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babú auf Twitter: „♡࿐ 10 things i (don’t) hate about you
a minsung au in which jisung has been liking minho since forever and when he decides to ask him out, minho says he‘d never date someone who doesn’t get along with his friends. the problem? jisung can’t stand hyunjin, minho’s best friend.
ff  straykids  minho/jisung  seungmin/hyunjin  twitterAU  <3 
yesterday by the24thkey
Motherland - sevenfists - Men's Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The first Zhenya heard about it was an email from Sidney in the middle of August.
*hockeyrpf  (E)  50-100k  <3 
7 days ago by sendreinforcements
Going Postal (A 125-Page Comic) - by dustmouth (Harry/Draco Fan Fair 2019)
So Draco and Harry sort of maybe have a bit of a thing going. Which is all fine and good, but would probably be more effective if they managed to be on the same continent for more than five minutes at a time.
hp  harry/draco  afterthewar  ministry  correspondence  jealousy  fanart  comic  <3 
14 days ago by runpunkrun
The Cap'm - by actiaslunaris (VesperRegina)
The Cap’m - They Might Be Giants

Sit beside me at the helm
Yeah, this is what I call the helm
And this button here is the fast-forward button
Did you say
What I think you just said?
My hat look good on me?
I agree -- I agree

Look me over, I'm the cap'm
You act like it's a joke but I don't see you laughing
st:aos  gen  kirk  vid  <3 
23 days ago by runpunkrun
real wild road variety - bysine - GOT7 [Archive of Our Own]
It was possible now, of course, that by the end of the next few months -- the length of one season of 1N2D, to be exact -- Jinyoung might transcend the circumstances of his name to become ‘the guy who got 1N2D cancelled’.

It kept him up at night, sometimes.

Then he would go out into the living room for a glass of water and find Jaebeom there with a plastic container of ox blood stew and the fucking wolf documentary on again, the sleeves of his ‘KBS Family Sports Day 2016’ t-shirt shoved up to his shoulders and one leg splayed on the coffee table. And that would keep Jinyoung up even more.


A The Producers (2015) AU. Rated F for feral, H for housemates, and I for ‘I don’t know how I ended up writing this’.
ff  got7  jb/jinyoung  au  <3 
25 days ago by the24thkey
Re: re: potato - bysine - GOT7 [Archive of Our Own]
Jaebeom, on the other hand, had spent the meeting instant messaging Team Leader Hwang Chansung from Sales Team 3 to ask where on earth Park Jinyoung had gone for him to have returned to work brown as a nut and in a neck brace.

His car got rear-ended while he was in Vietnam, apparently, Team Leader Hwang had replied, also I just said that I tendered my fucking resignation and you’re concerned about park jinyoung’s whiplash injury??????


An office!AU. Rated P for potato.
ff  got7  jb/jinyoung  au  <3 
26 days ago by the24thkey
dream in a dream - owngoal - NCT (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Before Ten is Ten, NCT’s Ten, Ten the dancer—Ten is his mother’s son.

He is a Leechaiyapornkul.

He is a dreamer.
ff  nct  ten/kun  <3 
4 weeks ago by the24thkey
Alcohol may not be the Answer but it is a Solution - lossit_bay - Stray Kids (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Seungmin hadn’t considered that he saw Woojin as his role model in addition to his pseudo-parent until he walked into the living room to see Woojin throwing back a shot of soju.

“Uhhh,” Seungmin said, words unavailable as his mind reeled. He stood awkwardly in the doorway, an empty mug clutched to his chest.
“Hey Seeeeeungmin!” Minho said slyly from where he was propped casually against the wall. “Wanna have fun?”
Seungmin did not say the first thing that came into his mind which was ‘is this allowed?’ and he was very proud of himself for that. However, what he did say wasn’t much better on the buzzkill scale. “Why are you drinking?”
In Seungmin’s defence, it was a Tuesday in April. There was no reason to be celebrating.
ff  straykids  gen  <3 
6 weeks ago by the24thkey
A Collection of Nouns - by Nestra - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater
It took a few months before any of the assholes at Aglionby—which, to be honest, meant most of the students—found out about Adam and Ronan.

They hadn't gone to any lengths to hide it, because Ronan refused to be ashamed and Adam had adopted the fake it 'til you make it strategy. If you knew what to look for, Ronan glowed with smug possessiveness. The other students didn't know what to look for, and it was none of their damn business.

So they held hands, when Ronan wasn't pretending to be aloof and untouchable. They bumped shoulders. Adam stretched an arm along the back of a restaurant booth, and Ronan leaned into it. Eventually, someone saw enough and drew the right conclusion.

The most obnoxious ones spat out the predictable obscenities when Gansey wasn't around to provide a buffer. The ones who thought they were clever sidled up to Adam between classes.

"Parrish! How's Lynch doing? Is he lonely out there on the farm? Keeping himself entertained with the cows?" Laughter all around, maybe a couple of high fives. Adam stuck with the tactics that he'd learned long ago, when he'd had more frightening interactions to avoid—keep his head down, don't provide any additional ammunition.

He measured his remaining time at Aglionby in months. Soon he would be counting days.
trc  adam/ronan  afterthewar  firsttimes  <3 
7 weeks ago by runpunkrun
lose track of your flesh and your bones - toomoon (jjjat3am) - GOT7 [Archive of Our Own]
After an intense spot of research, Jackson concluded that the only solution to his problem was to have the absolute perfect day.

He came close to it once, when he’d decided to totally forgo his diet and indulge in every food he wasn’t allowed to eat. He went to sleep that night, bloated and satisfied, crumbs all over his bed, only to wake up back on the couch.

Jackson gets stuck in a time loop. It takes him a while to figure out his heart's desire.
ff  got7  jackson/jooheon  timetravel  <3  monstax 
7 weeks ago by the24thkey
Pure Love__
Namjin au where Jungkook needs to work on a time capsule video for his film class so he goes and asks his hyungs for help. #NamjinWeek19
non-fic  twitterAU  bts  namjoon/jin  <3  au 
8 weeks ago by the24thkey
The Queen Sent Messengers - by sallyislike - Rumpelstiltskin (Yuletide)
This is the third day since you sent us out to search for a name. I've come back to you breathless and filthy from travel and half out of your uniform. But you have seen me so before. You've seen me return from every edge of your land.

I've been your messenger and served you as your mouth, ears, and eyes all across this land since I was fifteen, when I came up from the village, where my father had been a tailor, and to your court to serve the king and you, our queen, who can spin straw into gold. I hardly knew how to ride a horse or how to read and write or how to speak, but I was tall and strong like all the other boys and girls who came up to the court from their own villages, and I knew how to run and swim and work. I was given a uniform and a bed and, like all the other boys, I learned. How to ride a horse, and how to remember your words, and how to be called your messenger.
misc  fairytale  <3 
10 weeks ago by runpunkrun
praise - by sunshine_captain
Jim starts backing towards the bed, sits when he feels it against his legs. Without being asked or told, Spock kneels in front of him, palms on Jim's solid thighs encouraging him to spread them.

Jim does, leans back on his hands and bites his lip at the sight of Spock between his legs, expression of open wonder on his face as he stares intensely at the obvious bulge in Jim's pants.

Spock looks and looks, but then glances up at Jim for permission. Jim takes Spock's hand from its place on his thigh and presses it where he's hard and wanting. For Spock. All for Spock.

Spock traces the outline of his hard cock through Jim's pants with his fingertips, squeezing gently. Jim moans, and Spock looks upward again, feeling him, rubbing and playing with him through the fabric.

"That's for you," Jim breathes shakily. "You do that to me, sweetheart."
st:tos  kirk/spock  praise  kink  <3 
10 weeks ago by runpunkrun
sixspence: Mystery Box
“wow it must suck being the only teen titans member without superpowers”

tim drake, with an unlimited number of memes: “are u kidding”
dcu  photographs  fanart  comic  <3 
12 weeks ago by runpunkrun
life in our shape - singsungie - Stray Kids (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
People can’t live without noise, Minho supposes. Even now, with his bated breath, his heart thumps loud and clear in his chest.

“Yeah,” he repeats a little louder, prompting Changbin to turn around. “You’re right. We’ll be okay.”

Sometimes to ease the growing pains all you need are good friends, and fate dealt Minho the perfect hand.
ff  straykids  minho/jisung  hyunjin/changbin  au  <3 
september 2019 by the24thkey

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