (which is based on this puppy and this dog).
fic  fandom:x-men  fic:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  Site:AO3  *AU  *Complete  *Daddy!Erik  *Established.Relationship  *Fluff/Schmoop  *h/c  *Flirty!Charles  *Humor  *Mansion!Fic  *Kitten!/Animal!Fic  *Kid!Fic  *jealous!/possessive!Erik  *Marriage!/Wedding!Fic  *Modern!AU  *MovieVerse!Characters  *Mutant!AU  *Pining/Smitten!Erik  *Protective!Charles  *Reunion 
april 2013 by BlazenCubs
"Worked okay so far?" [by lalaietha], PG
Sometimes Susie worries about whether her daughter's fantasy life is actually fantasy.
Calvin&Hobbes  Yuletide  genfic  *futurefic  *kid!fic  °lalaietha 
february 2013 by mayachain
The Pleasantness of Employment - Chapter 1 - keire_ke, Rohnoc - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern AU. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of two lively toddlers must be in want of a babysitter. This truth is so fixed in Erik's mind that when his children mysteriously turn up fed and entertained, he doesn't question where the care comes from, so long as it is continuous, or at least he doesn't question it until the caretaker turns out to be his handsome neighbour. Sadly, his attempts at romancing said neighbour are undermined by—no, never mind, it's easier to list things that don't undermine his romancing attempts, and those are the weather and meteor showers.
fic  fandom:x-men  fic:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  Site:AO3  *AU  *Complete  *Cross-Over/Fusion  *First!Kiss  *First!Time  *Flirty!Charles  *Humor  *Human!AU  *Daddy!Erik  *Daddy!Charles  *Kid!Fic  *jealous!/possessive!Erik  *h/c  *MovieVerse!Characters  *Modern!AU  *Pining/Smitten!Erik  *Protective!Charles  *Protective!Erik 
january 2013 by BlazenCubs
Wolf Cub [by moodwriter], NC-17
A strange wolf is not supposed to touch another pack’s cub and that’s why, on a rescue mission, it’s Stiles’ job to take care of the wolf cub who’s curious about everything and everyone. Stiles is not used to werewolf children, and the pack is not used to Stiles taking care of a child.
teenwolf!fic  StilesStilinski  IsaacLahey  DerekHale  AllisonArgent  Boyd  *futurefic  *cuddle!fic  *kid!fic  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *pack!fic  °moodwriter  Derek/Stiles 
january 2013 by mayachain

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