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Entwined Branches - strive2bhappy
In a world where the government keeps a close eye on alphas, betas and omegas -- to the point of making certain everyone with these traits is mated by the time they turn eighteen -- it's no wonder the condition has become rather rare. It is, however, essentially unheard of to be unmated at thirty-three, but Jensen Ackles is an alpha who's good at staying under the radar. That is, until he's not and he's matched -- by bureaucratic decree -- to 18-year-old omega, Jared Padalecki. This is the story of how the two of them find far more than they ever thought they could.
attribute:artist!jared  kink:rimming  kink:felching  kink:nipple-play  kink:scenting  kink:shaving  affliction:bullied  note:hot-like-fire  person:misha-collins  person:tom-welling  person:  +wincest  author:strive2bhappy  kink:a/b/o  kink:age-difference  genre:angst  genre:au  +spn-rpf  affliction:insecurity  affliction:misunderstandings  genre:schmoop  kink:blowjob  kink:breeding  kink:claiming/marking  kink:clothes-sharing  kink:coming-untouched  kink:cuddling  kink:domesticity  kink:heat  kink:groping  plot:insecure!jared  kink:fluff  kink:first!time  kink:heat/mating-cycles  kink:impregnation  kink:knotting  kink:lap!sex  kink:marathon-sex  kink:nesting  kink:oral  kink:mpreg  kink:pregnant!jared  kink:schmoop  kink:self-lubrication  kink:protective  note:all-time-fav  person:jared-padalecki  person:jensen-ackles  plot:government-rule  plot:forced-mating  profession:landscaper/farmer/gardener  kink:arranged-marriage/mating  kink:mates 
december 2017 by infinitefeels
Plentiful Bounty
It had been a tough year for Jared and Jensen. After years of trying they had finally realised their dream of having a family, only to have it shattered 5 months into Jensen’s pregnancy through the careless actions of another. Desperate to have their dream of a family of their own come true they both give IVF treatments one last try. One month later they are given the delightful news that they will be given a second chance at their dream; Jared is pregnant and as an added surprise, with twins.
+spn-rpf  author:stjra-fics  kink:mpreg  warning:character-death_mention  kink:rimming  kink:graphic-birth  genre:schmoop  pairing:jared/jensen  person:jensen-ackles  person:jared-padalecki  kink:pregnant!jensen  kink:pregnant!jared  affliction:guilt  affliction:misunderstandings  affliction:sickness  affliction:morning-sickness  affliction:sick!jensen  affliction:sick!jared  kink:pregnant-sex  note:all-time-fav  all  time  fav  affliction:  guilt  kink:  mpreg 
december 2017 by infinitefeels
Finding Home
Dean doesn't remember his birth parents.

He’s not sure if he blacks out from the water in his lungs or the sheer terror overpowering him, but the last thing he feels is a strong pair of jaws closing around him, impossibly gentle.
author:babybrotherdean  character:bobby-singer  character:dean-winchester  character:sam-winchester  character:gordon-walker  character:ellen-harvelle  kink:a/b/o  kink:omega!dean  kink:alpha!sam  kink:age-difference  kink:underage  kink:underage_extreme  kink:werewolves  kink:rimming  kink:heat/mating-cycles  kink:daddy-kink  kink:mpreg_implied  kink:fluff  kink:age-swap  kink:daddy!sam  kink:knotting  plot:pwp  genre:au  +spn-rpf 
december 2017 by infinitefeels

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+wincest  affliction:  affliction:bullied  affliction:clueless-jensen  affliction:guilt  affliction:insecurity  affliction:misunderstandings  affliction:morning-sickness  affliction:sick!jared  affliction:sick!jensen  affliction:sickness  all  attribute:artist!jared  attribute:bottom!jensen  attribute:dragon!jared  attribute:grumpy!jensen  attribute:top!jared  author:babybrotherdean  author:stjra-fics  author:strive2bhappy  character:bobby-singer  character:dean-winchester  character:ellen-harvelle  character:gordon-walker  character:sam-winchester  fav  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:creature-fic  genre:schmoop  guilt  kink:  kink:a/b/o  kink:age-difference  kink:age-swap  kink:alpha!sam  kink:arranged-marriage/mating  kink:bareback  kink:blowjob  kink:breeding  kink:brothers  kink:claiming/marking  kink:clothes-sharing  kink:coming-untouched  kink:cuddling  kink:daddy!sam  kink:daddy-kink  kink:domesticity  kink:dragons  kink:felching  kink:first!time  kink:fluff  kink:graphic-birth  kink:groping  kink:heat/mating-cycles  kink:heat  kink:impregnation  kink:incest_psuedo  kink:knotting  kink:lap!sex  kink:marathon-sex  kink:mates  kink:mating  kink:mpreg  kink:mpreg_implied  kink:nesting  kink:nipple-play  kink:omega!dean  kink:oral  kink:pregnant!jared  kink:pregnant!jensen  kink:pregnant-sex  kink:protective!jared  kink:protective!jensen  kink:protective  kink:rimming  kink:scenting  kink:schmoop  kink:self-lubrication  kink:shaving  kink:tail-sex  kink:underage  kink:underage_extreme  kink:werewolves  kink:wooing  mpreg  note:all-time-fav  note:hot-like-fire  pairing:jared/jensen  person:  person:jared-padalecki  person:jensen-ackles  person:misha-collins  person:tom-welling  plot:adorable!jared  plot:forced-mating  plot:government-rule  plot:high-school  plot:insecure!jared  plot:jensen-smokes  plot:pwp  profession:landscaper/farmer/gardener  time  trope:mating-rituals  warning:character-death_mention 

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