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A Ring in the Black Sea [by basingstoke], NC-17
The crossover where Jack Harkness (in the TW S1-2 hatus) is given the unique opportunity to father Teyla Emmagan's child.
sga-fic  Torchwood!fic  *crossover  TeylaEmmagan  JackHarkness  RodneyMcKay  RononDex  JohnSheppard  IantoJones  *anthropology  *hc  *friendship  °basingstoke 
september 2015 by mayachain
A Beautiful Herd [by allapplesfall], PG
Capheus's mother finds out just how few of the cluster have mothers of their own, so she adopts them.
sense8  genfic  Capheus  NomiMarks  SunBak  WillGorski  RileyBlue  WolfgangBogdanow  *visit!fic  *hc  *love!fic  *revealed!fic  *hug!fic  °allapplesfall 
july 2015 by mayachain
safe as houses [by thecanaryfalls], PG
Parker and Hardison comfort Eliot, in their weird multimillionare-convicted-felons-who-are-planning-a-life-with-him kind of way.
leverage-fic  *trust!fic  Parker  Eliot  Parker&Eliot  AlecHardison  *pre-relationship  canon!pairing(s)  *nightmares  *hc  °thecanaryfalls 
march 2015 by mayachain
Throw Your Dreams [by yuletide_anon], R
After the finale, TJ and Agent Clark strike up a friendship, or maybe something more. (Finally, someone puts TJ first.)
politicalanimals  *becoming!fic  *futurefic  *hc  *subordination  *trust!fic  *friendship  °anonymous  *singing/performing 
december 2014 by mayachain
Keystone [by KiaraSayre], PG-13
Hydra puts Steve in the chair, the man who is a little bit Bucky is there in the aftermath.
avengers!fic  SteveRogers  BuckyBarnes  *amnesia!fic  *hc  genfic  *trauma!aftermath  °kiarasayre  timeline:winter.soldier 
december 2014 by mayachain
The Tower [by Ylixia], PG-13
Mack gets better, but not completely. Fitz takes a chance this time around, and that works way better. Fitsimmons finally have that talk
avengers!fic  FitzSimmons  AlphonsoMackenzie  Philcoulson  BobbiMorse  MelindaMay  Skye  *tag  *mental!issues  *friendship  *de-angst  *hc  *becoming!fic  *loyalty  °ylixia  Fitz/Mack 
december 2014 by mayachain
Overlapping Spaces [by khilari & Persephone_Kore], PG-13
Upon visiting Asgard, Jane wasn't expecting Loki to be haunting the palace library, even in psychiatric care; and Loki wasn't expecting to make friends with Thor's mortal girlfriend.
avengers!fic  hetfic  timeline:avengers  canon!pairing(s)  JaneFoster  Loki  Thor  Frigga  Odin  ErikSelvig  Sif  MariaHill  *futurefic  *friendship  *mental!issues  *hc  *politics  *love!fic  *bumpyfeelings  *hug!fic  *vacation!fic  *trauma!aftermath  °persephone_kore  °khilari 
october 2014 by mayachain
Let Me Grow Young [by Vera_DragonMuse], PG
Between heroic deeds and misadventures, Gamora accidentally does the things she missed out on in childhood.
guardiansofthegalaxy  genfic  Gamora  Groot  Rocket  PeterQuill  Drax  *hc  *friendship  *nightmares  *sleep!fic  *trauma!aftermath  *trust!fic  °vera_dragonmuse 
september 2014 by mayachain
The Imperfect Lovers [by Tito11], PG-13
For the first time in Thomas’s silly life, he falls for someone’s personality before their looks. [Edward at the hospital, Edward at Downton.]
DowntonAbbey  ThomasBarrow  EdwardCourtenay  SybilCrawley  *alt.canon  *injury!fic  *hospital!fic  *nightmares  *becoming!fic  *hc  *friendship  °Tito11 
september 2014 by mayachain
Counteractive Measures [by rikke_leonhart], PG-13
The thing is – giving Jim Kirk a dare will never ever work. “Enlist,” she repeats to herself as Pike’s back disappears out the door. She snorts. It’s one of those things that just keep getting funnier.
reboot-trek  JamesKirk  Spock  Gaila  NyotaUhura  LenBones  *hc  *genderfuck  *friendship  *becoming!fic  Kirk/Spock  *hug!fic  *tarsusIV  °rikke_leonhart  *backstory  *fulltimeline 
august 2014 by mayachain

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