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Fanart: Spock's life is so hard [kirk/spock, star trek xi au]
Prompt:AU Kirk and Spock are cadets together and share a dorm. There's animosity between them at first, but come the holiday season Kirk decides to declare a truce and shows Spock how Humans celebrate that special time of year.
startrek  st:reboot  author:dlrzl  (au)  [type:fanart]  [rating:pants]  pairing:jim.kirk/spock  [type:comic]  (content:co-habitation)  from delicious
january 2011 by midnightbex
Comic: Cities of Sand [Inception/Sandman]
Gorgeous crossover comic work for the film Inception and the comic series Sandman.
inception  sandman  author:tongari  [type:crossover]  [favorite]  [rating:pants]  [type:comic]  !broken.link 
august 2010 by midnightbex
Comics: communication fail [merlin, gwen, Merlin BBC]
This is EXACTLY how I imagine a conversation between Merlin and Gwen going after certain parts of S1 ep 3. ~amazing~
merlin  author:loweryourwand  [type:fanart]  character:merlin  [type:comic]  character:gwen(merlin) 
february 2009 by midnightbex

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