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The Werewolf's Wife by pprfaith
In which Peter's wife comes to town and Stiles passive-aggressively hates everything.
teenwolf  btvs  *Buffyverse  a:pprfaith  FANFIC  short:1.000-6.000  crossover  Peter/Stiles  slash  Peter/Buffy  het 
december 2016 by endeniem
Stories by baudown
Spike is infinitely adaptable, a modern vampire, despite his age.
*Buffyverse  a:baudown  btvs  FANFIC  slash  Spike/Xander  ultrashort:<1000 
december 2015 by endeniem
Furious women destroying Joss Whedon on twitter: a bed he made for himself by laureljupiter
"Motherfucker you knew you were a misogynist and a fraud in 2002 when you wrote the autobiographical Buffy episode about Andrew the filmmaker fetishizing the pain and hero stories of the house full of women who despise him, and now it’s finally coming crashing down on you and happening in real life."
a:laureljupiter  btvs  ats  *Buffyverse  marvel:avengers  *MarvelUniverse  META  @tumblr 
november 2015 by endeniem
Night Shift by inlovewithnight
The doors hiss open, letting in a weak burst of morning sunlight. It's just past seven, high July, and he should've been asleep for two hours by now, off the night-shift adrenaline buzz for three. This isn't his time, these early-daylight hours. He shouldn't be here.
ats  a:inlovewithnight  c:Charles_Gunn  FANFIC  *Buffyverse  @AO3  short:1.000-6.000  Fred/Gunn  het 
october 2015 by endeniem

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