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US energy usage in (Watts per capita) 2017
[project]  visualization  time  energy  economy  USA  animation 
12 weeks ago by moebio
A People Map of the US
A People Map of the US, where city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia’ed resident
[project]  visualization  map  gis  zoom  wikipedia  geography  USA  popular 
12 weeks ago by moebio
Periodic Table of Elements
The visualization displays different types of element "sizes" encoded as either bars or cubes.
[project]  3D  visualization  chemistry  science  data  !  !! 
march 2019 by moebio
The Rhythm of Food
How do we search for food? Google search interest can reveal key food trends over the years. From the rise and fall of recipes over diets and drinks to cooking trends and regional cuisines. — by Google News Lab and Truth & Beauty
[project]  food  visualization  data  !!  ! 
january 2019 by moebio
Nutrient Database Explorer
>7000 foods information on parallel coordinates
[project]  visualization  data  food  statistics  tool  !  !!  health 
january 2019 by moebio
Complexity Explorables | Explorables
The site is designed for people interested in complex systems and complex dynamical processes.

The Explorables are carefully chosen in such a way that the key elements of their behavior can be explored and explained without too much math (there are a few exceptions) and with as few words as possible.

The Site now also features Flongs, short for “foot longs”. These are tutorials on specific and paradigmatic complex systems that go a bit deeper, feature more interactive elements but require a bit more math.
[project]  [compilation]  math  simulation  complexity  chaos  interaction  digital_arts  2D  geometry  cellular_automata  fractals 
december 2018 by moebio
Tactile is a simple interactive demonstration of a Javascript library I created for manipulating isohedral tilings.
[project]  geometry  2D  art  math  interface 
december 2018 by moebio
music experiences made with Tone.js
javascript  music  [compilation]  [project]  sound  digital_arts  interaction  interface  art  !  !! 
november 2018 by moebio
Creating Data: Deep scatterplots
deep scatterplots with millions of datapoints
[project]  visualization  data  geometry  books 
october 2018 by moebio
Field Play
visualization of arbitrary vector fields. A vector field assigns velocity and direction to every point on a plane. I drop thousands of particles on a plane and let them flow according to vector field equation.

This gives mesmerizing flows, and works well for teaching differential equations to students.
[project]  math  2D  complexity  visualization  geometry  animation 
october 2018 by moebio
Ancient Earth globe
What did Earth look like N years ago? 3D globe showing continents through millions of years.
[project]  3D  sphere  geology  history  interaction  time  life 
september 2018 by moebio
Web Design Museum
The museum exhibits over 900 carefully selected and sorted web sites that show web design trends between the years 1995 and 2005.
[compilation]  [project]  technology  history  nostalgy  design  internet  ! 
september 2018 by moebio
Timo Becker | Illustrator
playful artist + designer + illustrator portfolio
[portfolio]  [project]  art  games  interaction  humor  illustration  interface  geometry  !  !! 
august 2018 by moebio
All the Buildings in Manhattan
3D map of Manhattan. Drag & scroll to move around. Double-click to recenter the map.
[project]  visualization  New-York_USA  3D  interaction  map  gis  geography  time 
april 2018 by moebio
Project Shapeshifter
Project Shapeshifter is a free technology preview by Autodesk. It provides an easy way to create complex 3D Printable models in your web browser. With a simple tweak of sliders, you can control the object's shape and select a 3D pattern that wraps around it.
[project]  3D  interface  sculpture  geometry  !  !! 
march 2018 by moebio

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