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Kirby – How to build a “one-pager” with Kirby
Kirby – How to build a “one-pager” with Kirby, from Kirby – How to build a “one-pager” with Kirby http://getkirby.com/blog/one-pager
ifttt  googlereader  Kirby    How  to  build  a  “one-pager”  with  (author  unknown) 
june 2013 by scottpierce
The American Scholar: Laughter and the Brain - Richard Restak
The American Scholar: Laughter and the Brain - Richard Restak, from The American Scholar: Laughter and the Brain - Richard Restak http://theamericanscholar.org/laughter-and-the-brain/
ifttt  googlereader  The  American  Scholar:  Laughter  and  Brain  -  Richard  Restak  (author  unknown) 
june 2013 by scottpierce
Max Headroom and the Strange World of Pseudo-CGI | Cartoon Brew
Cartoon Brew » Max Headroom and the Strange World of Pseudo-CGI, from Cartoon Brew » Max Headroom and the Strange World of Pseudo-CGI http://www.cartoonbrew.com/ideas-commentary/max-headroom-and-the-strange-world-of-pseudo-cgi-82745.html
ifttt  googlereader  Cartoon  Brew  »  Max  Headroom  and  the  Strange  World  of  Pseudo-CGI  (author  unknown) 
june 2013 by scottpierce
p1317770054-4big.jpg 800×533 pixels, from p1317770054-4big.jpg 800×533 pixels http://craphound.com/images/p1317770054-4big.jpg
ifttt  googlereader  p1317770054-4big.jpg  800×533  pixels  (author  unknown) 
june 2013 by scottpierce
WYSIWTF ∙ An A List Apart Column
Karen McGrane on Content: WYSIWTF, from A List Apart: The Full Feed http://alistapart.com
ifttt  googlereader  A  List  Apart:  The  Full  Feed  (author  unknown) 
may 2013 by scottpierce

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