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my pulse has been rising - nilyn (escherzo) - Bandom
But it doesn’t matter, no one is going to hear them anyway. And it’s just talking. Right? They can’t get in trouble for just talking.
rated.m  host:ao3  "<5k  =nilyn  #mcr  %gerard/mikey  *smut  /dirtytalk  /sexual.fantasy  /sex-church 
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Bleed So Pretty: A Collection of Fight!lock Stories - PoppyAlexander - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock and John first met when they were first-time opponents at an underground fight club. Several weeks later, they meet again, but neither of them can get on the night's schedule, so an unsanctioned bout in the car park will have to serve. John and Sherlock bring out the worst in each other, and so begins a downward spiral.
Meeting in an underground fight club has lead Sherlock Holmes and John Watson into an irrevocable downward spiral. Time to tap out.

“You’re right. It’s the end, coming. The only way out is feet-first.”
“Yeah, I’ll fucking race you."

Fighting kink rough sex. No happy ending.
rated.e  warning:violence  warning:rape/noncon  warning:major.character.death  host:ao3  warning:selfharm  warning:suicidal.ideation  warning:suicide  series:Bleed-So-Pretty  !***  &canon.divergence  #sherlock  *angst  *dark  *drama  /kink  /dirtytalk  /fighting  /gunplay  /sex-angry  /sex-rough  "50-100k  /sex-church  %sherlock/john  +alcohol  +drugs  +dysfunctional.relationship  =PoppyAlexander  warning:sad.ending 
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The Starving Faithful - nothingislittle - Sherlock (TV)
Hungry. He’s hungry for Sherlock. There’s no other word for it. He wants to devour, be devoured, kneel and be kneeled for, pray and be prayed to. He goes to church and takes communion and crosses himself and recites the liturgy but he doesn’t believe in any of it. He believes in Sherlock. He’d sacrifice everything for him, to him — he wants to see everything that has kept them apart burning on an altar before him, Sherlock just visible through the flames, holding the matches. This is what he thinks about on his walk, during Mass, at meals, in the night when he should be sleeping. He is consumed.
=nothingislittle  rated.e  host:ao3  !**  #sherlock  *dark  *smut  /bdsm  /bloodplay  /sex-public  /religion  /sex-church  "<5k  %sherlock/john  /knifeplay 
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