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Enfold You
(PG-13, One Shot, David 8/Walter) “You would have made a wonderful father,” he told David.

“Yes,” David agreed, without hesitation. “I’m sure I still might.”
[PG13]  [One-Shot]  [Alien-Covenant]  David-8/Walter  David-8  Walter 
august 2017 by papaneko
with souls made of flames
(PG-13, One Shot, Mikoto/Kushina) Love is a weapon brought to bear. Love is blood spilled without remorse, and a kiss that’s so sweet they can ignore the taste of copper underneath.
[Naruto]  [One-Shot]  [PG13]  Mikoto-Uchiha  Kushina-Uzumaki  Mikoto/Kushina 
december 2016 by papaneko
Chicken Soup for the Demonic Soul
(PG-13, One Shot, Lee/Gaara/Lee) "Lee, I'm okay," Gaara snapped. "Put me down, I-..." He abruptly stopped struggling against Lee’s hold and put a trembling hand to his forehead. Lee would also, at a later date, feel very apologetic about the large hole in the council room wall. But Sunagakure's clinic was to the north, and the door out of the room was in a southerly direction, so-
[One-Shot]  [Naruto]  [PG13]  Gaara  Rock-Lee  Lee/Gaara/Lee 
november 2015 by papaneko
Big Heart, Drunken Fist
(PG-13, One Shot, Lee/Gaara/Lee) "He’s drunk," Naruto announced. Gaara’s head snapped around as he quickly examined Lee then Naruto. "Drunk? How did that happen?"
[One-Shot]  [Naruto]  [PG13]  Gaara  Rock-Lee  Lee/Gaara/Lee 
november 2015 by papaneko
(PG-13, Chapters: 32, Kakashi/Naruto) Naruto’s friends are gone, his lover is dying, Konoha is destroyed, and Madara’s second return has pushed the entire world to the brink. Hunted and harried, Naruto is sent back in time to upend Madara’s plan before it even starts, and sets about changing everything. Butterfly effect nothing: the world is at stake, and Naruto is hardly about to let it fall to ruin once more. Not while he’s still breathing.
[Naruto]  [PG13]  [Multi-Chapter]  Kakashi/Naruto  Uzumaki-Naruto  Hatake-Kakashi  Casts 
november 2014 by papaneko
The 6th Ward
(Chapters: 28, PG13, Levi/Eren, Casts) Levi is finally returning to work as a nurse after recovering from a car crash that nearly killed him. Nothing says "welcome back" like realizing he's lost his marbles and can see the disembodied spirits of the comatose patients in the 6th ward. He begrudgingly helps them learn how to be dead. Eren, the newest coma patient in the 6th ward, has six months to learn how to be dead. Good luck, kid.
[Shingeki-no-Kyojin]  [Multi-Chapter]  [PG13]  Levi-Ackerman  Eren-Jaeger  Levi/Eren  Casts 
july 2014 by papaneko
Angels Beneath Midgar
(One Shot, PG-13, Cloud/Angeal) Anything that’s not human is a monster but not every thing that’s a monster is monstrous, so what exactly is a monster? And why must something with wings be a monster when it might just as well be an angel? Time travel.
[Final-Fantasy-7]  [One-Shot]  [PG13]  Cloud-Strife  Angeal-Hewley  Cloud/Angeal  Casts 
april 2014 by papaneko

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