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Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya
‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’


A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.
Anime  Yuri!!!  on  Ice  Victor  Nikiforov/Yuuri  Katsuki  WIP  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  uke!Yuuri  Hate  Sex  Rough  Sex  Misunderstanding/Miscommunication   
february 2017 by danceofflame
Seventy Three Seconds by RedHead
With a meta-human on his tail, Leonard Snart turns to the Flash for some information on how to stop them, and gets more than he bargained for along the way.
The  Flash  (TV)  Leonard  Snart  |  Captain  Cold/Barry  Allen  |  Flash  100K+  words  Complete  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  bottom!Barry  Misunderstanding/Miscommunication  Repeat  Author:  RedHead 
october 2015 by danceofflame
Wage Your War by Della19
To say that Will Graham is still an unmated, childless omega at the age of thirty-eight is his own choice is true. It is not to say that it his preference. Will wants a mate and a family just as much – perhaps even more – than the next omega. He’s simply never met that one person who fit the bill before. And then he walks into Jack Crawford’s office and meets Hannibal Lecter and well that, as they say in the business, is that. Now all he needs to do is convince Hannibal of that. But well, this is Hannibal Lecter he is dealing with. It must be done a certain…flair. But that isn’t a problem for Will. Not at all. After all, snakes may kill mongoose, but one must never forget this as well: mongoose hunt snakes too. It’s Will Graham’s turn to wage his war. Or, here is a fic about omega!Will Graham manipulating alpha!Hannibal Lecter into getting exactly what he wants.
Hannibal  (TV)  Hannibal/Will  Graham  NC-17  [E]  50K-59K  words  Complete  Canon  AU  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Dynamics  Mpreg  Cannibalism  Morally  Grey  Will  bottom!Will  Omega  Will 
august 2015 by danceofflame
Wammy University by SlightlyPsycho
Light learns to hate his professor L while slowly falling in love with his roommate Ryuzaki. Little does he know, L and Ryuzaki are one and the same.
Anime  Death  Note  L/Light  WIP  90K-99K  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  University  AU  No  Kira  Torture  uke!Light  Switching 
july 2015 by danceofflame
Free Fall by SuperSillyAndDorky06
Felicity Smoak has never believed in the concept of destined lovers or soulmates. That is, until she encounters a man in green leathers, who seems to have taken an equal interest in her. And she develops very non-platonic feelings for one hot billionaire playboy too. Oliver Queen and The Vigilante are vying for the spot of her destined lover and the tension is hilarious but dark forces await. Her life will never be the same.
Arrow  (TV)  Oliver  Queen/Felicity  Smoak  WIP  80K-89K  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Soul  Mate/Soul  Bond/Telepathic  Bond/Mate  Bond/Etc. 
may 2015 by danceofflame
What Happened In Vegas by Jules Ink
It's all fun and games until you wake up hung-over and married to a stranger. Five years ago Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak made a drunken mistake that could never be corrected. After years on a hellish island he comes back as a man on a mission only to find out that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.
Arrow  (TV)  Oliver  Queen/Felicity  Smoak  WIP  100K+  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Season  1  Vegas  Marriage  Drunken  Marriage  Miscarriage  Oliver  and  Felicity  Meet  Pre-Island 
may 2015 by danceofflame
Revealed by Valyria
When a ritual backfires and Dean ends up with wings, they reveal things that he'd much rather keep hidden. [My Summary: Dean ends up with wings, and Castiel takes him to heaven to fix it. Instead, they have sex.]
Supernatural  (TV)  Castiel/Dean  Complete  10K-19K  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Wing  Fic  Dean  Has  Wings  bottom!Dean 
march 2015 by danceofflame
a man may make a remark by ShanaStoryteller
[sequel to “hope is the thing with feathers”] Derek's an alpha, the Argents are back in town, Stiles's magic won't listen to him, and if that's not enough, fucking nature nymphs are popping up everywhere. Stiles didn't sign up for this shit. "Can't you do something?" he pants, and Stiles hates everything. He slings Scott's arm over his shoulder, "Not really, no, because right now I can do impossible things, mountain ash, and make coffee, that is the extent of my magical abilities for the foreseeable future." "Well, you're useless," Scott says, and Stiles doesn't answer, because there's two of them closing in, and running away was stupid to begin with, but it was their only hope. Stiles drops Scott to the ground, has no idea how to protect him from both sides. There's a moment while they circle them, and Stiles hopes the alphas are going to play with them, that they'll survive long enough for the Hales to get here.
Teen  Wolf  (TV)  Derek  Hale/Stiles  Stilinski  Complete  30K-39K  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Sequel[s]  Hale  Family  Lives  Magical  Stiles  Powerful!Stiles  Pack  Alpha  Derek  bottom!Stiles 
march 2015 by danceofflame
Runnin' by Spikedluv
This is a loose re-write of Season One with Stiles as a werewolf. My original plan was to have the Alpha turn Stiles that night instead of Scott, but I ended up going another route. This story will not be a direct retelling as some things have changed based on the fact that Stiles has been turned, but I will eventually be touching on all (or most of) the major points from the first season. Also, some events take place out of order.
Teen  Wolf  (TV)  Derek  Hale/Stiles  Stilinski  WIP  100K+  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Season  1  Stiles  Was  Bitten  AU  Werewolf  Stiles  Human  Scott 
march 2015 by danceofflame
cast our fevers in stone by nagia
What if fate twisted the other way? OR: Stiles's life has just become an object lesson in "why we do not go out in the woods looking for dead bodies." OR: Lycanthropy and ADHD are going to be the suckiest mix.
Teen  Wolf  (TV)  Derek  Hale/Stiles  Stilinski  WIP  50K-59K  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Season  1  Stiles  Was  Bitten  AU  Werewolf  Stiles  Human  Scott  BAMF  Sheriff  Stilinski 
march 2015 by danceofflame
Not Where It Ends by lilgirlost (lil_grl_lost)
Society has always told omega Steve Rogers that his only wants in life should be a good mate and a house full of children. So when the United States enters World War II, Steve's ready to throw society's expectations out the window and join the fight, even if it means lying on his enlistment forms and leaving his and Bucky's young daughter behind. Yet, Steve never imagined that war would not only take Bucky's life, but his as well. Now waking up seventy years in the future, Steve is faced with a world he doesn’t recognize; a world where his daughter is now a grandmother. And as he tries to make sense of this new world, Steve must also find his place within his new family. A family that includes a grandson, who spends his days fighting for an organization founded by friends, and a great-granddaughter, who in some ways reminds him so much of Peggy Carter.
Captain  America  (2011)  Bucky  Barnes/Steve  Rogers  20K-29K  words  Complete  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Dynamics  Mpreg  bottom!Steve 
december 2014 by danceofflame
The Ties That Bind by Odsbodkins
In the eyes of God, Steve Rogers was dead. He was still breathing, still walking around, but he was dead.
Captain  America  (2011)  Thor  (2011)/The  Avengers  (2012)  Bucky  Barnes/Steve  Rogers  20K-29K  words  Complete  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Dynamics  bottom!Steve  Mpreg  Religious  Rituals 
december 2014 by danceofflame
Gifts by KeelieThompson1
The world has changed since Steve woke up. Alphas and omegas are no longer treated like scum and that would be great except...except that Bucky's still dead and Steve still has no idea if he was carrying their pup when the plane crashed.
Captain  America  (2011)  Bucky  Barnes/Steve  Rogers  20K-29K  words  Complete  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Mpreg  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Dynamics  bottom!Steve  Inconclusive  Ending  Repeat  Author:  KeelieThompson1 
december 2014 by danceofflame
What You Cant Have by Cante
She is the first to deny him and everyone know's you always want what you cant have. everything is different Starting from the first time they met.
Sookie  Stackhouse/Southern  Vampire  Mysteries  |  True  Blood  Eric  Northman/Sookie  Stackhouse  WIP  60K-69K  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Season  1  powerful!Sookie  Smart!Sookie  Het  No  Slash  Pregnancy 
november 2014 by danceofflame
Destined in Dallas by The Unseen Wonder
What if Sookie was suspicious of Bill in Dallas? Meeting Lorena certainly wouldn't help. Luckily Godric and Eric are there to help Sookie as she leaves Bill and figures out what she needs. If Sookie can save Godric from himself that is.
Sookie  Stackhouse/Southern  Vampire  Mysteries  |  True  Blood  Eric  Northman/Sookie  Stackhouse/Godric  WIP  40K-49K  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Threesome(s)  Bill  Compton  Bashing  Soul  Mate/Soul  Bond/Telepathic  Bond/Mate  Bond/Etc.  Season  2  Episode  Related 
october 2014 by danceofflame
My Name Is James by slytherincailin (Pepper)
On a Vulcan where a rare and precious species known as Breeders are hidden from public view, T'Pur chooses to give up her son to offer him the chance of a normal life on Earth.
Star  Trek  (2009)  Spock/Kirk  WIP  20K-29K  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Vulcan!Kirk  Mpreg  Pon  Farr  bottom!Kirk 
september 2014 by danceofflame
Keep Me by dream7me7to7sleep
The story begins well before vampires have come out of the coffin. Our favorite Viking happens upon a runaway, and his existence is turned upside down. With magic, intrigue and bloodlines mingling together, Eric finds that even he can still be surprised.
Sookie  Stackhouse/Southern  Vampire  Mysteries  |  True  Blood  Eric  Northman/Sookie  Stackhouse  Complete  100K+  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  Past  Abuse  Badass!Sookie  powerful!Sookie  No  Godric  True  Death  Het  No  Slash  Repeat  Author:  dream7me7to7sleep 
september 2014 by danceofflame
Pretty Kitty by ficlit78
Eric senses Sookie's return and is driven mad by the need to see her. We all know what happens when a human and a vampire bond, but what happens when a fairy Chooses a vampire?
Sookie  Stackhouse/Southern  Vampire  Mysteries  |  True  Blood  Eric  Northman/Sookie  Stackhouse  Complete  200K+  words  NC-17  [E]  Canon  AU  powerful!Sookie  Pregnancy  Het  No  Slash  So  In  Love 
september 2014 by danceofflame
A Smarter Sookie by Sophie Myst
What if Sookie had been more than a little smarter, intellectually and emotionally?
Sookie  Stackhouse/Southern  Vampire  Mysteries  |  True  Blood  Eric  Northman/Sookie  Stackhouse  WIP  NC-17  [E]  100K+  words  Canon  AU  Book  Crossover  Smart!Sookie  Het  No  Slash 
september 2014 by danceofflame

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