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USA, 2018 - Jo Walton
This is the way it was in Germany

As changes came inexorably worse

By increments, and creeping like a curse

"God damn those fascists? Where'd I put my key?"
'poetry  "politics  @jowalton  ^yeah 
4 weeks ago by sophia_sol
Questions On Re-reading Oz - Jane Yolen
Was it this thin before,
When I raced through to the end
In a single breath?

Did I guess motivation
Where none is given,
None implied?
'poetry  -oz  ^yeah  @janeyolen 
12 weeks ago by sophia_sol
Mademoiselle and Miss - Eglantine
Magnon wants a better life. It does not come about the way she expects.
'fanfic  -lesmiserables  +magnon/mamzellemiss  $femslash  *montparnasse  *theodule  *momes  :2k-10k  @eglantine  ^yeah 
july 2018 by sophia_sol
calibrate - synecdochic
It's been a long week. A long fucking week. And Daniel can never remember the rules about when normal Americans are allowed to touch each other, anyway.

This fic has such good atmosphere, this quiet charged intimacy. (pre-slash)
'fanfic  -sg1  +daniel/jack  :2k-10k  $dudeslash  $gen  @synecdochic  ^yeah  ^quiet 
june 2018 by sophia_sol
Feelings Are a Luxury and This is War - igrockspock
Feelings are a luxury Qi'Ra can't afford.

Written for this prompt at the Star Wars Kink Meme: So, exactly how did Qi’ra go from being part of Lady Proxima’s gang to working for Dryden Voss and the Crimson Dawn? What are all the terrible things she’s done? How did Dryden Voss find her, and how did she become his most trusted lieutenant?
'fanfic  ^yeah  -starwars  +han/qi'ra  $het  :500-2k  @igrockspock 
june 2018 by sophia_sol
Don't Tell - Penknife
It's been a long thirty years.

Written for LGBT Fest for the prompt Five lies s/he wouldn't have told if s/he were straight.
'fanfic  -sg1  "queer  *jack  $gen  @penknife  :2k-10k  ^yeah 
may 2018 by sophia_sol
small boy, rather pale - Naraht
Have you ever accidentally committed fic? There are lots of Yuri-is-adopted stories on the AO3, mostly with Victor and/or Yuuri as the adoptive parents. Seeing those stories, I found myself thinking of real Russian orphanages and international adoptions from Russia. And almost before I could stop myself, this fic happened. It's rather dark, in its way, so be warned.
'fanfic  "au  -yurionice  *yurip  *viktor  :2k-10k  @naraht  ^yeah  $gen 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
Three's Company - Philomytha
Count Piotr is never permitted to be alone with Miles.
'fanfic  -vorkosigan  *piotr  *illyan  *miles  ^yeah  $gen  :2k-10k  @philomytha 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
so come home - blindmadness
A detective is called to a space station to solve the mystery of whether--and how--twelve astronauts are accessing the surface of a forbidden planet.
oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh this is INCREDIBLE
'fanfic  ^excellent  ^yeah  "space  -twelvedancingprincesses  $gen  :20k-30k  ^feelings  @blindmadness  ! 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Five Things Antiope Taught Diana (And One Thing She Never Got the Chance To) - Beatrice_Otter
What it says on the tin.
includes both the lessons Antiope taught and the way these lessons play out for Diana in her adult ife
'fanfic  -wonderwoman  ^yeah  +diana/steve  *antiope  :2k-10k  $het  @beatrice_otter 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Ah, remember me (I used to live for music) - lurknomoar
A drawn-out annexation, a hammered dulcimer, an old-fashioned entertainment titled Sovereign of Tavern Dancers and the story of how One Esk first found its voice.
'fanfic  ^yeah  ^excellent  -imperialradch  *oneesk  *breq  *oc  :2k-10k  $gen  "music  @lurknomoar 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Wind Sweeping Away Lingering Snow (風捲殘雪) - aegistheia
Mulan’s not lost, exactly. She’s just... taking the long, scenic route around to find her way back from the war. Wherever that may lead her...
figuring out what to do with herself after the events of the movie
'fanfic  ^yeah  -mulan  *mulan  :2k-10k  $gen  @aegistheia 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Building A Home of Hair And Straw - moemachina
And now, knotted among all his familiar desires, here he found a new one, woven partly out of obligation and partly out of curiosity.

And partly out of loneliness, of course.

Yes, Diaval thought. I am needed.
'fanfic  -maleficent  +diaval/maleficent  :2k-10k  $het  ^yeah  @moemachina 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
A Profound Hurt - keerawa
Therem Harth rem ir Estraven. Estraven the Traitor.

“A profound love between two people involves, after all, the power and chance of doing profound hurt.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness
'fanfic  ^yeah  -lefthandofdarkness  +ashe/therem  :500-2k  $other  @keerawa 
december 2017 by sophia_sol

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