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Mall Madness
He hadn't even used that line on purpose! It just kind of...happened. He was pretty sure that Spencer would be even more amused if Jon tried to explain that, though, so he just kept his mouth shut and waited for things to calm down a little.
[strangecobwebs]  slash:band  band:cross.band(3+)  cross::jon/pete  band:fall.out.boy  band:panic.at.the.disco  patd::jon/spencer 
september 2011 by prettykitty_aya
[fic] Clear Conscience
While he's waiting for Bob to pick up, Spencer leans forward and kisses Jon softly, no tongue, just a soft press of lips. Jon is the one who's licking his way across Spencer's lips and into his mouth when Bob finally answers.
[strangecobwebs]  slash:band  band:cross.band(3+)  bob/jon/spencer  threesome  phone.sex 
september 2011 by prettykitty_aya

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band:cross.band(3+)  band:fall.out.boy  band:panic.at.the.disco  bob/jon/spencer  cross::jon/pete  patd::jon/spencer  phone.sex  slash:band  threesome 

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