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PlayStation Move: The Ultimate FAQ – PlayStation.Blog
PlayStation Move PlayStation Blog (Sony) PlayStation (Brand) Sports Champions (Game series) Motion control Controllers (Gaming) Peripherals heavy rain SingStar (series) Time Crisis (series) Supermassive Games killzone littlebigplanet SOCOM (series) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
PlayStation  Move  PlayStation  Blog  (Sony)  PlayStation  (Brand)  Sports  Champions  (Game  series)  Motion  control  Controllers  (Gaming)  Peripherals  heavy  rain  SingStar  (series)  Time  Crisis  (series)  Supermassive  Games  killzone  littlebigplanet  SOCOM  (series)  FAQ  (Frequently  Asked  Questions) 
november 2016 by dk33per
Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation Move - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
PlayStation Move Motion control Gaming Sony SCEE (Sony) PlayStation Blog (Sony) Peripherals Supermassive Games PlayStation (Brand) PS3 (PlayStation 3) Hardware Gaming news Retail Pricing
PlayStation  Move  Motion  control  Gaming  Sony  SCEE  (Sony)  PlayStation  Blog  (Sony)  Peripherals  Supermassive  Games  PlayStation  (Brand)  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  Hardware  Gaming  news  Retail  Pricing 
november 2016 by dk33per
Introducing PlayStation Move - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
PlayStation (Brand) PlayStation Move Gaming Gaming news GDC (Game Developers Conference) GDC 2010 Motion control Sports Champions (Game series) tech demo SCEI (Sony) Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) Sony
PlayStation  (Brand)  PlayStation  Move  Gaming  Gaming  news  GDC  (Game  Developers  Conference)  GDC  2010  Motion  control  Sports  Champions  (Game  series)  tech  demo  SCEI  (Sony)  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI)  Sony 
november 2016 by dk33per
PlayStation VR: the ultimate FAQ - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
PlayStation VR (PS VR) PS4 (PlayStation 4) PlayStation (Brand) PlayStation Blog (Sony) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Virtual reality (VR) Gaming
PlayStation  VR  (PS  VR)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  PlayStation  (Brand)  PlayStation  Blog  (Sony)  FAQ  (Frequently  Asked  Questions)  Virtual  reality  (VR)  Gaming 
october 2016 by dk33per
PlayStation Japan's PlayStation 4 hip hop song is kind of amazing - Polygon
Tofubeats Rip Slyme Ryo-Z Pes (Rapper) Japanese games Japanese language japanese culture Music Music news SCEJ and SCE Asia Korea (Sony) PS4 (PlayStation 4) TGS (Tokyo Game Show) Japanese music
Tofubeats  Rip  Slyme  Ryo-Z  Pes  (Rapper)  Japanese  games  Japanese  language  culture  Music  Music  news  SCEJ  and  SCE  Asia  Korea  (Sony)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  TGS  (Tokyo  Game  Show)  Japanese 
september 2016 by dk33per
Rez Infinite is a PS VR launch game - ltd. ed. soundtrack, book, shirts revealed...
Rez (game) Rez Infinite PlayStation VR (PS VR) Tetsuya Mizuguchi PlayStation Blog (Sony) Limited editions special collectors eds PS4 (PlayStation 4) soundtracks vinyl
Rez  (game)  Rez  Infinite  PlayStation  VR  (PS  VR)  Tetsuya  Mizuguchi  PlayStation  Blog  (Sony)  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  soundtracks  vinyl 
august 2016 by dk33per
Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) Name changes URLs web Andrew House (Sony) press releases Gaming news
Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI)  Name  changes  URLs  web  Andrew  House  (Sony)  press  releases  Gaming  news 
august 2016 by dk33per
Sony closes Driveclub's Evolution Studios - BBC News
Evolution Studios SCEE (Sony) PlayStation (Brand) endings SCEI (Sony) Game studios British game developers Driveclub BBC News
Evolution  Studios  SCEE  (Sony)  PlayStation  (Brand)  endings  SCEI  (Sony)  Game  British  developers  Driveclub  BBC  News 
march 2016 by dk33per
PlayStation TV Discontinued in the US, Europe - GameSpot
PlayStation TV (PS Vita) PlayStation (Brand) PS4 (PlayStation 4) Discontinued products and items PS Vita (PlayStation Vita) GameSpot SCEE (Sony) Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI)
PlayStation  TV  (PS  Vita)  PlayStation  (Brand)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  Discontinued  products  and  items  PS  Vita  (PlayStation  Vita)  GameSpot  SCEE  (Sony)  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI) 
march 2016 by dk33per
Samsung laptops to be pulled from sale in Europe - BBC News
samsung technology technology sector laptops consumer electronics Leo Kelion (BBC Tech) BBC News Chromebooks (Samsung) Vaio (Sony) business Europe pc Lenovo MacBook Air (Apple) IDC (market analysis) Samsung Electronics sales Hardware Hardware sales Tech news
samsung  technology  technology  sector  laptops  consumer  electronics  Leo  Kelion  (BBC  Tech)  BBC  News  Chromebooks  (Samsung)  Vaio  (Sony)  business  Europe  pc  Lenovo  MacBook  Air  (Apple)  IDC  (market  analysis)  sales  Hardware  Hardware  sales  Tech 
january 2016 by dk33per
Report: Hideo Kojima starting new studio with former Konami employees - Giant Bo...
Hideo Kojima Kojima Productions Gaming news Game studios beginnings PS4 (PlayStation 4) Andrew House (Sony) Konami PlayStation (Brand) exclusives giant bomb
Hideo  Kojima  Kojima  Productions  Gaming  news  Game  studios  beginnings  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  Andrew  House  (Sony)  Konami  PlayStation  (Brand)  exclusives  giant  bomb 
december 2015 by dk33per
Eight fan-favourite PS2 games launch on PS4 tomorrow - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
PlayStation (Brand) PS2 (PlayStation 2) PS4 (PlayStation 4) Shuhei Yoshida (SCE) PlayStation Blog (Sony) Anniversaries emulation Rogue Galaxy Dark Cloud (series) grand theft auto twisted metal War of the Monsters (game) parappa the rapper
PlayStation  (Brand)  PS2  (PlayStation  2)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  Shuhei  Yoshida  (SCE)  PlayStation  Blog  (Sony)  Anniversaries  emulation  Rogue  Galaxy  Dark  Cloud  (series)  grand  theft  auto  twisted  metal  War  of  the  Monsters  (game)  parappa  the  rapper 
december 2015 by dk33per
NTSC-J And NTSC-U PSone Classics Confirmed For SCEE - PlayStation.Blog.Europe
emulation PlayStation Store (PSN) SCEE (Sony) NTSC-U NTSC-J Region codes PAL colour encoding Gaming blogs Video games (Gaming) Japanese language 60 Hz (Utility frequency) PlayStation Blog (Sony)
emulation  PlayStation  Store  (PSN)  SCEE  (Sony)  NTSC-U  NTSC-J  Region  codes  PAL  colour  encoding  Gaming  blogs  Video  games  (Gaming)  Japanese  language  60  Hz  (Utility  frequency)  PlayStation  Blog  (Sony) 
october 2015 by dk33per
If someone hacks your PSN account, you're kinda screwed
Passwords and verification Two-step verification PlayStation Network (PSN) security Cyber security SCEA (Sony) fraud Credits debits and cards (Money) kotaku
Passwords  and  verification  Two-step  verification  PlayStation  Network  (PSN)  security  Cyber  security  SCEA  (Sony)  fraud  Credits  debits  and  cards  (Money)  kotaku 
september 2015 by dk33per
Two-step verification – PlayStation.Blog Share
Passwords and verification Two-step verification PlayStation Network (PSN) security Cyber security SCEA (Sony)
Passwords  and  verification  Two-step  verification  PlayStation  Network  (PSN)  security  Cyber  security  SCEA  (Sony) 
september 2015 by dk33per
Did SingStar Ultimate mark the end of the franchise? - NeoGAF
NeoGAF SingStar (series) PS4 (PlayStation 4) SingStore (SingStar) downloads digital music and audio forums comment Communities and community Opinion PS3 (PlayStation 3) SCE London Studio (Sony) SCEE (Sony) Complaints customer reviews customer service bad publicity
NeoGAF  SingStar  (series)  PS4  (PlayStation  4)  SingStore  (SingStar)  downloads  digital  music  and  audio  forums  comment  Communities  and  community  Opinion  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  SCE  London  Studio  (Sony)  SCEE  (Sony)  Complaints  customer  reviews  customer  service  bad  publicity 
june 2015 by dk33per
Journey Vinyl and Limited Edition Art Print Revealed
Journey PS3 Vinyl Game music (Video game music) soundtracks Art Album artwork Artwork PlayStation (Brand) PS3 (PlayStation 3) iam8bit Limited editions special collectors eds PlayStation Blog (Sony)
Journey  PS3  Vinyl  Game  music  (Video  music)  soundtracks  Art  Album  artwork  PlayStation  (Brand)  PS3  (PlayStation  3)  iam8bit  Limited  editions  special  collectors  eds  PlayStation  Blog  (Sony) 
april 2015 by dk33per
Phil Harrison to leave Microsoft
Phil Harrison Microsoft Microsoft Studios Lift London (Microsoft) Business SCEE (Sony) Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) SCEI (Sony) Xbox One Xbox (Brand) Soho Productions (Microsoft) gamesindustry.biz GDC (Game Developers Conference)
Phil  Harrison  Microsoft  Microsoft  Studios  Lift  London  (Microsoft)  Business  SCEE  (Sony)  Sony  Computer  Entertainment  (SCEI)  SCEI  (Sony)  Xbox  One  Xbox  (Brand)  Soho  Productions  (Microsoft)  gamesindustry.biz  GDC  (Game  Developers  Conference) 
march 2015 by dk33per

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