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🏅App of the Week🏅Check Out this Sassy Weather App
CARROT Weather
The Crazy-Powerful Weather App
There are no dull days when CARROT, your sarcastic, slightly obnoxious AI companion, makes checking the weather a fun, lighthearted activity.
**  Life  with  CARROT_  the  sassy  weather  app_  is  stress-free  and  filled  with  excitement! 
6 days ago by matzner
🏅App of the Week🏅Find Your Nearest Public Bathroom With Flush
Bathroom, Loo and WC Finder
More or less a crowdsourced toilet-finding app, Flush displays nearby bathrooms available to the public.
**  Transform  yourself  into  an  explorer  of  a  new  world  where  public  restrooms  are  waiting  to  be  found.  Download  Flush! 
14 days ago by matzner
YOLO object detection with OpenCV - PyImageSearch
In this guide you will learn how to use the YOLO object detector to detect objects in images and video using OpenCV, Python, and Deep Learning.
python  **  opencv 
4 weeks ago by pokerone
🏅App of the Week 🏅Sharpen Your STEM Skills with Brilliant
Solve fascinating problems
Brush up on your algebra skills, solve logic problems, learn about astronomy and more with Brilliant, the app that makes STEM education way less scary.
**  Attention  right-brained  people!  This  app  will  help  you  sharpen  your  STEM  skills  with  bite-sized  problems_  quizzes_  and  lessons. 
4 weeks ago by matzner
Aardman Animation Is Giving the Company to Their Employees | Hacker News
"In this case I think the primary reason is to protect the company.

Aardman is probably a fairly hot company right now. Probably prime for a purchase by one of the big studios. But then it would most likely just get broken up and turned into a mill for churning out look-a-like content. Or possibly even just a logo stamped on contracted out content. I believe the founders have been fairly clear in the past about not being interested in selling.

While the founders still own it they can just turn down these offers and stay independent, but soon they are going to retire and will have to give up ownership to someone. And that someone might just decide to take the big payout and sell. So this is their way of ensuring that the company continues to run as it is for the good of the employees. It can now only be sold if the majority of employees vote to accept the sale, and if they do at least they'll also be the ones to get any associated payout not just some profit driven owner. "
economic-naturalist  **  cooperatives  economics-in-action 
5 weeks ago by MarcK
ShelterTech Reports
mission is to develop digital tools
**  homeless  au 
5 weeks ago by maw
🏅App of the Week 🏅Everyone's favorite content app Pocket gets a few upgrades
Save and read news & articles
Classic app, new features. Everyone’s favorite read-it-later app now includes an updated article dictation voice and new layouts, colors, and fonts.
**  Pocket  is  essentially  a  bookmark  app  that  lets  users  aggregate  articles_  videos_  websites_  and  anything  else  that  you  would  be  able  to  bookmark  with  your  web  browser. 
6 weeks ago by matzner
Home - Bernard Media
Bernard Media (BM) dumps major BM scoops quite frequently on your favorite people.
**  news.source 
8 weeks ago by rubbercat
Not So Harmless - A_Winter - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Based off "Just a Harmless, Little Bunny... Right?" by MumbleBARK

Belba Baggins has spent years trying her best to be silent and invisible, just what Gandalf is looking for in a burglar! However he specific skill set and need to escape the confines of the Shire have less to do with her Tookish nature and more to do with escaping her demons. After losing her parents young, Belba was forced to be a respectable Baggins and marry. But wedded bliss was never on the cards for our Hobbit, after killing her husband in self-defense she is forever changed.

Haunted by her past and the stigma attached to her actions Belba becomes a hermit and hides away while secretly waiting to be run out of the Shire entirely.

Will Belba find the peace she'd looking for or perhaps learn to truly accept who she'd always been? And what of dark, brooding, stone headed Dwarves? Can Belba learn to trust again, to put her life in someone else's hands again? ~ underdone ending
1:hobbit  2:gen  ** 
8 weeks ago by pollipocket
How I hacked modern Vending Machines – Hacker Noon
Indisputably, Vending Machines are objects of cult. Delicious morsels of Hackers, always. In the beginning they worked offline with coins only, then, NFC- keys/cards models started spreading. If I…
android  **  compilation 
9 weeks ago by pokerone

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