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Microsoft Puts Slack On Internal List of 'Prohibited and Discouraged' Software
"At a company meeting during his tenure as CEO, Steve Ballmer once famously snatched an iPhone from an employee and pretended to stomp on it..."
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3 days ago by jonippolito
Sorry, Keto Fans, You’re Probably Not in Ketosis - Popular Science - Pocket
“Keto is not easy to maintain, it’s not a palatable diet,” says Andrea Giancoli, a dietician and nutrition consultant in California. Getting 80-90 percent of your calories from fat—which is what’s generally required for keto—is actually difficult. It involves eating a lot of rich, heavy foods with little variety—think fatty meats and gravy on cauliflower. You’re only allowed 10 to 15 grams of carbohydrates per day, and though many dieters stretch that to more like 20 or 30 grams that’s still only about one banana. A single apple could also get you past that limit depending on its size (though the fiber in an apple means that many dieters don't count those carbs towards their daily limit) and a couple slices of bread likely fulfill the requirement as well.

But the real problem isn’t going over your carb limit—it’s the protein. A therapeutic keto diet limits your protein intake “If you’re eating a lot of protein, you’re breaking that down into carbs,” Giancoli explains. Your body is in desperation mode on keto, she says, and without a reasonable supply of carbohydrates coming from grains and fruits, you’ll start breaking down the amino acids in proteins to make glucose. Glucose, though it sounds like a scary sugar, is your body’s primary source of fuel. Too much isn’t good for you, but you need some just to allow your cells to function normally.

The point of keto is to force your body to deplete its glucose (and the stored form, glycogen) so it will have to use body fat as a fuel source. It’s capable of making ketone bodies from your fat, which can replace glucose as an energy-storing molecule if necessary. To do that, you have to break apart fat molecules thus ‘burning’ the fat off. But here’s the thing: your body really really doesn’t want to run out of glucose. No glucose means starvation as far as it’s concerned—even if you're not feeling hungry, your body is still missing one of its key macronutrients. And when you’re (nutritionally) starving, your body will start to break down protein just to get those sweet, sweet carbs. Of course, you have a source of protein in your body already: your own muscles.
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27 days ago by jonippolito
Governing board at University of Mississippi debates professor's tweets
James M. Thomas, the sociologist, was ultimately granted tenure -- with dissent, the board said in an announcement. The public notice didn’t refer to Thomas by name but made clear it was him in citing “recent concerns regarding certain statements by the professor on social media.”

In October, during the national debate over U.S. Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Thomas caught flak from Mississippi’s then president, Jeffrey Vitter, for tweeting, “Don’t just interrupt a senator’s meal, y’all.” At the time, several GOP figures -- including Texas senator Ted Cruz and White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders -- had been disrupted by public critics at restaurants, prompting discussions about whether that's acceptable.

James M. ThomasPut “your whole damn fingers in their salads,” Thomas said. “Take their apps and distribute them to the other diners. Bring boxes, and take their food home with you on the way out. They don’t deserve your civility.”

Vitter soon appeared to criticize Thomas on his own Facebook page, writing that an unnamed professor’s social media post “did not reflect the values articulated by the university, such as respect for the dignity of each individual and civility and fairness.”

While “I passionately support free speech,” Vitter said, “I condemn statements that encourage acts of aggression.”
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28 days ago by jonippolito
[Review of Christiane Paul VR show] New York - No.3 Magazine - Art - Design - Fashion - Lifestyle - Interviews - Travel - Events
Created a rather interactive psychedelic trip and in his words, to decipher and to manifest the techno-spiritual and cyber-pagan experience, Matias Brunacci guided the viewers through the wonder (or terror) land of chaotic neutral. Like most of the indigenous gods, the mysterious force stands for the universal dualism that embraces both good and evil, indicating both creation and destruction. Scott Benesiinaabandan, on the other hand, speaks for a more specific group. Planting the narratives and the language of the Anishinaabe peoples in a futuristic setting, it looks more like a poetic elegy rather than the actual preservation of an endangered culture.

By the end of my trip to these reality-based post-apocalyptic virtual lands, I didn’t know how to feel. Some sort of new exoticism or a genuine tribute to the deterritorialized cultures, or maybe both. The exhibition takes a more neutral but no weaker position demonstrating the post-colonial conditions of different civilizations and their people, as well situating the influences of colonialism back in a Western context, aka the city that we inhabit in. However, the bidirectional influences between different sociological and geographical territories are more of an organic development rather than a misappropriation. As Kwame Anthony Appiah stated: “Cultures are made of continuities and changes, and the identity of a society can survive through these changes. Societies without change aren't authentic; they're just dead.”
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10 weeks ago by jonippolito
Arts | Free Full-Text | The Machine as Artist as Myth | HTML
While the “myth of the artist” is a common and well-rehearsed trope of art theoretical writing, even in more specialised discourses, the notion of the “machine” tends to be used affirmatively and quite uncritically. However, we can observe that the “machine” of, roughly speaking, the 20th century (and hence also the machine of “machine art”) is based on a conception of technology in which technics is pitched against the human; the notion of the machine signifies this antagonistic construction, and the various usages of the term “machine” articulate and reaffirm this structure.
What I want to argue here is that, on the level of human communication and of culture, the machine operates as a myth—“myth” not understood in the polemical sense of an untrue story, but rather in the functional sense of the term.5 Very generally speaking, a myth is a form of narrative that is engrained in a culture. A myth is collectively held, and repeated and affirmed, and it is powerful. Until the 1960s, the notion of myth was generally reserved for the belief systems of ancient and of non-Western cultures, whereas since the ideological critiques of semiotics and structuralism in the 1960s, and not least through the analyses of popular cultural items offered by Roland Barthes in Mythologies, the belief systems of Western modernity have been shown to also be based on such mythological narratives
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11 weeks ago by jonippolito
Arts | Free Full-Text | Art, Creativity, and the Potential of Artificial Intelligence | HTML
First, the lack of referent in the natural world and the resulting freedom and range to create or not create any object as a result of the artistic inspiration aligns AI and all computational methods with conceptual art. Like with photography, the comparison with conceptual art has frequently been made for AI and computational methods in general. In conceptual art, the act of the creation of the art work is located in the mind of the artist, and its instantiation in any material form(s) in the world is, as Sol Lewitt (Lewitt 1967) famously declared, “a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.” Thus, the making of an art object becomes simply optional. And although contemporary artists in the main have not stopped making objects, the principle that object making is optional and variable in relation to the art concept still remains. We believe this is at the heart of the usefulness of the comparison with conceptual art: The idea or concept is untethered from nature, being primarily located in the synapses of the brain and secondly disassociated from the dictates of the material world. Most AI systems use some form of a neural network, which is modeled on the neural complexity of the human brain. Therefore, AI and conceptual art coincide in locating the art act in the system network of the brain, rather than in the physical output. The physical act of an artist, either applying paint or carving marble, becomes optional. This removes the necessity of a human body (the artist) to make things and allows us to imagine that there could be more than one kind of artist, including other than human.
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11 weeks ago by jonippolito
Credential Engine seeks to create a database of public information on all credentials
An algorithmic future is part of the plan for Credential Engine.

The nonprofit is working to create an open applications marketplace, which will allow outside organizations to build customized web apps to use the registry’s data. For example, a technology company could create a searchable database about credentials for prospective college students. Or employers could create applications to tap registry information for their HR systems, to better understand the skills and competencies job applicants should have based on their credentials.

Many industries provide easily searchable information about what they sell, with airline fare aggregators being a commonly cited example of Web 3.0 commerce. Backers of Credential Engine hope the registry can bring a Kayak-style approach to data on postsecondary education and job training.

Cheney said the goal is to enable people to "search and compare credentials just like you would SUVs."
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11 weeks ago by jonippolito
The Chinese Segway Division Seemed Unstoppable... Until Criminals Started Using Staircases | WIRED
While drilling for the Olympics, Chinese police in Jinan, the capital of the Shandong Province, seem to have forgotten to check their copyright law. Still, at least the knock-off Segways they're riding look a little less wussy than the real thing.

We have one question, though: Despite being so small as to look like pea-shooters, those automatic guns presumably still have a big kick. Are these cops just going to tumble over backwards, or is the Segway (fake or not) able to handle the recoil?
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12 weeks ago by jonippolito
App Download and Usage Statistics (2018) - Business of Apps
It comes as no surprise that this year Facebook app demonstrates the highest level of penetration among 18+ years old and older with a whopping 81%, with YouTube comes second with 71% and Facebook Messenger third with 68%. It’s interesting to note that among Top 10 most popular apps 3 apps – Facebook, FB Messenger and Instagram owned by Facebook and 5 apps – YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Play and Gmail owned by Google. Two giants essentially own the chart and Snapchat and Pandora are the only exceptions from this duopoly.
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12 weeks ago by jonippolito
What's The Correct Way to Pronounce 'GIF'?
The creator of the GIF image format, Steve Wilhite of CompuServe, when deciding on the pronunciation, said he deliberately chose to echo the American peanut butter brand, Jif, and CompuServe employees would often say 'Choosy developers choose GIF(jif)', playing off of Jif's television commercials. If you hear anyone pronounce GIF with a soft G, it's because they know something of this history." Wilhite attempted to settled the controversy in 2013 when accepting a lifetime achievement award at the 17th annual Webby awards. Using an actual animated .gif for his five-word acceptance speech, he authoritatively announced his preferred pronounciation. However, the chief editor of the Oxford English Dictionary argues that "A coiner effectively loses control of a word once it's out there," adding that "the pronunciation with a hard g is now very widespread and readily understood." One linguist addressed the topic on Twitter this week, noting studies that found past usage of "gi" in words has been almost evenly split between hard and soft g sounds
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12 weeks ago by jonippolito
Does React native use a transpiler? - Quora
The code you write in JavaScript runs in a JavaScript thread on the device (the environment is called JavaScriptCore). You can even debug, it's still JavaScript. Unlike other frameworks, React Native does not cross-compile the code to another (native) language.

However, during build, there is a small transformation step using Babel which allows you to use modern not-yet-standardized JavaScript features in present-day JavaScript environments.
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12 weeks ago by jonippolito
Expo vs React Native CLI: A Guide to Bootstrapping New React Native Apps
As a rule of thumb, if the documentation for a third party package states that you need to run the command react-native link as part of the setup process, then this package can only be used with a pure React Native app.
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february 2019 by jonippolito
Jump start React Native with Expo | Creative Bloq
Now you have a basic app set up and running, let’s add the ability to send and receive notifications. This would normally require Objective-C and Java, integrating a third-party service to send the notifications and you would also need to set up certificates for iOS and create keys for Android.

First, you need to import permissions and Notifications from Expo and create a new function in the app class:

import { Permissions, Notifications } from ‘expo’;
export default class App extends React.Component {
async registerForPushNotifications() {

Here you use the async keyword to make use of the ES2017 async/await feature – React Native has Babel working under the hood so you can leverage all the new JavaScript goodness. Now, let’s ask for notification permissions and retrieve the Expo push token – to identify the device – so that Expo knows where to send push notifications:

async registerForPushNotifications() {
const result = await Permissions.askAsync(Permissions.REMOTE_NOTIFICATIONS);
if (result.status !== ‘granted’) {
const token = await Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync();
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february 2019 by jonippolito
Goodbye Redux – Hacker Noon
by only asking for the data you need, you suddenly don’t need to make as many server requests which means that you don’t need to write as much code to handle those server requests. As such, you end up saving a tonne of time on the code you don’t have to implement.

🤷‍ But how does this replace Redux?

Another great question, thanks for asking. Simply put, it doesn’t. However, what it does do is encourage you to not store all your information in the single object that Redux gives you. This is because each query is custom designed to only get data for one part of the app — not the whole thing. It would be an anti-pattern (and is simply not logical) to store information, specific to a single part of the app, in an app-wide data source.

By using GraphQL, you remove your dependence on Redux and thereby remove a tonne of unnecessary code.

Something to also note is; Redux and GraphQL can co-exist in an application.
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february 2019 by jonippolito
Downloading a List of URLs Automatically · A Beautiful Site
Curl comes installed on every Mac and just about every Linux distro, so it was my first choice for this task. Turns out it's pretty easy.

Create a new file called files.txt and paste the URLs one per line. Then run the following command.

xargs -n 1 curl -O < files.txt

Curl will download each and every file into the current directory.

[Doesn't work for dynamically generated PDFs or if password is required.]
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february 2019 by jonippolito
What is the main difference between echo and cat in Linux shell? - Quora
You must’ve asked this question after wondering why cat something.txt displays the file on the terminal when it’s meant for concatenating files. It is indeed concatenating even while displaying it on the terminal. It concatenates “something.txt” with a default cli argument that is “stdout” which is the standard output in unix like systems which generally is the display terminal where you’re typing your commands.

It is a tool to take a sequence of input files and concatenate them into an output and without specifying the output, by default, it is the standard output or your terminal display.

Meanwhile, echo something.txt will simply print “something.txt” on the stdout (terminal in general case) which is the filename and not the actual content of the files.
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february 2019 by jonippolito
A Complete Guide to Flexbox | CSS-Tricks
This complete guide explains everything about flexbox, focusing on all the different possible properties for the parent element (the flex container) and the child elements (the flex items). It also includes history, demos, patterns, and a browser support chart.
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february 2019 by jonippolito
It’s time to pay serious attention to TikTok | TechCrunch
While Vine may have introduced the concept of short-form video, TikTok made video editing incredibly simple. You don’t need to be a video expert to put together clips with a range of effects. It’s the Instagram for the mobile video age — in a way that Instagram itself won’t be able to reproduce, having already aligned its community with influencers and advertisers.

TikTok’s sizable user base, meanwhile, is due not only to its growth in Western markets, but because of its traction in emerging markets like China and India.

This allowed TikTok to rank No. 4 worldwide across iOS and Android, combined, according to App Annie’s data on the most-downloaded apps of 2018. On iOS, TikTok was the No. 1 most-downloaded app of the year, mainly thanks to China.

At times last year, TikTok even ranked higher than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.
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february 2019 by jonippolito

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