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it started out with a kiss (how did it end up like this) by portraitofemmy
7,896 words | There's no beasts, no gods, no monsters. Just magical grad-school and all the messy human things that come with it. So when Eliot, barely holding it together after heartbreak, kisses Quentin in a drunken stupor, it feels like the end of the world.

But is it?
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:brakebills-au  warning:alcohol/drunkenness  warning:drug.use  *favorites 
yesterday by leahbeex
if not for you by goingmywaydoll
24,010 words | On a Wednesday he breaks up with Rachel. The next Tuesday, he leaves on a road trip with David.
david/patrick  rating.pg13  20-30k  alternate.universe  highschool  childhood.friends  road.trip  bed.sharing  pining  vacation-trips  *favorites 
january 2020 by leahbeex
Before We Get Lost by bigficenergy
12,947 words | It takes more than some gifts and a song to really patch things up after their week apart, but with the risk of vulnerability comes reward.
david/patrick  rating.nc17  10-20k  sc:post-409  breakups.and.makeups  bdsm  *favorites 
december 2019 by leahbeex
you've got me feeling emotions (deeper than i've ever dreamed of) by wardo_wedidit
31,131 words | “Um,” he tries, suddenly concentrating very hard on his shoelaces. “I have what is probably a very, very stupid idea. What if… I pretended to be your boyfriend?”

Or: David thinks he's come up with the perfect mutually beneficial arrangement with Patrick, but it isn't long before things start to get complicated.
david/patrick  rating.nc17  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  pretend.relationship  hurt/comfort  pining  bed.sharing  *favorites 
september 2019 by leahbeex
My heart was broke, My head was sore by blueink3
31,024 words | “Um,” his voice cracks and he clears his throat and tries again, “Um, Patrick can’t come into work today?”

“Oh?” Alexis asks, keeping the question carefully nonchalant which really only makes things worse. If she’s sparing his feelings then shit surely must be hitting the fan.


“Did he say why?” Again, meticulously neutral.


Or, the morning after Grad Night goes somewhat differently when Patrick gets a call from home.
david/patrick  rating.pg13  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  sc:post-313  established.relationship  relationship.development  new.relationship  angst  hurt/comfort  sickness-injury  domesticity  *favorites 
september 2019 by leahbeex
To Learn to Be Again by portraitofemmy
18,295 words | “You don’t have to apologize. I just wanted you to know,” Eliot says softly, once Quentin can breathe again, once he’s stopped leaking all over everything, himself and the grass and Eliot. “You deserve to know you’re loved.”

“I don’t think– I can’t be anyone’s boyfriend right now, Eliot,” and somehow it hurts more to say it now than it had to say it to Alice. But Eliot just smiles, sad but real, and reaches out to smooth Quentin’s hair off his face. It’s too short to hook behind his ear, but Eliot keeps petting him anyway. It feels nice. Grounding.

The Monster is gone, but that doesn't mean everything's okay. It's not. But maybe Quentin and Eliot can learn to be.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  tm:post-s4  warning:mental.health.issues  warning:depression  warning:suicidal.thoughts  domesticity  *favorites 
august 2019 by leahbeex
Promises by Rizandace
7,751 words | "And since we're never going to see each other again, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop making me feel like shit, for once. Think of it as a going away present."

This stupid and immature outburst doesn't rile Eliot up, the way Quentin was maybe kind of hoping it would. Instead, his incredulous anger falls away instantly, leaving genuine bewilderment and a little bit of hurt in its wake.

"I'm - not trying to make you feel like shit," Eliot says slowly. "Why would you say that?"

Quentin scoffs, turning away from Eliot so he doesn't have to meet his eyes. "I get that you were miserable there, but I wasn't," he admits finally, furious at the burning in his own eyes. "And every time you say something about it, about how awful the whole thing was, it makes me feel - I mean, can't you hear the way it sounds, from my perspective?"

He turns around to see Eliot staring at him with his eyebrows scrunched up. "Complaining about the mosaic was like - our favorite pastime when we were trapped there," he says. "It's revisionist history to pretend we both had a jolly good time with that fucking puzzle."

|| This fic, ya'll, holy shit. Angsty, tender, angry, emotional, working-through-their-shit. It's SO GOOD.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:s3  angst  *favorites 
august 2019 by leahbeex
and if tomorrow it's all over (at least we had it for a moment) by ohmarqueliot
45,461 words | Taking a few more steps away, Quentin let go of her hand and turned to face her, ignoring the confused and amused expression on her face. "Where's the fire, Q?"

"The fire is right over there," he said, resisting the urge to nod or point or wave his arms, well aware that his faux cheeriness came out sounding a little closer to panic and oh god, was he panicking? "In the approximate size and shape of Eliot fucking Waugh."

Somehow, he'd still expected surprise. The sheepish look he got instead was just too much. "Right. That."

It's Julia's wedding day, and apparently no one bothered to tell Quentin that his high school boyfriend that he hadn't seen in ten years was going to be there. Quentin is fine.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-modern  au-no.magic  exes  marriage-weddings  misunderstandings  *favorites 
august 2019 by leahbeex
We Can Burn Brighter by ingberry
35,626 words | When Arthur agrees to meet Gwen's new boyfriend Lance and his group of friends he never expected it to include Merlin. It's been nine years since they broke up, but the memories are still raw. Pretending that they don't know each other seems like the best idea, until it's not.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-modern  exes  secret.relationship  angst  brotp:arthur.morgana  brotp:arthur.gwen  *favorites 
august 2019 by leahbeex
the one with the dog by portraitofemmy
~42,000 words (series, WIP) | A post season 4 series which has become a catch-all bucket for when I want to write something mostly canonical but don't want to have to undead Quentin again.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  series  30-50k  wip  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  established.relationship  future-fic  warning:depression  hurt/comfort  fluff  domesticity  *favorites 
august 2019 by leahbeex
How to Untrain Your Dragon by Teumessian
34,375 words | Merlin has many secrets but Arthur sees more than anyone knows. This is the story of a prince and a dragon. A canon changeling!verse AU, deviating around season 2.

[aka, Merlin turns into a dragon sometimes]
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  au-changlings  supernatural.beings  magic-reveal  *favorites 
july 2019 by leahbeex
Of Faith and Hope and Love by versaphile
30,095 words | To lose a manservant once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose him twice looks like carelessness. When Merlin vanishes in the mines of Kemeray, Arthur's search for him uncovers decades of secrets and betrayals. But the sudden appearance of a baby white dragon bodes well for Albion, for Merlin and Arthur, and for the land that they will build together.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:s4  merlin:407  dragons  magic-reveal  angst  hurt/comfort  sickness-injury  bamf!arthur  merlin:aithusa  *favorites 
july 2019 by leahbeex
Keep the Magic Secret by orphan_account
73,580 words | For the prompt: Someone tells Arthur about the legends of Emrys, an all-powerful warlock whose destiny is to protect Arthur and his kingdom and help bring about an age of peace. He is told that Emrys is someone close to him, and has hidden his identity and trials over the years to protect himself and make sure he can continue on at Arthur's side. When Arthur asks who it is, the person turns to Arthur and shrewdly asks: "Arthur, who do you want it to be?" ... Arthur's mind automatically goes to Merlin.
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  50-80k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:post-s4  merlin:s5-au  established.relationship  bamf!merlin  magic-reveal  *favorites 
july 2019 by leahbeex
Not In This Land Alone by torakowalski
36,408 words | Modern AU. When Merlin Emrys gets a summer job at Buckingham Palace, he doesn't expect to even meet King Arthur, let alone become involved in protecting him from a plot to overthrow the monarchy.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-modern  merlin:modern-with-magic  royalty  *favorites  c:morgana  c:morgause 
july 2019 by leahbeex
Dying to Return by StormDancer
19,869 words | When they try to hang him, he floats.


They put him on the pyre at dawn.

He doesn’t burn.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  future-fic  angst  secret.identity  bamf!merlin  *favorites 
july 2019 by leahbeex

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