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Today, Sunday, there's a sense of rightness and quiet. Outside, he hears birdsong that reminds him of home. Rashid drops sugar cubes in each tiny glass bowl—refined white for Lapsang Souchong, demerara for Earl Grey—and readies the tea tray for delivery.



Harriet turns down the telly for a few seconds, straining to listen. She knows the sound of those footsteps by heart, partly because the young man who makes them has been living in the flat upstairs for about ten years now. The reason she really remembers them, however, is something she couldn't put her finger on for a very long while, but eventually figured out, and she's proud of that fact. He has the lightest, quickest footfalls she's ever heard: soft and smooth, as if he's scarcely touching the ground.
fic  slash  Good_Omens  Aziraphale/Crowley  outsider_pov  wc:01_000-05_000  [PG]  a:irisbleufic 
8 weeks ago by adelate
Photo Number 69
A photo of Makoto, and how it accidentally uncovers the insecurities they have.


On October of his second year of high school, two weeks shy after Iwatobi High School Cultural Festival, Rin stares at the photo Gou had sent him through LINE, hesitates for half an hour, and then finally calls Haruka.

"Your school's photography club," he says without preamble when Haruka finally picks up after five missed calls. There's a distinct sound of water on the other side, and Rin is a hundred percent sure Haruka is annoyed because Rin is intruding on his private soaking time, but this is sort of an emergency. "Gou said they already published the Cultural Festival photos and you can buy them for 100 yen each."

A brief silence, punctuated with a distant sound of bubbles popping. Haruka must have submerged half of his face in the water. Rin is probably on speaker. ".....is Makoto there?"

A splash. A few seconds of nothing, and then a lazy, "...no."

"Oh, good. Because I need you to buy this photo—" Rin pauses to check the earlier picture that Gou had sent: an entire wall of Cultural Festival photos tacked on it, each photo sporting a number. "Number 69."
fic  slash  Free!  Makoto/Rin  Tachibana_Makoto  Matsuoka_Rin  Nanase_Haruka  wc:01_000-05_000  [PG]  a:isuilde 
september 2018 by adelate
A Plethora of Seconds
A bunch of drabbles written on the train.


Rainy season in Tokyo is largely different from Iwatobi's. Makoto doesn't like it less, because some things stay the same.


On their second meeting, Kirishima Natsuya wears a green jacket.

Rin nearly gets a heart attack, when the corner of his eye catches a glimpse of a finely built man with green jacket and fluffy, nearly untameable brown hair. His brain catches up a split second later because there is no way Makoto is here, don't be stupid, Matsuoka—and he takes a breath before walking over towards the figure and opening his mouth and calling out, "Oi, Kirishima."


The ocean sparkles, dyed gold by the sunrise. Rin inhales deeply, fills his lungs with chilly winter air as he digs his heels deeper in the sand.


He does a double take on the corner to the convenience store, and jogs back to find the cat lounging on the fence. She yawns at him when he takes her picture, and Makoto gets a second to scratch behind her ear with a laugh as he sends the photo to Rin.
fic  slash  Free!  Makoto/Rin  Tachibana_Makoto  Matsuoka_Rin  Kirishima_Natsuya  wc:01_000-05_000  [PG]  a:isuilde 
september 2018 by adelate
(PG, One Shot, Alphonse/Edward/Alphonse) Ed kinda hates winter and really loves Al. Like. Y'know.
[Fullmetal-Alchemist]  [PG]  [One-Shot]  Alphone-Elric  Edward-Elric  Alphonse/Edward/Alphonse 
september 2017 by papaneko
buried the day
(PG, One Shot, Gen) Tobirama comes to on a field heavy with the scent of blood, to a rout of shinobi in unfamiliar uniforms but sporting familiar hitai-ate. There's a whisper in his head, paradise denied, but death is in front of him and he can't waste time on regrets.
[Naruto]  [PG]  [One-Shot]  Hashirama-Senju  Orochimaru 
december 2016 by papaneko
Pickup Lines
(PG, One Shot, Naruto/Gaara/Naruto) Naruto needs to practice his approach to the opposite sex.
[Naruto]  [One-Shot]  [PG]  Naruto-Uzumaki  Gaara  Naruto/Gaara/Naruto 
december 2015 by papaneko
Not Heaven
(PG, One Shot, Naruto/Gaara/Naruto) Naruto is sent on a mission to the Hidden Sand. There, he meets Gaara once more.
[Naruto]  [One-Shot]  [PG]  Naruto-Uzumaki  Gaara  Naruto/Gaara/Naruto 
december 2015 by papaneko
The Secondhand Emotion
(PG, One Shot, Naruto/Gaara/Naruto) A prime example of how an innocent conversation about crushes can spin rapidly out of control.
[Naruto]  [One-Shot]  [PG]  Naruto-Uzumaki  Gaara  Naruto/Gaara/Naruto 
november 2015 by papaneko
(PG, One Shot, Naruto/Gaara/Naruto) It was always about so much more than touching him. It was about submission, and the vulnerability of a moment.
[Naruto]  [One-Shot]  [PG]  Naruto-Uzumaki  Gaara  Naruto/Gaara/Naruto 
november 2015 by papaneko
The (un)Successful Confession of Uzumaki Naruto
(PG, One Shot, Naruto/Gaara/Naruto) Gaara has a box of chocolates. Naruto misinterprets.
[Naruto]  [One-Shot]  [PG]  Naruto-Uzumaki  Gaara  Naruto/Gaara/Naruto 
november 2015 by papaneko
A Most Precious Thing
(One Shot, PG, Kurogane/Fai) There is a name on your back, for all children of Valeria are born with the name of their intended upon their skin. Yours is in a language you cannot read and do not recognize. It makes you dream of far away places, where no one has ever heard of cursed twins.
[Tsubasa-Reservoir-Chronicle]  [PG]  [One-Shot]  Kurogane  Fai-D-Flourite  Kurogane/Fai 
may 2015 by papaneko
(One Shot, Gen, PG) There are places Madara doesn’t like to visit, and the foremost of these are Natsume’s dreams.
[Natsume-Yuujinchou]  [PG]  [One-Shot]  Natsume-Takashi  Madara 
february 2015 by papaneko
cracker snap(chat)s
On January 2nd, 2015, Eliza Dooley comes to work an hour late, with no Starbucks and no mascara on.

In fact, she steps out of the elevator completely make-up free, minus the residual track marks of whatever blush she'd had on at the New Years' Eve Party. Charmonique can tell all the way from the circulation desk, if only because of how prominent Eliza's eye bags are.

And it isn't just the lack of make-up that throws the entire picture out of whack. The top Eliza's wearing has red and green stripes and a blooming poinsettia at the left shoulder. Something between ugly holiday sweater contest and dug out of Mom's attic because laundry hasn't been done in two months in terms of clothing tiers. Under normal circumstances, Eliza would never even admit to owning it, let alone wear it out of the house.
fic  het  Selfie  Eliza/Henry  Charmonique_Whitaker  [PG]  wc:01_000-05_000  a:gdgdbaby 
january 2015 by adelate
(PG, Chapters: 7, Zoro/Sanji) "Compared to what the machine's screen was showing now, testicular cancer seemed like a somewhat mild threat to his masculinity, really." A realistic look at mpreg and all the problems that come with it.
[One-Piece]  [PG]  [Multi-Chapter]  Sanji  Zoro/Sanji  Roronoa-Zoro 
december 2014 by papaneko
Grand Theft Gato
(PG, One Shot, Gen) Spite and sympathy spur Sephiroth to spring a specimen from the lab. In his pants.
[Final-Fantasy-7]  [PG]  [One-Shot]  Sephiroth 
october 2014 by papaneko

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