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avengers/thor [fic] ALIGNMENT ] loki/thor ] teen+ ] asyndese
Thor finally understands that in order to have his brother back at his side, it's not Loki who needs to change but him.
author:asyndese  pair.mu.thor/loki  ♦marvel.(all.media+movies)♦  ■short.story■  ♂slash♂  ♂fps♂ 
july 2012 by ladyloki
norse mythology [fic] A GAME OF SHAPES ] thor, loki & odin ] m ] bagheera
Someone has stolen little Baldr and replaced him with a changeling child. Thor and Loki go on a quest to rescue Baldr, but not before long, they're joined by a one-eyed giantess.
author:bagheera_san  ♦norse.mythology♦  ☆☆☆☆☆  ■short.story■  ☉gen☉  gen.nm  gen.nm.loki  gen.nm.odin  gen.nm.thor  trope:genderfuck 
july 2012 by ladyloki
journey into mystery/thor (comics) [fic] FIVE LIES IKOL TOLD ] ikol, kid loki & thor ] g ] bagheera
What he feels is a strange, unfamiliar thing, almost like pity. And that is odd, because Ikol wasn’t made to feel. He was made to remember, and this feeling isn’t something he remembers.
♦marvel.(all.media+movies)♦  ☆☆☆☆  ■short.story■  ☉gen☉  gen.mu  gen.mu.loki  gen.mu.loki-thor  author:bagheera_san 
july 2012 by ladyloki
avengers/thor [fic] CONVICTION ] loki/thor ] explicit ] aria
Between one breath and the next, the spear is in Loki's hands, and before Thor can even finish speaking, Loki has pressed the spear's glowing point to Thor's chest, just above his heart.
author:aria  pair.mu.thor/loki  ♂slash♂  ♂fps♂  ❤first-time❤  ■short.story■  trope:mind-control  kink:noncon  ☹angst☹  genre:au  autypes:diff.timeline  mood:introspective 
july 2012 by ladyloki
thor [fic] FLAWED DESIGN ] loki (& thor) ] teen + ] kay
"You know that..." Thor hesitated, and then pushed on, blue eyes focusing on Loki's face. "You know that he doesn't need you to do this for him, don't you? Even if you simply bought him something from a merchant -- that charm against warts that Fandral laughed over -- you know that Father would love you the same."

What grim words, Loki said, looking at his fingers curling in the cloth before shaking his head. "It's not about winning his love," he lied easily. "I was only inspired, and I did not take it so personally as you apparently do, Brother."
author:kay  gen.mu  gen.mu.loki  gen.mu.loki-thor  ♦marvel.(all.media+movies)♦  ☆☆☆☆  ■short.story■  trope:mpreg  era.mu.pre-movies  ☉gen☉ 
july 2012 by ladyloki
thor/avengers [not-a-story]: TRINARY ] jane/loki/thor ] not explicit ] astolat
not!fic. Loki/Jane/Thor. What is she going to be in Asgard except for Thor’s — Thor’s — “Concubine,” Loki supplies. “…I was going to say girlfriend,” Jane says, “but I guess that’s probably what THEY would call it, isn’t it?” “Yes,” Loki says.
author:astolat  three.mu.jane/loki/thor  ♦marvel.(all.media+movies)♦  ❤first-time❤  ♂fph♀  ♂fps♂  ♂het♀  ♂slash♂  ■short.story■  ☺humour☺ 
july 2012 by ladyloki
avengers [fic] THE WAY YOU USED TO WAIT ] steve & thor ] g ] penknife
"It's an iPod," Steve says. "It's like a radio, but you can choose the songs." He doesn't find that as impressive as people seem to assume he will. Tony tried to explain how they worked in detail once, but Steve dealt with that by not listening.

"It lets you listen to music without sharing it with anyone else," Thor says. "Does that not seem somehow wrong to you?"
author:penknife  note:alcohol  ♦marvel.(all.media+movies)♦  ☆☆☆½  ■short.story■  ☹angst☹  gen.mu  gen.mu.thor  gen.mu.steve  gen.mu.steve-thor  ☉gen☉ 
july 2012 by ladyloki
journey into mystery/thor (comics) [fic] DONE AND GONE ] loki & thor ] teen+ ] xparrot
Speculation!fic for 'Everything Burns' ): And this is the *happier* ending. Asgardia was on fire. How it shouldn’t end (but probably is going to.)
author:xparrot  gen.mu  gen.mu.loki-thor  ♦marvel.(all.media+movies)♦  sub-genre:future!fic  ■short.story■  ☹angst☹ 
june 2012 by ladyloki

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sub-genre:curse!fic  sub-genre:future!fic  sub-genre:hooker!fic  sub-genre:kid!fic  sub-genre:vampire!fic  theme:character.study  theme:coping  theme:death  theme:denial  theme:family  theme:friendship  theme:grief  theme:illness  theme:in.denial  theme:moving.on/new.love  theme:road.trip  theme:sex  three.ds.fraser/kowalski/vecchio  three.mu.jane/loki/thor  three.mu.loki/thor/thrym  three.rpf.tom/chris/elsa  three.wc.neal/peter/elizabeth  trope:_mtdi  trope:amnesia  trope:bed-sharing  trope:convenience/involuntary.marriage  trope:escalation  trope:fuckordie  trope:genderfuck  trope:hurt/comfort  trope:mind-control  trope:mpreg  trope:onebed  trope:pretend!couple  trope:sex-pollen  trope:telepathy  trope:transformation  trope:trapped  trope:vampires  x-over:go/sw  x-over:spn/ag  ☆☆☆  ☆☆☆½  ☆☆☆¾  ☆☆☆☆  ☆☆☆☆½  ☆☆☆☆☆  ☉gen☉  ☹angst☹  ☺humour☺  ☺humour☺♂fps♂  ♂fph♀  ♂fps♂  ♂het♀  ♂slash♂  ♥banter♥  ♥domesticity♥  ♥snark♥  ♥unicorns♥  ♦american.gods♦  ♦blackadder♦  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