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heartofthesunrise: A Million Reasons
REC: Gerard and Ray figuring out how to go from friends to lovers, from the Black Parade tour to Project Revolution. A lovely on-tour story. (2016-09-18)
QUOTE: Gerard shook out a cigarette and put it between his lips, then dug in his pocket for a lighter. He came up empty handed. "Do you have -" he started, but Ray already had one hand in his jeans pocket. He leaned forward and cupped his palm around the tip of Gerard's cigarette to light it. Gerard leaned into the motion and his cheeks hollowed as he breathed in. Ray could see the dusting of summer freckles across Gerard's nose. He turned away and blew a stream of smoke into the mild English sunshine. "You sure?"
"Yeah. I just..." Ray turned away from him. It was hard to look Gerard in the face and talk about your feelings - he was too expressive, and too relentlessly sincere. "You remember when you were ready to quit after the first album?"
"Hold up, you're not ready to quit, right?" Gerard put a hand on Ray's shoulder and squeezed, hard and anxious. "We can't replace you, Ray, you -"
"No! No, I'd never quit. I was just thinking about how, like, it could've stopped there."
"Oh." As quickly as he'd been riled up, Gerard settled again. "It would've, if you hadn't talked sense into me." He leaned on Ray's shoulder. That conversation seemed like lifetimes ago - Ray remembered it like an out-of-body experience, like he was watching a movie about himself trying to convince Gerard to keep the band going, sitting there at Elena's kitchen table. "It didn't, though," Gerard continued. "I asked you to save the world with me and you made good on it."
"I don't think the world's totally safe yet, dude." Ray tilted towards Gerard so that they were propped up against each other. "But I don't think I ever thought about us making it this far. And like... It's Maiden. That means it's real."
Gerard laughed, but in a way where Ray knew he wasn't laughing at him. "Far be it from me to, you know, present you with the realities of your station," he said, gesturing vaguely with the hand holding the cigarette. A whorl of smoke curved around his wrist, then away. "But you're the shredding rock god lead guitarist of a pretty important band. Like, I think it's safe to say you're already some kid's Dave Murray."
Ray blushed and squinted out into the sunshine. "Shit," he said. "Yeah, okay."
Gerard ashed onto the concrete. They were warmed by the sun, and by each other, still leaning together like the uneven sides of a pyramid. "And like you said, the world's not saved yet. You've got to make good on that promise." He tilted his head to face Ray - they were very close. Ray could smell Gerard's sweat, ripe with the overtones of tobacco and stale coffee, making his head swim. Gerard smiled. His sudden and vigorous sincerity was overwhelming.
"I'm a man of my word," he said. He blinked owlishly back at Gerard. "I'm here till you tell me not to be."
Gerard's face shifted, going soft, almost pitying. He pressed forward and Ray twitched in alarm, thinking for a brief and horrifying second that Gerard was going to kiss him. His heart hammered in his chest. As often as he'd thought about it, he had no recourse for the actual thing. Instead, Gerard buried his face in Ray's neck, under the cloud of his hair. "Thank you," he said, muffled. Then, "Let's go kick Iron Maiden's ass." (31,420 words)
author:heartofthesunrise  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  activity:performing  concept:music  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  setting:on.tour  setting:on.break  geography:Europe  geography:US:New.Jersey  geography:US:New.York  tour:2007.Project.Revolution  tour:2006-2007.Black.Parade  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Gerard/Ray(primary)  pov:Ray  pov:Gerard  challenge:2016.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2016-09  recced:2016-09 
october 2016 by turlough
SunshineAndRoseWater : A World That Sends You Reeling
REC: Gerard finds that life after the end of the world is scarily like the universe he created for the Danger Days album. A stark take of the Killjoys universe with a hopeful ending. (2016-09-18)
QUOTE: "We should go," Mikey says, standing by the window. He does this most every night. They live in a rather seedy part of the city known as Mechanic's Corner. Nothing about the location is appealing except for the unobstructed view of the desert beyond the City walls.
Gerard collapses heavily on his bed. He's already exhausted by his long day of work, he's too tired to have this argument with Mikey, again.
"There's too much radiation. Nobody can live out there for long."
"Says who?" Mikey's voice still has that far-away thoughtful quality to it. This hasn't become an argument, yet.
"Says scientists, with degrees."
"Who are employed by the government," Mikey counters.
"Christ, Mikey, don't start."
Mikey turns away from the window. "I have a point and you know it."
"No. No you don't." Gerard tugs at his hair is frustration. "For the thousandth time. This isn't Battery City. The government is not BLI. Life is not a comic book."
"Lots of people would disagree with you," Mikey snaps. "Some of the groups out there even call themselves Killjoys."
Gerard throws his hands out in frustration. "I don't give a flying fuck if they start marching and call themselves The Black Parade, we are not - Wait, how do you know what they're called?"
Mikey looks away. "Never mind."
"Look, the point is that there are people out there who aren't just rolling over for a dictatorial government. There are people who are fighting back."
"Against what?" Gerard asks.
"Against this!" Mikey fires back. "Against a government that's got us in a chokehold. Against a dull, grey world where people are existing, not living. You call this bullshit a life?"
Gerard's anger flares. "This 'bullshit' means a life for Bandit. A safe one where she can achieve something and not just run around a desert wasteland. Where she'll live to be older than I ever will. That is what I care about above all else, you selfish piece of shit."
"What happened to you?" Mikey asks.
"I grew the fuck up," Gerard says. "You should too."
Mikey looks tired all of a sudden. A beat down, worn out tired. He looks a lot like Gerard feels.
"Forget it. Get some sleep."
"Mikey." Gerard puts his hand on Mikey's shoulder, but Mikey brushes it off.
"Just... go to bed, Gee. You need sleep." (26,450 words)
author:sunshineandrosewater  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:action/adventure  universe:Danger.Days  time:future  activity:drinking  activity:gun.fights  activity:rescue  beings:kids  concept:apocalypse  concept:dystopia  concept:politics  concept:violence  concept:char.death(past)  condition:injury  geography:US:California  setting:desert  smut:frottage  relationship:brothers  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Gerard/Patrick(primary)  pov:Gerard  challenge:2016.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2016-09  recced:2016-09 
october 2016 by turlough
akamine_chan: The Sharpest Lives 'verse Ebook (Sharpest Lives 'verse 1)
REC: Aka has made an ebook for The Sharpest Lives series! With illustrations by josie, hooray! (2015-10-18)
QUOTE: I will try my best to continue creating ebook updates as I write more stories in this 'verse.
It is available in .epub and .mobi format, but be warned, the .mobi format is not as pretty as the .epub.
It contains 34 stories, ~40,045 words, and eight pieces of awesome art.
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:PWP  universe:Sharpest.Lives.verse  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:apocalypse  concept:dystopia  concept:rebellion  occupation:musician  occupation:rebel  setting:desert  geography:myth:Battery.City  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Gerard/Party.Poison(primary)  pairing:g3rard/Party.Poison(primary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Party.Poison  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-08  recced:2015-10  !!FAVOURITE.FIC  !!FAVOURITE.KILLJOYS.FIC  universe:Danger.Days 
november 2015 by turlough
akamine_chan: It Was Really Me, It Was Really You
REC: Gerard and Frank are rival hosts of dinosaur nature shows but their new boss forces them to work together. This is a great story. I loved the way Gerard and Frank's relationship evolved and all the shennaningans they got up to filming dinosaurs all over the world. And looking up and reading about all the dinosaurs they encountered was so much fun. Also, make sure to check out the art, it's very cool. (2015-09-27)
QUOTE: "I think it drags a little in the middle."
Gerard's temper flared. "Fuck you, it *doesn't*. Not everything has to be super sparkly bells and whistles."
"We're trying to dazzle Morrison with what we've got planned." Frank pointed out.
Frank was calm, clearly not being contrary for the sake of being difficult, for once. Gerard took a deep breath. "But we don't want to oversell ourselves, either."
Frank made a so-so motion. "I think we need to go big or go home." He grinned. "Besides, we *can't* oversell this. It's going to be fucking amazing, and we're going to win awards and Morrison is going to erect statues in our honor..."
Gerard giggled against his will and flipped through his presentation notes. "Okay, boring, huh?"
Frank blew his bangs out of his face. "No, not *boring*. It just loses a bit of momentum. And it shouldn't, because we're going from ceratopsians to our miscellaneous episode, and there's going to be some epic dinosaurs and dinosaur-like animals in that episode.
"And instead of presenting it like a dumping ground for dinosaurs that didn't fit in any of the other episodes, we want to act like we put these dinosaurs together because they're so damn awesome."
"Oh." Gerard chewed on the end of his pen. "Yeah, okay, I see what you're saying." He took a few quick notes. "I'll fix it."
Frank beamed at him. "All right. Let's keep going."
They ran through the rest of the presentation, hammering out further details, smoothing out a couple of rough spots. They argued a little over who should present which part, but for the most part, it was done.
They ended up budgeting seven and a half minutes to talk about each episode. It wasn't enough, of course, because Frank and Gerard could go on and on about dinosaurs, but that kept the presentation at a reasonable sixty minutes.
"You know, I could do all the talking, and get it done in half the time." Gerard pushed his hair away from his face.
Frank snorted. "Yeah, you could. And no one would understand a word."
"True," Gerard admitted. "Just a thought."
"Yeah, no." Frank shuffled through his notes. "Anything else? Or are we done for the night?" It was early for them, only a little after two A.M.
"Done, done, done," Gerard said, and Frank noticed for the first time how tired he looked.
"You're exhausted."
Gerard nodded. "Haven't been sleeping well. Nervous about the presentation."
Frank squeezed his shoulder, and couldn't help letting his hand linger for a little longer than necessary. "We're almost done. Dress rehearsal tomorrow, Morrison the day after."
Gerard paled a little, and swallowed. "Yeah."
"We're gonna be great."
"I know." He did; they were going to rock Morrison's socks off. It was just the anticipation and the waiting that made him anxious. (25,240 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  activity:film.making  activity:exploring  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:alternate.world  condition:injury  occupation:scientist  occupation:explorer  relationship:UST  setting:beach/lake/ocean  setting:forest/jungle  setting:animal.shelter  geography:Asia:China  geography:Australia  geography:US  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  challenge:2015.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-09  recced:2015-09  beings:animals.dinosaurs  geography:South.America:Brazil 
october 2015 by turlough
dear_monday: Spun
REC: If there is one thing Gerard hates more than his job at the record store it's his co-workers. But when Brian announces that he's selling the store everything changes. This was so much fun. I laughed and laughed when I read it. The characterisations are perfect, they're all very much themselves just with everything exaggerated - I'm particularly fond of stroppy music snob!Ray. And the dialouge is hilarious. So much bantering and bitching! (And don't miss the art, it's fabulous!) (2015-09-20)
QUOTE: Watching Frank yell at customers always cheers Gerard up. Although, actually, this is nothing on the time two weeks ago when Frank caught a kid shoplifting, discovered that it was a Christina Aguilera CD she was trying to hide under her hoodie, and sent her on her way with as much of the pop section as she could carry - free of charge. Brian was not impressed.
Ray is the next one to arrive, uncharacteristically late. "Sorry, Brian," he calls. "Someone held up that hi-fi store over on Dewitt last night, there was traffic." He turns to Frank. "You mind if I put some music on?"
"What are you, deaf? I got here first, I get to pick the music today." Frank folds his arms stubbornly, but the fact that he's standing on tiptoes to meet Toro's eyes kind of spoils the effect.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought it was just a bunch of idiots with instruments making *noise*," Ray snarks, and Gerard groans inwardly. Not again. It'll be the fifth time this week that they've had this exact argument, word for word, and it's only Tuesday morning.
"Asshole, this is *real* music," retorts Frank. "It's got a *message*, not like all your doom-and-gloom shit."
"Yeah, and the message is that none of these people can *play*!" Ray throws his hands up like he does every time. "Punk's not about music, it's about who can be the most obnoxious! Real music is - is people with *talent*, not these morons who think complaining is the same as social commentary!"
"Motherfucker," Frank growls, "Say that again and I swear to god -"
"ENOUGH," Brian roars from the back office. "Accounts are enough of a pain in the ass without you fuckers! Don't you all have jobs to do?"
Ray skulks off to the stock room, muttering darkly about a decimalized cataloguing system and the kind of Reorganization that merits a capital letter. Toro's job seems to involve a lot of hanging out in the stock room with his headphones on, especially when Frank has won the day's music choice privileges.
Mikey ambles in next, yawning and trying to flatten his hair down. He stands and looks at the stereo for a long moment, a slight frown creasing his forehead. To the experienced Mikey-watcher, this is a sure sign of blinding rage. He turns a blank look on Frank that promises retribution in the form of an entire day of the greatest hits of Blur, then picks up a large box containing a hotchpotch of used CDs and vinyl and carries it over to the door of the stock room. He heaves the door open and a brief blast of Metallica filters out, mingling with the Black Flag still thumping raggedly out of the counter stereo. Ray is chief stock organizer, but Mikey is de facto purchaser of second hand shit. Something about his general aura of hipsterish disdain allows him to get away with paying people half of what their stuff is worth while leaving them with an inexplicable feeling of shame.
Gerard goes back to ignoring the world and nursing his hangover in (relative) peace.
A little later, another guy walks in and makes a beeline for the counter. Frank and Gerard conduct a quick round of rock-paper-scissors, which Frank wins.
"Yours," he mouths at Gerard, who turns reluctantly to face the customer. (25,530 words)
author:dear_monday  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  fic:source:movie  activity:drinking  activity:performing  activity:robbery  concept:ordinary.lives  occupation:shop.assistant  occupation:musician  occupation:small.business.owner  relationship:friendship  setting:shop  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Pete(secondary)  pov:Gerard  challenge:2015.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-09  recced:2015-09 
september 2015 by turlough
turps: Burn Ever Bright
REC: When Gerard isn't selected by a dragon he thinks his life is over. But he is wrong, it has only just started. This is an absolutely lovely story. It's sad and aweinspiring, funny and bittersweet. And as usual I love the way Terri writes the Way brothers - their close mental bond and how deeply they love each other. The way she writes this world is also wonderful. It feels very tangible, very real. Gerard's first view of the valley and the dragons will stay with me for a long time. (2015-05-31)
QUOTE: If stepping into the shadow is creepy, the sidestep into the rock is even more so. In a blink nearly all light is gone, and Gerard is all too aware of the rock that surrounds him so completely. The only sound is his own breathing, and Gerard takes careful sidesteps, the tunnel sides narrowing and scraping against his stomach and back on occasions.
Clutching his bag at his side, Gerard takes slow deliberate breaths, reminding himself Frank said it's not actually far, no matter how it seems like Gerard's been inside of this rock forever.
"You're only a few steps away now." Ray's voice is welcome, and Gerard narrows his eyes when he sees light spilling into the tunnel. "Around a corner and you're here."
Gerard quickens his side steps, eager for fresh air as he steps into bright sunshine, and onto a ledge where he can look down into a long and bowled valley - one that's filled with dragons, some awake, some slumbering, and some commanding the air, swooping and roaring, leaving flaring flames and smoke trails behind them.
At first, Gerard thinks that he's dreaming, or hallucinating, because nothing he's experienced in life has prepared him for this. Unlike the neat dragon pens back in the corps, these dragons are spread out and roam free, dozens of them, so many that Gerard doesn't know where to look first.
Some lumber across the valley floor, huge and yet dainty in the way they look around, their brilliant, shimmering scales catching the light. While others seem to be napping, curled up and looking like vast living hills, their wings tucked in and tails stretched out over the rock.
It's the most magnificent thing Gerard's ever seen, like a colourful, amazing fantasy land made real.
"This is another mirage, right?" Gerard says, because no way is this real. It can't be, it's not possible that something so amazing has been tucked away out of sight at the top of this mountain. "Those are dragons. *Big* dragons. Wild dragons."
"They're real, and they've been here for a long while now," Ray says, his hair blowing against his face when one of the bigger dragons stretches its body and flaps red-tipped green wings. (20,000 words)
author:turps  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:character.study  fic:source:fanart  activity:flying  beings:dragons  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:char.death.minor  concept:war  concept:esp:empathy  concept:esp:telepathy  condition:injury  concept:magic  relationship:brothers  relationship:Waycest  relationship:poly  relationship:friendship  smut:blowjob  smut:frottage  smut:groupsex  setting:other.world  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Gerard/Mikey(primary)  pairing:GSF:My.Chemical.Romance(primary)  pov:Gerard  challenge:2015.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-05  recced:2015-05 
june 2015 by turlough
Tigress33: Older Than Water (Stubborn As Stone)
REC: When Gerard was young he thought there were two types of people, Chosen and Not Chosen. Now he knows there are the lucky and those like him, the unlucky. A cool story with a nice Gerard characterisation. I hope there will be more some day. I really want to know how Gerard and his dragon's relationship develops and see more of this fascinating world. (2015-05-31)
QUOTE: Gerard, pinned, clenched his eyes and breathed out when the dragon closed its fangs around his neck, counting down. He felt the fangs break skin and prepared himself. He knew he couldn't get out of this. Grant had wasted so much on him. Even Wentz and Stump, who had put their faith in him to complete some mission. His partner, still out there and waiting for him, still hurting and as angry as him at the world for failing them.
The dragon clenched its jaw, but nothing happened after skin was broken. He could feel the dragon trembling, feel the rage boiling under skin and scale, but he wasn't dead. It pulled back from him like he had burnt it, and screamed again, sounding even angrier than before. It bit him on the shoulder this time, but after skin was broken it went no deeper. Gerard could *feel* the desperation in it, feel how much it wanted to hurt him but, at the same time, couldn't. Could feel how, like him, it was throwing away the sword after each threat of violence.
On the fourth bite, Gerard felt tears. He knew dragons could cry, though it was through a different physiological system than humans, but he hadn't quite believed it until then, when, through the growling and biting, tears dripped onto him.
Gerard felt his eyes well and, without reason, he began to sob. The dragon reared back and he reached out, caught her face in his and pressed their foreheads together. There was a light, so bright it blinded, but it was gone almost before it had begun as the dragon broke the connection. She slammed her clawed foot into his chest, breaking through shirt and skin again, and snarled at him.
"How could you leave me!?" She shouted, her wings spreading wide, to intimidate, "*How could you leave me!?*"
"I didn't!" Gerard said desperately, "I could never -"
"Now!" A new voice unnoticed and loud, yelled. There was a thin sound and she went down on top of him, tears still streaming from her hazing eyes. Gerard gasped, felt his vision darken and his lungs collapse on him like she had. He was out before the people from before were on them. Somehow, even unconscious, Gerard had to be peeled away from his grip on her. (25,180 words)
author:tigress33  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:source:fanart  activity:stealing  beings:dragons  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  concept:magic  concept:mindmeld/soulbond  condition:illness  condition:injury  occupation:artist/designer  occupation:wizard/witch  relationship:friendship  setting:other.world  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pov:Gerard  challenge:2015.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-05  recced:2015-05 
june 2015 by turlough
primsong: Reciprocal Quandaries
REC: Together with the Second Doctor, Ben, Polly, and Jamie visits the 1900 Paris Exposition and of course get entangled in a dastardly plot. An entertaining story with engaging plot and good characterisations. Polly is particularly nicely written and seeing the Exposition through the eyes of the characters is lots of fun. (2015-03-08)
QUOTE: "Ah, here we are now," the Doctor said bustling back into the console room and tweaking the scanner. "Yes. Exactly right. Paris exposition of 1900." He peered up at the image thoughtfully and rubbed his chin. "It appears we're behind some sort of mechanical display, a diesel engine, perhaps. Diesels were quite new at this time. And good, good! We're just before the awards were given out. Oh yes, I would like to see that." He adjusted the stove-pipe hat he'd perched on his head and stuffed a clean handkerchief into his front pocket.
"Are ye sure about that hat?" asked Jamie
"Sure about it?" the Doctor said indignantly. "I thought it looked rather nice."
"Oh, it does!" said Ben a little too breezily. The Doctor frowned at this, his chin jutting out as he contemplated a rebuff to their needling. Ben opened his mouth again, but Polly elbowed him sharply.
"It looks fine," she assured, "Very stylish and... very... tall!"
The frown vanished to be replaced with a beaming smile. "Yes, I thought so too. Thank you, Polly." He reached up and adjusted it again. "And all of you look just fine."
"What about Jamie?" asked Ben, gesturing at the image on the scanner. "He's not dressed like those blokes."
"No need to worry," the Doctor assured them, poking a couple buttons on the console and reaching for the door control. "He won't be out of place. The exposition had people in traditional and native dress from all sorts of nations. It's what you might call 'cosmopolitan' but only in a limited way, since most of the cosmos isn't really represented, but for Earth it's quite nice, yes, quite nice."
The doors swung open.
"Oh. Hm," the Doctor said. There was barely enough room for them to squeeze out past stacked wooden crates.
"Need to practice where you park it," Polly smiled.
"At least it's hidden well enough," Ben said. "They didn't have police boxes in 1900, did they?"
The four of them carefully made their way around a large metal fabrication of some kind, edged around a large wooden sign and joined in with the light crowd that was flowing along the hall and out the wide doorways. The weather was mild and comfortable with only a bit of a breeze to stir the feathers on the ladies hats and lend the various buntings and pennants some motion. Ben and Polly looked around somewhat wide-eyed at the amazing variety of booths, buildings and activities. Jamie adjusted his plaid a bit nervously and stepped closer to the Doctor, who was turning in a slow circle so he could see everything and looking quite pleased.
"Oh look, look there," he chirped, giving his hands a little clap of delight. "Candy floss! Yes, here's something you'll like, I'm sure of it. It was brand new at this expo, you know, and just lovely stuff. We'll have to have some." Ben and Polly tagged along after him in amusement as he made a beeline for one of the gaily decorated booths.
"Candy floss?" asked Jamie in an undertone.
"Spun sugar," Polly clarified. "Slow down, Ben."
Jamie nodded. "Aye, well, that explains it. He's always that quick for sweets." He grinned as he left them behind to catch up with the bobbing stovepipe hat; the Doctor was rapidly vanishing into the crowd. By the time he caught up with him, he was in the short queue for a gaily-decorated booth and digging around in his jacket pocket for money.
"Ah, there you are. Here, hold this," he said, handing Jamie a wad of multicoloured bills and sifting through a small handful of coins. He looked up as Ben and Polly reached them, apologizing as they edged around a rather large woman who had joined the queue in the meantime.
"There's a sign back there," Ben gestured. "Says the Turbinia's t' be seen along the quay!"
"What's a turbinya?" asked Jamie.
"A ship," said Polly, rolling her eyes at Ben's naval obsessions as the queue shuffled forward.
"The Turbinia wasn't just any ship, Pol," defended Ben. "She was the fastest ship in the world!" (31,510 words)
author:primsong  fandom:Doctor.Who  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:fluff  activity:brawling  activity:kidnapping  activity:rescue  activity:robbery  activity:sightseeing  activity:time.travel  concept:doppelganger  companion:Jamie.McCrimmon  companion:Polly.Wright  companion:Ben.Jackson  doctor:3rd  period:19th.century  geography:Europe:France  things:Tardis  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2010-10  recced:2015-03 
march 2015 by turlough
dear_monday: Séance Weather
REC: It all began with the worst storm in fifty years. An Addams Family fusion where 10-year-old Frank makes friends with the Way brothers and embraces the dark side. This is an absolutely delightful story. Kid!Frank is such a joy to read and I love the way he bonds with the Ways. Their escapades was so much fun to read. I lauged out loud several times. It isn't all funny hijinx, there are sad and bittersweet things too, but mostly it's a wonderfully happymaking story, full of warmth and friendship. (2014-11-02) This is an absolutely delightful story. My Chemical Romance and the Addams Family is such a great match, both in aestethics and atmosphere, and the Way brothers are perfect as the Addams children. And Mama Way as Morticia is just wonderful. Kid!Frank is a total joy and I love the way he bonds with the Ways. Their escapades is so much fun to read and made me laugh out loud several times. The story isn't all funny hijinx, there are sad and bittersweet things too, but most of all it's a wonderfully happymaking story, full of warmth and friendship. (2014-12-05)
QUOTE: "Is your house haunted?" asks Frank, as they make their way up the long driveway towards it. House, he thinks, is something of an understatement. It sits on the top of the hill, a little way back from the rest of the town, haughty and dark and forbidding. He's seen it before, always from a distance, and he'd thought it was deserted. Frank has never heard anyone talk about the place, and no one seems to know who - if anyone - lives there.
It's the coolest house Frank has ever seen. It has turrets, which he covets immediately. His house doesn't have turrets. Or a circular tower room, or an overgrown, thorny sprawl of a front yard, or wrought-iron fencing warped with age and twice as tall as he is.
He's going to be really, *really* disappointed if Gerard and Mikey's house isn't haunted. Gerard turns back to look at him pityingly.
"*Obviously*," Gerard says. "Isn't yours?"
"No," says Frank sadly. "Not even a little bit." They've never had so much as a door that opens or closes by itself, let alone phantom shadows on the walls, and if anything is ever where it shouldn't be then Frank will know about it because it's invariably his fault. He's spent hours and hours on gloomy afternoons like this one searching from the basement to the rafters for some sign of the supernatural, or at the very least some ominous evidence of a gruesome past, but by now he's pretty much accepted that the house is exactly what it seems, nothing more and nothing less: a house. It's a real disappointment.
"Really?" asks Mikey, as he dodges a low-hanging branch that nearly takes Frank's eye out and drenches him even more thoroughly with accumulated rain in the process. "Not even a poltergeist or anything? Gee, remember that year when we had three of them in the attic and uncle Montgomery's ghost in that bedroom and, and -"
"Cousin Ermintrude in the drawing room," finishes Gerard, stepping over something that Frank thinks might be a bear trap without even looking down. "That was annoying. Just because she was only eight when she died didn't mean she had to take it out on me. It wasn't *my* fault she tried to curse me for experimenting on her stupid toad," he says petulantly, then rather steps on his own point by adding, "Anyway, it wouldn't leave me alone. It kept getting slime all over my drawings." He's glowering, and Frank does his best to feel menaced. It's not like Gerard seems particularly upset or anything, but Frank's not sure whether or not it's okay to tell someone that being haunted by their dead relatives sounds kind of awesome.
"Anyway," says Gerard casually, as he lifts the heavy-looking brass door-knocker (shaped like a wolf's head, Frank is almost sure) and releases it, letting it drop back against the imposing, ominously stained front door with a bang so loud Frank starts a little. The door creaks open apparently of its own accord with a noise like... well, Frank can't help thinking, a noise like a dying toad. "Come in, Frank."
It doesn't cross Frank's mind for so much as a moment that he should leave now. (20,510 words)
author:dear_monday  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Addams.Family  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fusion  fic:genre:character.study  beings:kids  beings:ghosts  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:family  concept:magic  concept:supernatural  condition:illness  occupation:student.elementary.school  relationship:friendship  things:storm  setting:elementary.school  setting:mansion/palace  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-10  recced:2014-11  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
november 2014 by turlough
fleurdeliser & tuesdaysgone: Looking for Satellites
REC: Alien trader Gerard has business on space station Perseus Four. Getting to know station administrator Grant is a nice bonus. I haven't been in the mood to read longer stories in quite some time and though I have a very soft spot for space AUs it's been on my to-read list for quite some time. I finally got round to reading it this week and I'm glad I did. It's a very nice story. The space station culture is quite intriguing and so is Gerard's species. And I really liked the way the telepathy sex was written - very intimate and overwhelming. (2014-06-29)
QUOTE: He stepped into the embassy gardens and took a deep breath. The nice thing about living on a space station was that there were always fragrant flowers from around the galaxy blooming. He made his way to his favorite secluded bench and saw someone sitting there already.
It took a moment because the shaggy hair and clothing were different, but he recognized the Oraculan trader, Gerard Way.
"The headache wasn't on purpose, I promise," Gerard said without waiting for a formal greeting. Grant raised an eyebrow. Gerard looked befuddled. "I was actually shielding. You said that, and I noticed Ambassador Beneti wasn't there, so I stopped."
"And my headache went away," Grant finished.
"And I got one," Gerard said with a grimace.
"So you've come to assure me that you've paid the telepathic price?" Grant asked, studying him with interest.
"No. I was curious as to why, actually. Do you have this problem with Ambassador Beneti?"
"Not that I've noticed," Grant answered.
"Hmm," Gerard said.
"Well, I suppose that's probably not much of an indicator. If he's been using anything other than his own will and skill to block all the voices, he probably wouldn't have an effect on you anyway."
"What are you saying?" Grant asked slowly. "That I'm -"
"Well, telepathically sensitive, of course," Gerard replied. "I can tell; didn't you know?"
"I can't say that I did. My primary exposure to your people had been Beneti, the woman who I use as a tailor, and another who was... decidedly not shielded. I was mostly telling a joke at the expense of your conspicuously absent ambassador," Grant replied. "Your little experiment with shields, your headache... Suddenly dropping shields in a packed room would do that, wouldn't it?"
"You're trying to convince me I'm making it up," Gerard replied. It was not a question.
"Consider it skepticism and a request for more evidence," Grant said.
"If I had more evidence, I'd give it to you. It was just an idle observation." He said it perfectly calmly, but Grant wasn't sure.
"Unlike you, I have no way to know if you're lying to me."
"Maybe you do," Gerard replied obstinately. "Telepathic talent is so often written off as something else - charisma, instinct." He stopped talking and cocked his head to the side. "I do want to hear about that other Oraculan you've known."
Grant laughed. "That story is such a cliche, I rarely tell it. I was newly traveling the galaxy from Earth and met an Oraculan on my first space station stop."
Gerard's lips twitched. "And? Actually, let's do a test. I'll put up my shields and you can tell the story with a few key details missing, that no one could guess. And then with your permission, I'll touch your hand and fill in what you left out."
"Don't you think that's a bit unnecessary?" Grant didn't have the time to spend his precious free time doing parlor tricks with an Oraculan. Even a pretty one.
"I... probably," Gerard admitted. "I just find the fact that you had a headache when I was shielding and not the other way around fascinating." That confession went further toward convincing Grant that Gerard was telling the truth than anything else.
"It could be a stress headache," Grant pointed out.
"Let's just do this one experiment, please," Gerard replied. (25,850 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:category:het  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:AU  activity:bartering  beings:Grant.Morrison  beings:aliens  beings:aristocrats  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:in.space!  concept:esp:telepathy  concept:sobriety  occupation:ambassador  occupation:trader  relationship:poly  smut:het.sex  smut:fucking  smut:blowjob  setting:spaceship/spacestation  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(secondary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Grant.Morrison  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-12  recced:2014-06 
july 2014 by turlough
fleurdeliser & ohnoktcsk & tuesdaysgone: Love on the Webways
REC: The one where MCR broke up after the Black Parade and Gerard is divorced and living in Portland and he meets Grant Morrison online without either of them knowing who the other is. This was a great story. Interesting premise and very entertainingly written. I particularly loved their correspondence, it's very them. I also liked the way their first face-to-face meeting was written, without any embarrassing antics. It's so nice with stories where the protagonists are actual grownups that think and act like it. And as usual in stories by these writers the sex is scorchingly hot. (2014-04-20) What if My Chemical Romance had broken up after Madison Square Garden instead of going on hiatus? In this story Gerard is divorced and living in Portland and has just started writing the 'Killjoys' comic when he meets Grant Morrison online without either of them knowing who the other is. This is such a great story. Entertaining and captivating with a very interesting premise. I particularly loved the epistolatory parts of it, it's so very *them*. I also liked the way their first face-to-face meeting and the identity reveal was written. Plain and straightforward, without any embarrassing antics. It's so nice with a story where the protagonists are actual grownups that think and act like it. And as usual with these writers the sex is scorchingly hot! (2014-04-25)
QUOTE: If you'd told Grant that he would ever be a person who looked forward to checking his email- well. All possible universes, and all that. But he still has to laugh at himself a little. He has plenty of friends, there's no denying that. But he tends to hermit himself away when he's at his country house and it's an extra little thrill after sitting at his computer all day, to have a nice conversation.
He thinks he's finally discovered what it is that people love about the internet. Fifteen years late. 'It's very sad how misguided you are', he types, grinning at his keyboard.
He doesn't get angry at people on The City of Whispers anymore. He has a *partner in crime*. As a team, they shut down the stupid assholes and it's *fun*. He suspects that this isn't the kind of trouble people had warned him against, back when he'd first discovered the message boards dedicated to his work.
There'd been Barbelith, back in the day, and Warren had always had the WEF. Warren managed to meet some truly amazing people through that. Grant had never had quite the same success.
Now, he pulls up the PM thread that he and Danny have going and types, 'Nicely done. By the way, you were right about that band you linked me. Brilliant stuff.'
'Music is my thing,' Danny replies. 'Well. When comics aren't my thing. Or like. Obscure eighties cartoons.'
Grant laughs aloud. 'And when art isn't your thing?' he sends back.
'One of my supervisors called me a Renaissance man the other day,' comes the quick reply. 'I feel like I need a costume for that, though.'
'Renaissance Man would be an interesting superhero, perhaps,' Grant returns. 'Just mind the tights, they pinch.'
'Believe me, I know,' is the reply. 'I was Peter Pan in a school play when I was a kid. I also dressed in drag in art school.'
Grant almost starts typing the story of his own foray into drag, but pauses; that's a story that he's told in interviews before, and Danny will probably be familiar with it. Not the best strategy for maintaining his anonymity.
'Ah, art school. I never went, myself. You are quite the well-rounded chap, Danny.'
'I try to be. Gotta admit, I fail when it comes to math any more advanced than basic algebra.'
'We all have our blind spots,' Grant agrees. 'I'm quite terrible with technology, myself.'
'You're on a computer, right?' Danny asks. 'Not doing some mystic ritual or something?'
Grant laughs. 'Would that I were. Perhaps I could more easily get other things done while chatting with you.'
'So multitasking is also a blind spot?'
'Like it isn't for you?'
'Don't make me give up all my weaknesses. That's a total supervillain thing to do, Fox.'
'Grant laughs and rubs a hand over his head. If he only knew. 'Supervillainy is overrated. And I enjoy vices in my friends. Makes them more interesting.'
'I've got my share of vices, but I'm still pretty boring,' writes Danny.
'I doubt that.' Grant realizes he'd be flirting if this was in person. That's... he doesn't know how to feel about that. People meet and flirt on the Internet all the time. He just never figured it would happen to him.
He laughs at the absurdity of the whole thing. At least Danny doesn't know who he's talking to. Anonymous flirting on the Internet is infinitely better than the alternative, he thinks. (33,010 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:ohnoktcsk  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:crossover  fic:genre:character.study  activity:mailing  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:band.with.a.twist  concept:art  things:comics  things:Gerard's.red.hair  occupation:writer  occupation:artist/designer  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  smut:blowjob  smut:fucking  setting:convention  time:post-band  geography:US:Portland  geography:UK:Scotland  geography:US:San.Diego  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Grant.Morrison  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-04  recced:2014-04  universe:Danger.Days 
april 2014 by turlough
ohnoktcsk: And Me Here On the Ground
REC: Frank's worked hard to build a life for himself in the city and he's content with what he has: a job as a bike courier, friends who love to give him shit, and a crush on a professor of art history at the local university. But he's also got a secret - one he's been running from for a long time. This is a fabulous story! A wonderful mix of urban and high fantasy, with fairy tales and domestic fluff added in, and it works and it's glorious. The worldbuilding is fantastic. The mix of the magical and strange with the ordinary and humdrum, and the glimpses we get of both ancient and recent history are totally fascinating. I love the way Frank is written. His growing love of Gerard, his friendship with Dewees and his instant connection with Ray, his wariness of Grant and the old magic, and whatever it is he's trying not to remember - it all make him feel very real and also very likeable. And the climax and conclusion to the story was absolutely fantastic. It was so exciting and intense I read it all in one huge gulp and could literally not look away from the screen. This is definitely my favourite story so far of this wave. (2013-09-22) Best of 2013 - Most Interesting Fantasy AU & Best Frank Characterisation: This is a wonderful mix of urban and high fantasy, with fairy tales and domestic fluff added in. You wouldn't think it could possibly work but it does and it's glorious. It has fantastic worldbuilding, the mix of the magical and strange with the ordinary and humdrum, and the glimpses we get of both ancient and recent history are totally fascinating. Not only is this a fabulous story, it also has an absolutely first class Frank characterisation. His growing love of Gerard, his friendship with Dewees and his instant connection with Ray, his wariness of Grant and the old magic, and whatever it is he's trying not to remember - it all makes him feel very real, very human, and also very likeable. Finally it's also a story that has a truely great ending. The climax and conclusion was so exciting and intense I could literally not look away from the screen when I first read it. I had to read it all in one huge gulp and it's been a long time since I did that. (2014-02-16)
QUOTE: The address on the pickup slip leads him down a winding mess of side streets. It turns out to belong to a shop with dusty windows, tucked into the ground level of an old, faded sandstone building. The sign hanging above the door says, in spidery writing, 'Curiosities'.
A bell tinkles when Frank pushes open the door. The shop looks like it's seen better days; half the shelves are empty, and what's left isn't anything to write home about, all scuffed furniture, tarnished brass, and musty books. The light that filters in through the murky front window is dancing with dust motes.
It's definitely not flashy enough to be the kind of place a wizard would run, so that's something. And hey, no giant spiders yet. Frank's cautiously optimistic.
"Hello?" he calls.
A man steps out from a doorway behind the counter. He's tall and much more well-dressed than Frank would have expected, given the state of the shop he apparently runs, but okay. He gives Frank a calculating look. "Are you from the courier service?"
"That's me." Frank flashes his courier's badge, then reaches into his bag. "I've got a receipt for you to sign, and I'll need to you fill out a delivery slip."
"Of course," the man agrees, placidly. He's got an accent - a Northerner, maybe. "I'll go and fetch the package."
The package, when the man reappears from the back room and sets it on the counter, turns out to be a smallish rectangle wrapped in plain brown paper. In the 'contents' section of the delivery slip, the man writes, 'a naturalist's observations re: the healing properties of mermaid song; rare'.
When Frank picks up the package to tuck it away in his bag, he sees that there's a hand-drawn symbol on the underside. It's simple, but something about it draws Frank's eye. He wonders if it's the curiosity shop's logo, or maybe some sort of guild sign.
Frank's not getting paid to ask questions, though, so he just gives a mental shrug and indicates where the man needs to sign on the delivery slip. His signature is an illegible flourish.
"The shop may be a bit difficult to find," the man warns him, once the paperwork and the payment is all squared away. "And when you do find it, you'll need to knock three times on the left side of the front door. There shouldn't be any problems after that."
"Okay," Frank says, looking over the paperwork for the address and already plotting a route in his head. It's a little weird, but it's not the weirdest delivery instruction he's ever had to follow. It's not even the weirdest delivery instruction he's had to follow this month.
"Also," the man adds, snapping his fingers like he's just remembered, "you'd best avoid taking the parcel near the water. Just in case."
That's weirder, but whatever. Frank can deal.
Frank politely bids the man a good day and heads back out to the street. There's a crow sitting on the handlebars of his bike and giving him a shrewd look. "Fuck off, birdbrain," Frank tells it, shooing it with his hands.
The crow flies away. (32,150 words)
author:ohnoktcsk  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:action/adventure  activity:drinking  activity:rescue  beings:Grant.Morrison  beings:dragons  beings:birds  beings:dryads  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  concept:magic  concept:music  things:memories  occupation:courier  occupation:artist/designer  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  smut:frottage  setting:other.world  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-09  recced:2013-09  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
september 2013 by turlough
mwestbelle: Ever Just the Same (Ever a Surprise)
REC: How the Charm Weaver met the Raven Boy and got entangled in his destiny. A lovely fairy tale with very believable characters and lovely writing. I loved the way both Gerard and Frank was written - how complex and multilayered they both proved to be - and what a rock Ray was. Definitely one of my favourites in this wave of BBB. (2013-09-15)
QUOTE: He is as deep in the woods as he dares go, scanning the speckled forest floor for mushrooms, when he gets a glimpse of pale flesh instead. It's just a flash, fast enough to make him think that he must have imagined it; he can't think of anyone from the village who would be out in the woods this close to dusk. And even if they were, they would be covered, wearing thick cloaks, gloves, scarves, all the charms they could muster. It was too late in the year, too much of a bite in the air to be exposing more skin than necessary.
But he keeps his eyes open, and he sees it again, slipping behind a tree. Gerard comes closer, trying to be steady and nonthreatening as the underbrush cracks below his feet, and so slowly comes around the side of the tree.
And gods, it's a *child*, a pale boy with dark hair wearing nothing but a pair of ripped and ragged trousers that barely reach midcalf, obviously long outgrown. There seem to be some strange dark marks on his torso - bruises? - and he is entirely uncharmed; Gerard can't feel any humming on him. He reaches for the chain around his own neck; in his haste, he fumbles the clasp and tugs the whole thing over his head, pulling the smooth wooden charm out from under his shirt. It's still warm from his skin, and the chain is easily large enough to put it closed over the boy's head. It isn't much, but at least it's something, to keep the boy safe until they make it back to the village.
As the charm hits the boy's chest, he visibly stiffens, and tips his head back against the tree to look up at Gerard. His eyes are black, all the way through.
He's confused, for a moment; the boy steps away from the tree and faces him. Then he changes. Gerard isn't quite able to comprehend it, though it happens before his very eyes. The boy is *growing*, shifting and changing, and what Gerard once took for bruises prove to be black symbols in his skin that spread and shift as he grows, curling over his arms and even up on the side of his throat.
He's not merely growing taller, but older, his frame filling out, his features becoming more defined, until he stands before Gerard, of a height with him and, to all appearances, of an age. Gerard's protection charm hangs around his neck, and the boy, now a man, carefully picks it up, holding it up to inspect it before he flicks his black gaze back to Gerard.
The man reaches out to him, curves his hand around Gerard's cheek. His skin is a little cool, like the chilled bite in your cheeks from being out in the wind for too long. "I won't forget this," he says. And then he turns, giving Gerard a glimpse of inky black wings that seem painted on his back, each individual feather impossibly clear. But only for a moment, for with each step he takes, he fades until he is gone. As though no one was ever there at all.
But Gerard's shirt is still rumpled from when he reached inside, and it's amazing how keenly the absence of even such a small thing can be felt. He rubs his hand against his chest and rearranges his cloak around himself. It isn't his first encounter with something dark and unnatural in the woods, but by far the strangest. And the first that hasn't shied away from him, as heavily charmed as he is. (20,860 words)
author:mwestbelle  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fairytale  activity:kidnapping  beings:faeries  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:magic  occupation:wizard/witch  occupation:ruler  relationship:UST  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  setting:forest/jungle  setting:mansion/palace  setting:other.world  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Gerard  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-08  recced:2013-09  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
september 2013 by turlough
anoceanmonster: Shadows Fall Behind
REC: Frank is a book loving recluse who rarely sees the outside of his study, but when Gerard enters his house and his life, he gets a love story all of his own. A very sweet, late Victorian AU. (2013-09-01)
QUOTE: Frank doesn't realise how late it is until his eyes start to strain in the warm glow of his desk lamp, tired and sore. He rubs at them with one hand and sets his book down with the other, now almost half way devoured. He picks at the plate of leftovers Mrs. Meredith had brought him some hours ago, flicking bread crumbs and strips of ham before leaning back in his chair and sighing heavily.
"Is there something I can get for you, Sir?"
Frank jumps and turns, twisting his neck around until it hurts. In the doorway, Gerard is peering in curiously, eyeing the endless shelves crammed with hundreds of books. He looks back to Frank and smiles, waiting for his reply.
"No, thank you," Frank says, standing to collect a few stray books before crossing to the other side of the study. He lays them down on an opposite table and scans the shelves in front for empty spaces. When he hears Gerard collecting his plate and cup from the desk, he turns quickly. "You don't have to do that," he says rather quickly, and the urgency in his voice makes Gerard freeze as though he's just done something terribly wrong. "I mean, I can take it. You must have been on your way to bed when you stopped here. It's late."
Gerard nods. "I'm aware of the time, Sir." He straightens to produce a small pocket watch from the inside of his long, slick jacket. "It's almost midnight. I was on my way to the kitchen for a glass of water, so really, Sir, it's no trouble."
Frank finds himself smiling fondly. "Donald used to say that a lot. It's no trouble."
Pressing his lips together in an unreadable expression, Gerard continues to gather up Frank's leftovers. "Yes, Sir, he did."
There's a long pause that quickly starts to make Frank feel uncomfortable. Gerard's face is still unreadable and he shows no signs of leaving except for the clutched dinnerware.
"You must miss him," Frank finds himself saying before he can stop himself. Gerard blinks, head snapping back a little as though the statement has startled him. For a moment, Frank regrets it, mentally scolding himself with his father's voice as it echoes about his head with lectures of inappropriateness. Then, Gerard's eyes soften.
"Every day," he pauses to check the desk for anymore items to take and, when he finds none, turns to nod at Frank. "Goodnight, Sir."
As Gerard gets to the doorway, Frank adds, "It's Frank."
Gerard stops and smiles, now with a lot less solemn and more amusement. "It's still going to take some convincing, Sir." (39,000 words)
author:anoceanmonster  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  beings:animals.dogs  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:char.death.minor(past)  concept:char.death.minor  concept:literature  concept:family  condition:illness  occupation:butler  relationship:UST  smut:blowjob  smut:frottage  smut:fucking  smut:handjob  setting:mansion/palace  setting:funeral  period:19th.century  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-08  recced:2013-09 
september 2013 by turlough
fleurdeliser & ohnoktcsk & tuesdaysgone: Got Lost Into the Sea
REC: Frank and Gerard ran away to the islands, and now they co-own a diving business with their friend Shaun. Grant Morrison, writer of esoteric novels about magic frequently set in the Caribbean, is a regular with them. I don't know if I can really believe in Frank and Gerard in this setting but it's still a wonderfully warm and happymaking story. I love the way they write this threesome. (2013-09-01)
QUOTE: He spots Gerard's hair first. It's an orangey-red color that makes Grant smile. He's wearing a ratty Hawaiian shirt and miniscule cutoffs and leaning back against their jeep, and Frank is there beside him as he always is. Grant adjusts the strap of his bag on his shoulder. The rest of his luggage will be unloaded in a few minutes, but for now he catches Gerard's attention with a wave.
Gerard's face lights up, and he calls, "Grant!" Grant grins back. Fuck, he'd come here just to see the two of them, never mind anything else.
"Hi Grant," Frank says when Grant gets near. They both pull him into a hug and then Frank takes Grant's bag and puts it in the car. "Let's see how long it takes George to unload the plane this time."
"No bets. He always saves my gear for last."
"Because you bring more books than clothes," Gerard says, then bites his lip. "I mean -"
"Have you made the charters clothing-optional and not informed me?" Grant teases. Gerard is adorable. Always has been.
"Shaun keeps vetoing my proposals," Frank tells him, mock-serious. "I think it would drive up sales, but he just won't listen."
"More fool him," Grant says with a grin and leans against the jeep next to Gerard. "Fuck, I missed this place."
"It's not the same without you," Gerard tells him.
Grant laughs. "Quieter, perhaps? I can't imagine you get many clients leading you on the kind of mad treasure hunts you let me subject you to."
"Well, sometimes people want to see sunken ships and stuff. So we show them everything we visited with you," Frank says.
"I see. Is there a Morrison tour? Should I be getting some sort of royalties?"
"Oh, I got your royalties," Frank snarks, then focuses on the middle distance. "I see your luggage. Be right back."
Grant chuckles, and Gerard knocks their shoulders together as they watch Frank liberate Grant's bags. "We definitely get more people out here because of your books," Gerard tells him quietly.
"Really?" he asks.
Gerard nods. "Just a couple of weeks ago we had a group of spring break kids. One of them read the acknowledgements."
Grant can't help but be delighted. "You deserve it."
"I don't know. We sort of like not being busy."
Grant gapes at him. "That is a fucking lie, Gerard Way."
"Yeah, yeah." Gerard shrugs, grinning adorably. "But more time for... other things, you know?" His eyes flick back to Frank.
Grant laughs. "The two of you."
"The two of us what?" Frank asks when he walks up with Grant's luggage.
"I'm waiting to find out," Gerard says, twirling the jeep keys around a finger.
"Christ, fine. The two of you are fucking perfect for each other," Grant laughs. "But I think you're already very aware of that fact, aren't you?"
Frank grins. "We are. And we are very aware of how lucky we are." He leans in and kisses Gerard quickly and Grant just has to smile.
"You're not grilling me on my charts yet, I'm devastated," Grant continues. (27,670 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:tuesdaysgone  author:ohnoktcsk  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:genre:AU  activity:diving  beings:ghosts  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:supernatural  occupation:small.business.owner  occupation:writer  things:short.shorts  relationship:established  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  setting:beach/lake/ocean  geography:Caribbean  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  pov:Grant.Morrison  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-08  recced:2013-09 
september 2013 by turlough
jezrana: Lead Me Home
REC: The one where Grant finds an unconscious Gerard on the edge of his country estate. When Gerard wakes up he's completely lost his memories. Their search for his identity draws them closer to each other and when they make contact with Gerard's family, including his father's ward, Frank Iero, things become even more complicated. A very sweet story. I really liked the way the slow development of their relationship was written. And as usual with jezrana's stories, the writing is lovely. (2013-09-01)
QUOTE: Grant rings, and after a few moments Sarah appears in the doorway. "Please bring a tray up for our guest," Grant instructs. "Tea and toast, and perhaps some porridge?" He glances at Gerard, who nods. "And something for me, assuming you don't mind me joining you, Gerard."
Gerard smiles again. He has a lovely smile, and Grant wants to see it as often as possible. "Not at all."
When the trays come, Gerard sets into his with a good appetite, and Grant waits for him to pursue conversation or not, as he chooses. After a few minutes Gerard slows down, takes a sip of tea, and speaks.
"You've been so kind to me I feel as though we're friends already, and then I remember how little I know about you," he says. "I may not be able to help not knowing anything about myself, but at least I can learn more about you - would you tell me about yourself?"
"I don't make for a very fascinating subject, I'm afraid," Grant tells him. "I inherited this estate from my father. I have a sister, who lives with her husband a short distance away, but I live alone."
"And what do you do when you're not bringing strangers in from the moors and nursing them back to health?" Gerard asks.
"I look after the estate. I write - mostly idle musings, some poetry. I visit my sister or friends when I fear I'm becoming too much of a hermit and travel when I need a change of scenery." Grant gives a self-deprecating smile. "As I said, not terribly fascinating."
Gerard finishes off the last of his toast, wipes his mouth, and gives Grant a speculative look. "If we were characters in a novel, you'd have some terrible secret that I'd be bound to discover now," he says, a teasing note in his voice.
"Given the way you appeared out of nowhere under quite dramatic circumstances, I'm not so certain we're not characters in a novel," Grant replies. "But I've no terrible secrets to be discovered."
Gerard looks down with a faint, crooked smile. "Well, I suppose I provide all the drama we need." He looks back up, eyes searching Grant's face. "You really have no idea where I came from? There's nothing I said or did that gave any clue?"
Grant shakes his head. "Only things that seem far too general to be useful. I know by your accent that you're English. The clothes you were wearing were of good quality, and from our conversation so far you seem well-educated. We checked your clothing for things that might help identify you - a watch, a handkerchief, anything, but there was nothing."
Gerard sighs. "'Nothing' seems to be the theme here." He sits back in his chair, leaning his head against the cushion. "I lay awake for hours last night trying to remember something, anything."
"Give yourself time," Grant advises him.
"It seems I can't do anything else, can I?" Gerard replies, a sharp note in his voice, and then he sighs again. "I'm sorry."
Grant looks at him calmly. "You don't have to apologize to me, Gerard. If you need to be angry, be angry."
"I don't want to be angry," Gerard says tiredly. "To tell the truth, I'm struggling not to be terrified. Knowing that something bad happened to me, and still not being able to recall what - I just keep turning it over and over in my mind. And you've been so kind, but you're still a stranger, more or less, and right now I'm completely dependent on your kindness. It's... unsettling."
Grant leans across the distance between them, laying his hand gently on Gerard's forearm. "I made you a promise before," he says softly. "I'll make it again now. As long as you're a guest in my house, I will do everything in my power to make sure you're safe from harm. That includes giving you my hospitality for as long as you need it. You're right that we're still strangers, but I hope I can show myself to be worthy of your trust."
Gerard looks at Grant solemnly while he speaks, then drops his gaze with a faint smile. "I hope so as well," he says softly. "I should very much like for there to be something I can trust."
Grant smiles at him, pressing Gerard's arm gently before drawing back. Gerard lets out a sigh, tilting his head back again.
"I'm sorry, it's been very good talking with you," he says, "but I am a bit tired." (33,660 words)
author:jezrana  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  activity:kidnapping  activity:rescue  beings:aristocrats  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:polyamory  condition:amnesia  condition:injury  things:memories  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  smut:threesome  setting:mansion/palace  geography:UK:Scotland  period:19th.century  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Grant.Morrison  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-08  recced:2013-09 
september 2013 by turlough
anonymous: Late Bloomer
REC: The one where Gerard, fresh out of high school and still closeted even to himself, meets Frank the hot punk kid at the big family wedding. A reallly nice story with a great teenaged!Gerard characterisation. He felt very real with his awkwardness and hangups and intense need to always be creating. And his and Frank's mutual smitten-ness is totally adorable. (2013-08-25)
QUOTE: "You wanna read it?" Frank asks Mikey, holding out the comic; Gerard leaves them to it, running an absent hand through his hair - so what if he has to wipe it on his jeans after - and pulling out his markers to add some color to the werewolf wedding drawing. The concept is kind of growing on him; he changes a couple of lines, adding emphasis to others, to turn the priest into a slayer with a silver cross extended as the guests cower back from the monster breaking out of the groom's suit.
There's a sequence forming in his head, the full moon rising over the window sill, the priest tugging the terrified bride behind him as he lifts a shotgun from the altar - Gerard flips a page, frantically sketching out panels - the werewolf howls to the sky as the wedding guests overturn their chairs and run for the door... no, wait. Fakeout; the guests overturn their chairs so it *looks* like they're running, and then the angle cuts to the bride, who's growing fangs and fur behind the priest's oblivious back. End with the big double doors and sounds of slaughter. Maybe blood seeping underneath... Gerard finished scribbling down the outline and flips back a couple of pages, contemplating. Undead Abe versus the Werewolf Wedding Party *would* be really fucking cool to draw...
"Whoa." Frank's voice - impressed voice, some stupid part of Gerard's brain insists on noticing - is really close, and Gerard starts so badly that he almost topples off the edge of the bed. "Shit." Frank grabs his shoulder, holding him upright as Gerard blinks at him, trying to recover the power of speech. "Sorry, dude. Are those *zombies*?"
"…Yeah." Gerard closes his sketchpad and stuffs it back into his bag, pulling - *totally* smoothly - away from Frank's grip on his shoulder in the process. Mikey is making eyebrow faces at him, because he's Mikey, but Frank doesn't seem to notice anything off so Gerard ignores him.
"*Awesome*." Frank even sound like he means it; Gerard shrugs uncomfortably, opening his mouth to say something - he doesn't even know what, the awkwardness is just poking at him, sharp-edged. He's preempted, thankfully, by a loud knock on the door, and then it's all hurrying to get shoes on while his mom waits impatiently, tapping her foot. (24,850 words)
author:anonymous  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  activity:coming.out  beings:teenagers  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:art  occupation:student.high.school  occupation:student.college  relationship:UST  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  setting:wedding  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Gerard  challenge:2012.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2012-09  recced:2013-08 
august 2013 by turlough
ellen_fremedon: Twenty-Year Man
REC: Lord Ivan Vorpatril and Byerly Vorrutyer, making Vorbarr Sultana safe for (highly limited experiments in) democracy. I haven't read the books (the few things I know about them I learned from AJ Hall's Harry Potter crossover 'Time Shall Not Mend' - part of the Pendleverse) but back in November 2011 someone somewhere recced this in a way that made it sound interesting. And since I was bored at the time I decided to take a look and it *was* interesting. And charming and sweet, with engaging characters and great dialogue. It's hasn't converted me to the fandom in any way, but it has definitely made me look closer at any Ivan/Byerly stories that I come across. (2012-01-07)
QUOTE: Detailed as By's account had been, Ivan thought it was still the abridged version; his eyes were dark-circled, and he had a twitch in one eyelid, like he'd swapped out sleep for coffee one morning too many.
Or, no, not just the one morning. "By, how long can you keep this up?" Ivan asked. "This - this life." He gestured vaguely at the suit and the gloves and the haggard face.
Byerly smiled, the little self-deprecating one that Ivan didn't know how to read. "How long can you keep up yours?" He did sit down then, crossing his feet at the ankles and letting his head fall heavily back. "You've been a Service clown longer than I've been an informer - you must be a twenty-year man by now."
"Depends how you figure it," Ivan said. "For the full officer's pension, they count years in the commission, not in the uniform."
"Oh, my mistake. So you hit your Twenty, Observed, in what, a year?"
"Six months." He hadn't meant it to sound quite so grim.
"And then what?" By wanted to know. "Will they keep you on?"
"They're hardly going to ask me for my resignation. Nepotism still counts for something in the service."
"No," By agreed. "They'll just observe - as an observation - how nice it is to have so many talented young people seeking to enter the profession, and what a pity it is they can't find suitable places for all of them."
Ivan stared. "Dear god. My mother didn't say *that* to you, did she?"
"I don't know why you persist in this delusion that I have anything but a slight social acquaintance with Lady Alys," Byerly demurred.
"I'm so sorry," said Ivan wholeheartedly.
"Don't be. It's true. I'm getting too old to keep chasing around with young hotheads, and I've established exactly the wrong reputation for the old hotheads, the ones who turn respectable and dangerous in middle age, to want me around." He eyed Ivan narrowly. "You, on the other hand -"
"Not a chance," Ivan said. "I don't sell my friends out for money."
"I don't *just* sell them out for the money," By snapped.
"No, you don't. Sorry." Ivan snorted. "You've been of more service to the Imperium than I have." By frowned, and Ivan added, "Don't give me credit for the stunts my cousin's pulled me into."
"Since you insist on it so strenuously, I won't," he agreed. "So, what will you do, Ivan? Fill out your twice-twenty-years fetching coffee? I ask merely for information," he said, when Ivan didn't answer.
"I don't know," Ivan said. "I *like* my job. I just - I don't know how I'll like it in five years, when the people who sign my reports start to get younger than me."
author:ellen_fremedon  fandom:Vorkosigan.Saga  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  activity:drinking  activity:drug.use  concept:politics  condition:PTSD  occupation:military  occupation:spy/secret.agent  occupation:politician  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  smut:blowjob  setting:mansion/palace  setting:office  pairing:Byerly.Vorrutyer/Ivan.Vorpatril(primary)  pov:Ivan.Vorpatril  challenge:2011.Kink.Bingo  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2011-07  recced:2012-01 
august 2013 by turlough
shusu: The River Sanzu Overflows
REC: A futurefic where Will and Bran have become young men and so have the Troopers. Will Stanton is on vacation in Japan when he is once again drawn into the world of magic and power, struggling for his very existence against an unknown foe with the help of old and new friends. The atmosphere and writing of this story is strongly reminiscent of the Dark Is Rising books. It has the same lyrical and thoughtful atmosphere and the countryside and its myths and legends has the same importance to the plot. This strong connection between particular places, myths and legends, and the plotline is also one of the major components of YST and in this story Shusu manages to merge these two very different canons into a cohesive whole. One where Eastern and Western magic and myth meet and enrich each other. It's an absolutely wonderful story and has been a favourite of mine for years. (2013-06-20)
QUOTE: The cherry blossoms flickered down like raindrops in the sun. Will Stanton moved through the park, watching the families and couples conversing under the strange shower. The atmosphere was peaceful despite the continuous throb of traffic and the occasional blast of music.
Will had become a traveler of many years, mostly on his eldest brother Stephen’s encouragement. Once or twice annually he took a week’s holiday to another place in the world. Sometimes the only notice his family received was a postcard from an exotic destination, at times arriving when Will had already settled back into his stuffy office. Partly it was to break the routine. Partly it was to sate the ache of loneliness in his heart.
The youngest and the last. Had they really all gone away? He had come to know so few in the Circle, scattered throughout the world as they were. This was when the Dark was rising. Then the Dark was driven back, and they had all departed, all but Will himself. A futile hope, but it drove him. It was the human part which sometimes recoiled from the wisdom he was privy to.
He sighed. Everywhere in Kyoto there were whispers of Old Magic, yet no one met his eye and knew him. It filled him with a longing so fierce that he wondered why he continued to chase the feeling.
Will came to a stop. A gnarled stone dragon peered at him fiercely. A stream of people separated it from its twin on the other side of the stairs. These two had stood parallel like this for hundreds of years, guardians of the temple beyond, facing the same way but never meeting. Will felt a pang. He remembered a postcard sitting on his desk. 'The sky’s not the same elsewhere, bachgen. Perhaps on a lark, someday. The hills have grown on me, isn’t that funny?'
Slowly he climbed the stone steps. A girl in long robes cleaned the stone lanterns as the sparse crowd moved in and out of the main building and the small temple shops. Glistening with rainwater, flared eaves sheltered wooden murals of fantastic beasts. Trees both ornamental and wild drew the eye skyward, enclosing the square. The air was thick with incense, soft hand claps, and murmured prayers like waves on a calm sea. He stopped before a tree laden with paper prayer strips. They were like the cherry blossoms, ready to fall.
Suddenly he was jostled from behind. Startled, he almost lost his balance on the slick stones, but a strong hand caught his arm and righted him. "Suman-" began the boy. No, he was a man, only a little younger than Will. He had the deepest blue hair he’d ever seen. The unruly mop managed to stand out in a crowd with some dyed blonds and reds and greens. "Ah. Sorry?" He tried in English.
Will shook his head. "No, it’s all right." They were both looking hard at each other, he realized. His heart rose: he sensed something beyond the affable expression and worn denim jacket. Yet it wasn’t quite right. This wasn’t what he was looking for. Of course not, how could it be?
The other blinked first. He held out a strip of paper. "Here. Do you have a wish?"
"To find someone," Will blurted, then wondered why he’d said it. The Old One in him continued to stir, inexplicably. (c. 35,000 words)
author:shusu  fandom:Dark.Is.Rising  fandom:Yoroiden.Samurai.Troopers  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:action/adventure  fic:genre:crossover  fic:source:book  fic:source:anime  activity:sightseeing  activity:rescue  beings:ghosts  concept:esp:telepathy  concept:magic  concept:quest  concept:supernatural  things:dreams  things:memories  things:mirrors  setting:on.vacation  geography:Asia:Japan  pairing:Bran.Davies/Will.Stanton(primary)  pov:Will.Stanton  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2004  recced:2013-06  time:future  pairing:Hashiba.Touma/Anubis(secondary)  trooper:Hashiba.Touma  trooper:Sanada.Ryo  trooper:Date.Seiji  masho:Anubis  trooper:Muori.Shin  trooper:Xiu.Lei.Huang 
august 2013 by turlough
onceuponamoon: Companion
REC: Frank works in the office at a caregiving company and Gerard is one of their new caregivers. A nice little story, nothing special but a good way to while away a couple of evenings. I liked the slow pace of their relationship development. (2013-07-28)
QUOTE: He shuffles his papers over his keyboard, scanning it for the next question, watching Gerard scoot back farther into the chair out of his periphery. "Alright, how about you tell me some qualities about yourself that you're proud of?"
Biting at his lower lip, Gerard almost... deflates. "Well," he says, shrugging a little bit. "I'm creative? And I'm pretty patient. I mean, you have to be, with art - and the elderly. Gramma's been very clear about me not rushing her anywhere for anything."
Around a sympathetic chuckle, Frank asks, "Anything else?"
"Um." Gerard shakes his head. "None that I can think of right now."
"That's okay. What about things you'd like to improve on?" Frank unfolds his hands, leans back a bit in his chair. He's already fucking antsy, jonesing for a cigarette and to get up and fucking *move around*, jesus. Desk jobs suck.
A bitter laugh starts Frank back into focus.
"A load of things. My communication skills, for one. Mikey's always saying I'm completely socially inept, which I definitely think is true -"
"Oh, please," Frank says, half-grinning as he waves a hand, "I think you're doing just fine."
Ducking his head, Gerard blushes and goes quiet.
The rest of the interview goes well, surprisingly enough. Aside from the shatteringly low self-esteem, this Gerard guy is actually really interesting. He keeps the conversation going relatively well, he doesn't use any flag-phrases, and he seems incredibly sincere about everything. Sure, he doesn't have a world (hardly any, if Frank's being real with himself) of experience, but at least he's honest. And that's all Frank's ever asked for.
Standing, Frank shakes Gerard's hand and - damned if he doesn't admit it - watches him go. This time, when he fills out the subsequent paperwork, Frank has a smile on his face as he remembers each answer. (34,290 words)
author:onceuponamoon  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  concept:ordinary.lives  condition:illness  occupation:office.worker  occupation:caretaker  occupation:artist/designer  things:comics  relationship:UST  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  setting:office  setting:bar/club  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  challenge:2013.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-06  recced:2013-07 
july 2013 by turlough

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pairing:bob/ray(secondary)  pairing:bob/spencer(primary)  pairing:bran.davies/will.stanton(primary)  pairing:brendon/jon/ryan(secondary)  pairing:brendon/ryan/spencer(secondary)  pairing:brendon/ryan(primary)  pairing:brendon/ryan(secondary)  pairing:brendon/spencer(secondary)  pairing:brian/frank(secondary)  pairing:brian/gerard(secondary)  pairing:brian/mikey(primary)  pairing:byerly.vorrutyer/ivan.vorpatril(primary)  pairing:dan/jepha(secondary)  pairing:frank/gerard/grant.morrison(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard/mikey(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard(secondary)  pairing:frank/jamia(secondary)  pairing:frank/mikey/pete(secondary)  pairing:frank/mikey(primary)  pairing:frank/mikey(secondary)  pairing:frank/oc(past)  pairing:frank/oc(secondary)  pairing:frank/william(past)  pairing:g3rard/party.poison(primary)  pairing:gabe/mikey(primary)  pairing:gerard/grant.morrison(primary)  pairing:gerard/lindsey(past)  pairing:gerard/lindsey(secondary)  pairing:gerard/mikey(primary)  pairing:gerard/oc(past)  pairing:gerard/oc(secondary)  pairing:gerard/party.poison(primary)  pairing:gerard/patrick(primary)  pairing:gerard/ray(primary)  pairing:gerard/ray(secondary)  pairing:gerard/ryan(primary)  pairing:gerard/spencer(secondary)  pairing:gsf:my.chemical.romance(primary)  pairing:hashiba.touma/anubis(secondary)  pairing:jamia/mike.p(secondary)  pairing:jon/ryan(secondary)  pairing:jon/spencer(primary)  pairing:jon/spencer(secondary)  pairing:lindsey/alicia(secondary)  pairing:lindsey/jamia(secondary)  pairing:mikey/alicia(secondary)  pairing:mikey/oc(secondary)  pairing:mikey/pete(past)  pairing:mikey/pete(primary)  pairing:mikey/pete(secondary)  pairing:mikey/ray(primary)  pairing:mikey/ray(secondary)  pairing:mikey/ryan(primary)  pairing:mikey/ryan(secondary)  pairing:mikey/spencer(primary)  pairing:patrick/nick.carter(primary)  pairing:patrick/pete/ashlee(secondary)  pairing:patrick/pete(primary)  pairing:patrick/pete(secondary)  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setting:plane  setting:pre.school  setting:prison  setting:prom  setting:recording.studio  setting:road.trip  setting:roller.derby.rink  setting:shop  setting:spaceship/spacestation  setting:train  setting:wedding  smut:blowjob  smut:bondage  smut:bunk.sex  smut:finger.fucking  smut:frottage  smut:fucking  smut:gag  smut:groupsex  smut:hairpulling  smut:handjob  smut:het.sex  smut:lesbian.sex  smut:masturbation  smut:phone.sex  smut:porn  smut:public.sex  smut:rimming  smut:shower.sex  smut:threesome  smut:voyeurism  smut:wall.sex  things:comics  things:dreams  things:gerard's.platinum.hair  things:gerard's.red.hair  things:memories  things:mirrors  things:short.shorts  things:storm  things:tardis  things:tattoos  things:trans.am  things:wings  time:early.days  time:future  time:post-band  time:pre-band  time:the.hiatus  tour:2004.warped  tour:2005.first.headlining  tour:2005.warped  tour:2006-2007.black.parade  tour:2007-2008.black.parade  tour:2007.project.revolution  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