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Scars - SilentAuror - Sherlock (TV)
“You loved him.” Her voice was gentle as John turned startled eyes to her face. Her gaze hadn’t wavered. “Didn’t you.” It was not a question. “Of course you loved him. It’s all right to tell me.”

John’s hands had been locked together, his knuckles white in the lamplight. He’d cleared his throat, looking at them. “Yeah,” he’d said, his voice rough. “I did.”

“That’s got to stop.” Mary’s voice hadn’t changed, not precisely, or not in any outward way that he could detect, and yet it was completely different. She sounded entirely calm and still very gentle, but beneath that there was something new. Something rather like steel.
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Damage - lifeonmars - Sherlock (TV)
No damage could ever be truly repaired. John would not be the same. Or, what happened after the tarmac.

"She had a fleeting thought of the small feet pressed against her ribs, and then an odd satisfaction. It would be the last time she’d ever cause a heart to stop."
The one with the most painful start
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november 2016 by LadyLame

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