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call the night by name
Dylan manages to wait half an hour after saying goodnight to sneak back into the living room.
fic  rpf  hockey  dylan/john  dylanstrome  johntavares  addandsubtract  establishedrelationship  secretrelationship  2019  <005k 
may 2019 by wolfgrin
summer sun kissed
Mitch wins the Memorial Cup. That's just the beginning of his summer.
fic  rpf  hockey  nhldraft2015  mitch/dylan  slash  firsttime  juniors  somehowunbroken  2016  <005k 
april 2019 by wolfgrin
in the miles of memory
Sam sighs. “I just miss you,” he says. This is what happens when Sam has a few drinks during the season. He gets all weird and sentimental and homesick.


(five times jt and sammy make long distance work, and one time they don't have to.)
fic  rpf  hockey  jt/sam  slash  fivethings  longdistance  addandsubtract  2015  <005k  johntavares  samgagner 
april 2019 by wolfgrin
too far gone for a telling
The first time Sam kisses a boy, he's eighteen, he’s just been drafted, and the boy he kisses is John.
fic  rpf  hockey  jt/sam  slash  firsttime  comingout  addandsubtract  samgagner  johntavares  2014  <005k 
april 2019 by wolfgrin
ignite your bones
Okay so here's the thing: Willy wants JT to bone him into next week but like - only when he's doing house renovations? If that makes sense.
fic  rpf  hockey  leafs  jt/willy  slash  firsttime  mozartspiano  johntavares  williamnylander  2019  <005k  😄 
april 2019 by wolfgrin
only shooting stars
Mat learns two things when he arrives at the All Star Game.

The first is that everyone is there to get mind-blowingly drunk. The second is that everyone is there to hook up.
fic  rpf  hockey  sid/mat  slash  firsttime  ghosthunter  sidneycrosby  matbarzal  allstargame  2019  <005k 
january 2019 by wolfgrin
show your hand
"I kissed McDavid and then we won a game," Jack blurts out. He flexes his hand nervously.

There's a suspicious silence on the other end of the phone line, but Noah is probably not laughing at him. Out loud.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/jack  slash  firsttime  superstition  ohtempora  connormcdavid  jackeichel  2015  <005k  nhldraft2015 
january 2019 by wolfgrin
footsteps and blueprints
Kyle and Sheldon are good at building things that are great.
fic  rpf  hockey  leafs  marlies  kyle/sheldon  slash  lottieanna  firsttime  kyledubas  sheldonkeefe  2018  <005k 
december 2018 by wolfgrin
think i’ve mistaken you for somebody else
Connor’s having trouble getting used to seeing a Strome in his colours on his ice again.
fic  rpf  hockey  connor/ryan  slash  firsttime  cheaplemonicelolly  connormcdavid  ryanstrome  dylanstrome  2018  <005k 
november 2018 by wolfgrin
details we both forgot to mention
It’s probably fucked up that the prospect of losing his job is what keeps Kyle from flirting back, and not his sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, but if the end result is the same, he figures there’s only so bad he can feel.

(Or: Kyle wants to be a good boss, but Willy mostly just wants Kyle.)
fic  rpf  hockey  leafs  kyle/willy  slash  firsttime  au  office  lottieanna  kyledubas  williamnylander  2018  <005k 
november 2018 by wolfgrin
hockey hugs
Sid wasn’t an emotional guy, but all the business with his thousandth point was getting him pretty worked up: the crowd screaming, his parents crying—his dad crying. All of the stuff his teammates said about him to reporters. It was just a lot to deal with. And then, when he thought it was mostly finished, there was a pre-game ceremony in the locker room, the team core waiting to present him with a golden stick.

Fuck. He was definitely going to get choked up, and someone was definitely going to...
fic  rpf  hockey  slash  sevenfists  firsttime  sidneycrosby  evgenimalkin  2018  <005k  sid/geno  pens 
november 2018 by wolfgrin
If you knew who I was, maybe you’d be a fan
Zach doesn’t know why he looks up at the sound of the front door opening, but he does, just in time to see a young blond guy heading out onto the street with a dazzling smile for the cashier and the book he just purchased tucked under his arm. In and of itself pretty unremarkable for a bookshop, even if the guy is pretty good looking.

But Zach's heart leaps, because that’s not just any book he’s carrying. That’s Zach’s book. Zach’s own goddamn copy of his book.
fic  rpf  hockey  leafs  zach/willy  slash  au  cheaplemonicelolly  williamnylander  zachhyman  2018  <005k 
november 2018 by wolfgrin
shaky lines
To be completely honest, looking at Bracco’s Calder Cup tattoo makes Kappy so, so thankful that Dicky managed to convince Post Win, Drunk Kappy to put off getting his until he was a little more sober.
fic  rpf  hockey  leafs  willy/kappy  slash  au  tattooparlor  firsttime  forwardpass  2018  <005k  williamnylander  kasperikapanen  richclune  austonmatthews  tattoos&piercings 
november 2018 by wolfgrin
tragic hockeybot Geno
“The fuck’s wrong with Geno?” Kuni muttered to him, and Sid shook his head. He knew a fair amount about bot maintenance, but glitching wasn’t maintenance, it wasn’t common, and it meant that something was pretty wrong.
fic  rpf  hockey  pens  sid/geno  slash  au  robots  sevenfists  sidneycrosby  evgenimalkin  2017  <005k 
october 2018 by wolfgrin
kiss the sweat away
“So,” Sam says, and John turns to looks at him. “You wanna?”
fic  rpf  hockey  slash  firsttime  addandsubtract  johntavares  samgagner  undertheinfluence  2014  <005k  jt/sam 
october 2018 by wolfgrin
the space between
It isn’t until the third time when he has Marner’s breath hot and wet against his cheek, hotel duvet scratchy under their tumbling bodies - that. Well. He maybe realizes this is a lot more about fucking Marner than fucking up Marner.
mitch/dylan  nhldraft2015  hockey  fic  rpf  slash  meerminne  mitchmarner  dylanstrome  2016  <005k 
july 2018 by wolfgrin
and it looks like you'll stay
“I’ve never–” he says, but it’s breathless, and he’s thinking about kissing Auston Matthews again, even though he really shouldn’t.

(He can’t really remember why he shouldn’t, because Auston Matthews’ face is kind of red, but he knows there’re a couple of reasons, and they’re probably good ones, too.)
fic  rpf  hockey  leafs  mitch/auston  slash  firsttime  lottieanna  mitchmarner  austonmatthews  dylanstrome  comingout  2017  <005k 
june 2018 by wolfgrin
let's raise a glass, here's to you
(586): friends are allowed to bang on New Years, I read it on the Internet somewhere.
fic  rpf  hockey  clune/leipsic  slash  firsttime  beyond_belief  richclune  brendanleipsic  2015  <005k  undertheinfluence 
may 2018 by wolfgrin
i think i missed you (before i met you)
five times dylan kissed connor when he didn't expect it, and once when connor kissed dylan and he didn't expect it.
fic  rpf  hockey  erieotters  dylan/connor  slash  megeggsalad  connormcdavid  dylanstrome  2017  <005k  fivethings  nhldraft2015 
may 2018 by wolfgrin

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