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Old Fires Were Burning [by alasse], PG-13
Four years since he got to New York city, Justin finally has a show, and the person he least expected, but most hoped for, shows up.
QaF  JustinTaylor  BrianKinney  *futurefic  *artist!Justin  Brian/Justin  JenniferTaylor  DebbieNovotny  *reconnection  °alasse 
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It's Only Everything [by alasse], R
After Justin leaves, Brian does his best to deal with his absence, and to come to terms with what those five years meant, while Justin struggles in NYC.
QaF  Brian/Justin  BrianKinney  EmmetHonneycutt  JustinTaylor  *post-canon  *separation!fic  JenniferTaylor  *inlaw!Brian  LindsayPeterson  *de-angst  °alasse 
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haunted babylon[by alasse], PG-13
Sam and Dean work a case in Pittsburgh - an evil spirit killing innocent people in a gay club, owned by the notorious Brian Kinney.
QaF  spn-fic  *crossover  BrianKinney  JustinTaylor  *futurefic  °alasse  Brian/Justin  Sam/Dean 
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lose yourself in lines dissecting love [by alasse], R
Ted has spent his life trying to make sense of love, from when he first came out, to falling in love and falling into a coma, to seeing everyone around him go through their own problems – especially Brian Kinney. However, out of everything in life, it’s love which can’t be rationalized.
QaF  canon!pairing(s)  TedSchmidt  EmmetHonneycutt  MichaelNovotny  BrianKinney  JustinTaylor  BenBruckner  Blake  *fulltimeline  *friendship  *de-angst  *tag  °alasse 
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The Space Between [by alasse], NC-17
AU. Brian and Justin meet while they’re both in college. Their first meeting is cut short by a crisis, and instead of fucking, they end up becoming friends and roommates
QaF  BrianKinney  JustinTaylor  MichaelNovotny  DebbieNovotny  VicGrassi  EmmetHonneycutt  TedSchmidt  *school!fic  *becoming!fic  *first-time  *friendship  *sick!fic  *hospital!fic  °alasse  Brian/Justin 
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*artist!justin  *becoming!fic  *crossover  *de-angst  *first-time  *friendship  *fulltimeline  *futurefic  *hospital!fic  *inlaw!brian  *post-canon  *reconnection  *school!fic  *separation!fic  *sick!fic  *tag  benbruckner  blake  brian/justin  briankinney  canon!pairing(s)  debbienovotny  emmethonneycutt  jennifertaylor  justintaylor  lindsaypeterson  michaelnovotny  qaf  sam/dean  spn-fic  tedschmidt  vicgrassi 

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