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Finger of Destiny - kennagirl
Thor's not just her friend's boyfriend, he's Darcy's friend too. So when she heads to New York to look at graduate school, he's ready and willing to open his guest room in the Tower to her. What she wasn't counting on was running coffee-first into a guy she last saw in a dark bar in New Mexico.
'fanfic  -avengers  :2k-10k  @kennagirl  $het  +clint/darcy 
february 2014 by sophia_sol
no tragic backstory - twistedingenue
Darcy doesn't have a tragic backstory. Kate thinks it's about time that someone in Clint's apartment doesn't have one.
'fanfic  -avengers  *kate  :500-2k  @twistedingenue  $het  +clint/darcy 
may 2013 by sophia_sol
i may have a bit of a bias - kellifer_fic
Having an Iron Man and Captain America plush duo on your desk that you can place into compromising positions is a totally valid way to amuse yourself.
'fanfic  "fibrearts  -avengers  *ensemble  :2k-10k  @kellifer_fic  $het  +clint/darcy 
october 2012 by sophia_sol
The Law of Conservation of Pants - samalander
Or, Five Things Darcy Lewis Thought She Knew Before She Met the Avengers (And One Thing That Will Always Be True)

In which Darcy is put in charge of Social Media relations for the Avengers and finds that 5/6th of them challenge the things she thought she believed.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  "fivethings  -avengers  *tonystark  *natasha  *steve  *bruce  *thor  :2k-10k  @samalander  $het  +clint/darcy 
september 2012 by sophia_sol
and the horse it rode in on - kellifer_fic
So apparently fate's against them. Well, screw fate
in which they continue to fail at being able to go on a first date
'fanfic  -avengers  :500-2k  @kellifer_fic  $het  +clint/darcy 
august 2012 by sophia_sol
Lab Rats - thingswithwings
Darcy is still pretty fuzzy on how this all happened, but at some point when she wasn't paying attention she and Clint became the official SHIELD lab rats.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -avengers  :2k-10k  @thingswithwings  $het  +clint/darcy 
august 2012 by sophia_sol
Anchor Point - ladycat
Clint is approximately ten feet in the air, held up only by those ropes. The only reason his wrists aren't popping out of their socket is he's holding himself up against those ropes. See again the concept of rough, simple hemp framing the sort of flexed, bulging muscles that belong on magazines. The kinds where no one's face is ever seen, all body shots of-

Well, the only word Darcy can come up with is unf.
'fanfic  -avengers  *natasha  @ladycat  :2k-10k  $het  +clint/darcy 
june 2012 by sophia_sol
Frankie Says Relax, by kellifer_fic
In which Darcy works at a diner to pay the bills because she's only an unpaid intern at SHIELD, so Steve hires her as something of a personal assistant
'fanfic  "foodservices  "assistant  -avengers  *team  @kellifer_fic  :2k-10k  $het  +clint/darcy 
may 2012 by sophia_sol
Alternative Costume Designs, by blackeyedgirl
"This is the part she didn’t anticipate, when she got in with the SHIELD crowd. Sometimes it’s all explosions and weapons training and international incidents. And sometimes your sort-of sometimes boyfriend goes out to a team party with you and dances to Lady Gaga with his temporary curves brushing against the swing of your tie. "
'fanfic  "crossdressing  -avengers  @blackeyedgirl  :500-2k  $het  +clint/darcy 
april 2012 by sophia_sol
you need a rock not a rolling stone, by topaz
"The first time Darcy gets kidnapped by a mad scientist, it is not her fault." (I like how Darcy is very definitely a human thrown in the deep end, and does get freaked out and isn't perfect and so forth but is still completely awesome)
'fanfic  -avengers  @topaz  :30k-40k  $het  +clint/darcy  ^excellent 
march 2012 by sophia_sol
You Might Need it Someday, by seren_ccd
"It all started because Clint’s a whistler and Darcy has always liked 80s music. Lunch ensued."
'fanfic  ^adorbs  "music  -avengers  @seren_ccd  :10k-20k  $het  +clint/darcy 
march 2012 by sophia_sol
the best of life is but intoxication, by kellifer_fic
"Where Steve and Darcy are platonic BFFs and Tony and Clint just aren't buying it."
'fanfic  "friendship  -avengers  @kellifer_fic  :2k-10k  $het  $dudeslash  +clint/darcy  +steve/tony  ^excellent 
march 2012 by sophia_sol
Never More to Go Astray, by gollumgollum
"Mostly, it starts because some guy plays Darcy's favorite song on the jukebox at Izzy's Diner. In which Darcy Lewis meets Clint Barton, who neglects to mention that he's one of the jackbooted SHIELD thugs that have so recently invaded her life, but at least has the good taste to agree that Styx is the best band ever."
'fanfic  -avengers  @gollumgollum  :2k-10k  $het  +clint/darcy  ^excellent 
february 2012 by sophia_sol
Even a Miracle Needs a Hand, by musesfool
"When Darcy takes Clint home for the holidays as her fake boyfriend, he charms his way into the family, and into her (pants) heart." (with zero angst!)
'fanfic  ^adorbs  "christmas  -avengers  @musesfool  :10k-20k  $het  "pretendrelationship  +clint/darcy 
december 2011 by sophia_sol
Just Temporary, Ma'am, by sutlers
"In which Darcy procures a fake boyfriend in order to get Jane off her tits about this "Darcy doesn't have any friends" thing. Which is ridiculous, Darcy has over 300 friends."
'fanfic  -thor  @sutlers  :2k-10k  $het  "pretendrelationship  +clint/darcy 
july 2011 by sophia_sol

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