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november, in this house of leaves - Mad_Maudlin - The Magnus Archives (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Martin nodded quietly. “No. I mean, no, I don’t want him around.” He looked down at his hands again and started picking at the too-short sleeve of his jumper. “He hasn’t been part of my life for twenty years and I’d prefer to keep it that way.”
fic  id:MadMaudlin  f:MagnusArchives  gen  casefic  plotty  'ao3 
3 hours ago by esther_a
Attenborough's Revenge - zuzeca - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Venom watches nature documentaries. Riot comes back for seconds. Turns out that Netflix subscription was worth it after all.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  'ao3 
yesterday by esther_a
Slow down, it's a science - ang3lsh1, kageillusionz - 镇魂 | Guardian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
'Experiments require repetition in order to obtain justifiable results. Is Zhao-xiaojie prepared for the work it entails?'

Zhao Yunlan squirms just a little more in Shen Wei's lap. ‘Xiao Wei....’ she whispers, tugging at his hands until Shen Wei relinquishes his hold. ‘If this is all in the name of science... I was born prepared.’
fic  f:Guardian  het  s:ZhaoYulan/ShenWei  Rule63  pwp  explicit  'ao3 
3 days ago by esther_a
advancements in on-the-job training - iniquiticity - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Taking care of their host is more complicated than they anticipated.


There were lessons it had been that taught about how to manipulate a host's biochemistry. By making changes there, the lecturers explained, problems the host experienced could be eliminated, allowing the symbiote to pursue it's goals with with less resistance.

They were abysmal at the lessons, and, more importantly, those lessons were for it, not them. Everything before them is worthless. They'll have to figure it out as they go along.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  h/c  'ao3  xeno 
4 days ago by esther_a
Conjugal Love - zuzeca - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Eddie’s only had the Symbiote back in his head for ten days when he discovers Venom dreams.
fic  f:Venom  s:Eddie/Venom  xeno  explicit  'ao3  favorite  short 
4 days ago by esther_a
turn it up, turn me on - fkyb (Chrysomie) - 镇魂 | Guardian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
College professor Shen Wei listens to Kunlun's radio program most nights to avoid boredom while grading papers. He may have a little crush. It's not a big deal. Whatever.
fic  f:Guardian  slash  s:ZhaoYulan/ShenWei  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world  pining  'ao3  AU:School 
4 days ago by esther_a
Your Name on My Skin - madscientistS - 镇魂 | Guardian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Zhao Yunlan grins saucily in the mirror at himself and presses into a particularly impressive mark at the base of his collar bone. He’s going to have to find one of his older t-shirts with the loose stretched collars to wear to the SID office tomorrow, already anticipating xiao Guo’s scandalized expression.
fic  f:Guardian  slash  s:ZhaoYulan/ShenWei  explicit  pwp  'ao3 
4 days ago by esther_a
A canvas for your touch - naye - 镇魂 | Guardian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Impatient,” Shen Wei smiles, but the ferocity in the expression doesn’t make Zhao Yunlan consider whether he might be getting more than he bargained for, not for a single heartbeat.
fic  f:Guardian  slash  s:ZhaoYulan/ShenWei  explicit  bondage  established_relationship  'ao3 
4 days ago by esther_a
Weird, Squirrelly Kid - GilliganGoodfellow - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
You like when he draws shapes and words on your back. Or feather touches, strokes through the hair. Healing hurts and letting you sleep while being held tightly.

Iron Bull likes to pamper Dorian after sex, and Dorian likes to be pampered.

When they realise that the touch starved Cole has been 'listening' in on them, they invite him to experience such care first hand.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  s:IronBull/Dorian  established_relationship  h/c  'ao3 
4 days ago by esther_a
On your mark get set - binz, shiplizard - Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon | Pokemon Sun & Moon Versions [Archive of Our Own]
Hala takes Guzma on that journey to 'go many places together'-- and sees a fascination awakening in his angry pupil.

Or: Guzma's dark descent into nerdlordery.
fic  id:binz  id:shiplizard  f:Pokemon  gen  futurefic  WIP  'ao3 
4 days ago by esther_a
Those Good Boys - Okadiah - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Mrs. Chen saw everything that happened in and around her store, and she knew a lot more than that.

Like Eddie. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. And that black … whatever it was that was with him these days.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Venom  gen  outsiderpov  short  'ao3 
4 days ago by esther_a
Kilo India Tango Tango Echo November - Edonohana - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
When the Marines are sent to protect Springfield, MT from an alien invasion, a grizzled staff sergeant finds a whole lot of kittens in need of tender loving care.
fic  id:rachelmanija  f:OriginalFiction  SF  animals  short  'ao3 
4 days ago by esther_a
My Life on the D-List - Aishuu - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Halloween was the Worst Night of the Year in Gotham, but Dick Grayson had thought he’d be dealing with some of the big time players while Bruce tied himself into knots over the Scarecrow’s latest. He’d been anticipating a slugfest with Two-Face, or maybe a night at Arkham preventing the Joker from breaking out, but instead he was stuck with a bunch of D-listers that were using Halloween as an excuse to let their freak flags fly.
fic  id:aishuu  f:DC  f:Batman  comics-verse  gen  ficlet  humor  'ao3 
5 days ago by esther_a
Ambivalence - Hours_Gone_By - SPECTR [Archive of Our Own]
Post-Series 1: Sean thinks back on his actions and tries to decide what to do now.

Spoilers for the last half of Series 1, and Series 2.
fic  f:Jordan_Hawk  f:Misc.Books  gen  short  'ao3 
5 days ago by esther_a

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