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linchpin [by bundibird], PG-13
"Nebula – the network you run on,” Tony says, gesturing to the panel on the side of her head. “Any chance it would, say, resonate with its twin, or anything similar, if two versions of it were suddenly inhabiting the same spot in the timeline?”
avengers!fic  genfic  TonyStark  Nebula  SteveRogers  *alt.canon  *de-angst  *notquitethereyet  *time-travel  timeline:endgame 
9 weeks ago by mayachain
Grace in Memory [by yuletide_anon], PG
When Bergon and Betriz are trapped by a cave-in, they must talk with each other to pass the time and to keep awake.
Yuletide  chalion  canon!pairing(s)  hetfic  *de-angst  *injury!fic  *friendship  *loyalty  *love!fic  *hug!fic  *backstory  *futurefic  °anon 
december 2017 by mayachain
Just Like She’s Walking on a Wire [by damnslippyplanet], PG-13
Parker works the problems. She’s doing what she’s supposed to do. So why can’t she work this one?

She’s pretty sure it’s because Eliot isn’t supposed to be the problem.
leverage-fic  Eliot/Parker/Hardison  *pre-relationship  *de-angst  °dmnslippyplanet 
february 2016 by mayachain
A Princess And A Guy Like Me [by Yahtzee], PG-13
“Rapunzel has never had choices before. I want her to have choices now.”
I nodded. “Absolutely.”
He meant, at least in part, choices of guys to marry who were not impoverished orphans/recently reformed thieves.
disney!fic  Tangled  canon!pairing(s)  *proposal/wedding  *post-canon  *love!fic  *de-angst  °yahtzee 
november 2015 by mayachain
An Honest Man [by lamardeuse], PG-13
He was as sure of Matt, of this completely left-field relationship, as it was possible to be, and people of John's generation and upbringing tended to get married when that happened. Certainty equalled a ring and a ceremony of your choice: that was how the world worked.
Die4Hard  McClane/Farrell  Lucy  *futurefic  *proposal/wedding  *de-angst  *love!fic  °lamardeuse 
october 2015 by mayachain
you've gotta love the house you're in [cartographies], NC-17
“You are out practice with tenderness, aren’t you, Athos?” she says very quietly. “So am I. But I think I am beginning to learn.”
Musketeers(bbc)  Constance  Bonacieux  d'Artagnan  Athos  *polyamory  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *friendship  *de-angst  *gender.issues  *threesome  °cartographies 
january 2015 by mayachain
The Tower [by Ylixia], PG-13
Mack gets better, but not completely. Fitz takes a chance this time around, and that works way better. Fitsimmons finally have that talk
avengers!fic  FitzSimmons  AlphonsoMackenzie  Philcoulson  BobbiMorse  MelindaMay  Skye  *tag  *mental!issues  *friendship  *de-angst  *hc  *becoming!fic  *loyalty  °ylixia  Fitz/Mack 
december 2014 by mayachain
I Fear No Fate (For You Are My Fate, My Sweet) [by lit_chick08], R
Myrcella Baratheon always knew she would be married to a man for a political alliance. What she did not know was that she was going to be left in the North at 8-years-old to one day become the wife of Robb Stark and just how much it would change her life.
a.song.of.ice&fire  *alt.canon  hetfic  RobbStark  MyrcellaBaratheon  JonSnow  TheonGreyjoy  AryaStark  DanaerysTargaryen  JaimeLannister  CerseiLannister  RobertBaratheon  TyrionLannister  JeyneWesterling  *proposal/wedding  *love!fic  *de-angst  *hug!fic  *backstory  CatelynStark  EddardStark  °lit_chick08 
december 2014 by mayachain
AT THE SAME STARS [by spicyshimmy], R
First Officer Spock of the USS Enterprise is part of the away team that discovers the survivors of Tarsus IV. (Spoiler: Events are altered and neither Jim nor Spock is there when Vulcan is destroyed.)
reboot-trek  *alt.canon  Spock  JamesKirk  ChristopherPike  LeonardMcCoy  ChristineChapel  AmandaGrayson  T'Pring  Kirk/Spock  Scotty  *friendship  *tarsusIV  *trauma!aftermath  *de-angst  *anthropology  *trust!fic  *school!fic  *hug!fic  *love!fic  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *moveintogether  *proposal/wedding  °spicyshimmy  *grief!fic 
september 2014 by mayachain
tin soldiers [by idrilka], PG-13
In the aftermath of Steve's return to the world of the living and the battle of New York, the academia and the Internet react.
avengers!fic  genfic  outsider-pov  Steve/Bucky  *media!fic  *de-angst  °idrilka  timeline:winter.soldier 
august 2014 by mayachain
Snapped [by LinziDay], PG
Ronon could have called anyone to calm McKay down, but he didn't.
sga-fic  genfic  RodneyMcKay  RononDex  *friendship  *hc  *de-angst  °LinziDay 
july 2014 by mayachain
your blue-eyed boys [by lalaietha], PG-13 - R
The series where Bucky shows up at Steve's door and remembers remembering, Captain America cannot help, only a few select people know where the (former?) Winter Soldier is and Steve is now a pioneer in the field of psychology.
avengers!fic  Steve/Bucky  SteveRogers  BuckyBarnes  SamWilson  TonyStark  NatashaRomanov  ClintBarton  BettyRoss  canon!pairing(s)  PepperPotts  BruceBanner  Thor  JaneFoster  *unwintering  *angst  *de-angst  *trauma!aftermath  *amnesia!fic  *hc  *friendship  *loyalty  *backstory  *hug!fic  *love!fic  PeggyCarter  °lalaietha  *mental!issues  timeline:winter.soldier 
june 2014 by mayachain

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