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Gigaom (@gigaom) | Twitter
GigaomVerified account @gigaom Gigaom is the leading global voice on emerging technologies. We humanize technology and provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends. Austin, TX gigaom.com Joined March 2007
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How Delivery Apps Like Seamless and Uber Eats May Put Your Favorite Restaurant Out of Business The New Yorker 20180203
How Delivery Apps May Put Your Favorite Restaurant Out of Business By Elizabeth DunnFebruary 3, 2018 As delivery-service apps capture a growing percentage of food sales, they may be hurting restaurants’ bottom lines.Photograph Courtesy Uber When Michelle Gauthier opened Mulberry & Vine, in 2013, so-called fine-casual restaurant chains like Sweetgreen and Dig Inn had not yet blanketed New York City in grain bowls and kale-Caesar salads. Gauthier, who lives in Tribeca, wished that there were somewhere other than the salad bar at Whole Foods to rely on for a quick, healthy meal. She opened Mulberry & Vine’s first location in her neighborhood, followed by two additional branches farther uptown. On a recent day in January, the Tribeca outpost was crowded with young women, and a few men, drinking coconut-infused waters and eating bowls of organic romaine lettuce topped with items like turmeric-lemon cauliflower, charred avocado, and roasted salmon. Brown-paper bags sat in rows next to the cash register, awaiting couriers for delivery. Mulberry & Vine meals are ubiquitous inside the corridors of Goldman Sachs, located a few blocks away; its entrées have appeared on lists of popular orders from Uber Eats, the food-delivery wing of the ride-hailing giant. When the restaurant first opened, it didn’t offer delivery at all. Now delivery orders account for around thirty per cent of its sales.
+UberEats  #delivery  #tech  #analytics  #casestudy 
17 days ago by phil_hendrix
Uber’s Bundles Stratechery Ben Thompson 20180828
Uber’s Bundles Posted onTuesday, August 28, 2018 With Uber, nothing is easy. Start with profitability, or the lack thereof: two weeks ago the company reported its quarterly “earnings”, and once again the losses were massive: $891 million on $2.8 billion in revenue. Clearly the business is failing, no? Well, like I said, it’s not that easy: unlike a company like MoviePass, Uber has positive unit economics — that is, the company makes money on each ride. This is clear intuitively: Uber keeps somewhere between 20%–30% of each fare, from which it pays insurance costs, credit card fees, etc., and keeps the rest. According to last quarter’s numbers “the rest” totaled $1.5 billion, for a gross profit margin of 55% (13% of Uber’s total bookings). Moreover, margin is improving — it was 47% a year ago — mostly because Uber is managing to both take a higher percentage of fares even as it has reduced its spending on promotions and driver incentives (Cost of Revenue, meanwhile, appears to correspond very closely to gross bookings).
#tech  #analytics  #casestudy  +Uber  +UberEats  @Stratechery  #A+ 
17 days ago by phil_hendrix
Kevin Werbach (@kwerb) | Twitter
Kevin Werbach @kwerb Wharton prof, tech policy maven, blockchain wrangler, game thinker, MOOC teacher, pescatarian cook, feminist. Author, Blockchain & the New Architecture of Trust Philly, USA werbach.com
#tech  #tl  #academic  #bitcoin  +Wharton 
22 days ago by phil_hendrix
How Portability Ruined the Telephone Ian Bogost The Atlantic 20150812
Don't Hate the Phone Call, Hate the Phone Our telephone habits have changed, but so have the infrastructure and design of the handset. IAN BOGOST AUG 12, 2015 IAN BOGOST Share Tweet Email One of the ironies of modern life is that everyone is glued to their phones, but nobody uses them as phones anymore. Not by choice, anyway. Phone calls—you know, where you put the thing up to your ear and speak to someone in real time—are becoming relics of a bygone era, the “phone” part of a smartphone turning vestigial as communication evolves, willingly or not, into data-oriented formats like text messaging and chat apps. Get our politics coverage delivered to your inbox. Sign up for The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily to know what mattered that day, what our editors are reading, and more. Email Address (required) Enter your email Sign Up Thanks for signing up! The distaste for telephony is especially acute among Millennials, who have come of age in a world of AIM and texting, then gchat and iMessage, but it’s hardly limited to young people. When asked, people with a distaste for phone calls argue that they are presumptuous and intrusive, especially given alternative methods of contact that don’t make unbidden demands for someone’s undivided attention. In response, some have diagnosed a kind of telephoniphobia among this set. When even initiating phone calls is a problem—and even innocuous ones, like phoning the local Thai place to order takeout—then anxiety rather than habit may be to blame: When asynchronous, textual media like email or WhatsApp allow you to intricately craft every exchange, the improvisational nature of ordinary, live conversation can feel like an unfamiliar burden. Those in power sometimes think that this unease is a defect in need of remediation, while those supposedly afflicted by it say they are actually just fine, thanks very much.
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6 weeks ago by phil_hendrix
Why Doesn't Anyone Answer the Phone Anymore Alex Madrigal The Atlantic 20180531
Why No One Answers Their Phone Anymore Telephone culture is disappearing. ALEXIS C. MADRIGAL MAY 31, 2018 ERIC THAYER / REUTERS Share Tweet Email The telephone swept into Americans’ lives in the first decades of the 20th century. At first, no one knew exactly how to telephone. Alexander Graham Bell wanted people to start conversations by saying, “Ahoy-hoy!” AT&T tried to prevent people from saying “hello,” arguing in Telephone Engineer magazine that it was rude. But eventually, Americans learned to say “hello.” People built a culture around the phone that worked. Etiquette magazines tried to prevent women from inviting people over for dinner via telephone, then gave in. The doctor got a phone, so the pharmacist got a phone. It didn’t happen quickly, but it happened. And once it was done, during my childhood, these social customs sat between me and this raw technical artifact—the handset, the curly cord connecting it to the base, the wires running across the nation, coming together in vast switching stations, amplified, multiplexed, and then branching back out to the other cities, other neighborhoods, other blocks, other houses.
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Susan Morse (@susanjmorse) | Twitter
Susan Morse @susanjmorse Senior Editor of @HC_Finance. I write about all things finance for providers and payers, health policy geek. healthcarefinancenews.com healthcarefinancenews.com/news/author/82… Joined January 2015
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Cheddar (@cheddar) | Twitter
CheddarVerified account @cheddar Cheddar covers the latest in business and tech news. Live from the NYSE weekdays from 9am - 5pm EST. ªªhttps://live.twitter.com/cheddar ºº New York, NY cheddar.com View broadcasts Joined February 2016
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Cheddar YouTube channel
Cheddar! We are a network focused on covering the most interesting topics through the lens of innovation in products, technologies, businesses, services, and ideas that impact us. Cheddar Explains: Every day there are new questions about technology, businesses, and medical advancements. No matter the question, Cheddar explains it all. Cheddar Explores: Unprecedented technological advancement, dreams of interstellar colonization, bioengineering. Explore the future of our world and our economies through the lens of innovation, disruption, and futurism. Cheddar Examines: Business is a battlefield. Every company has make-or-break moments that lead to massive success or crushing defeat. These are those stories. Subscribe for original videos every week.
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Lending and Fintech Podcast Archives - Lend Academy
Fintech Podcast The Lend Academy Podcast is the first and most popular podcast dedicated exclusively to lending and fintech. Peter Renton, Lend Academy founder and LendIt co-founder, interviews fintech leaders about what is happening in their business and their views on the future. Whether you are just finding out about online lending and fintech or have been investing with peer to peer (p2p) lending firms Lending Club or Prosper since the beginning, you will learn something new here every week.
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Matthew Wong (@mlcwong) | Twitter
Matthew Wong @mlcwong research @cbinsights. alum @northwesternu. ªªhttp://mlcwong.com ºº. NYC Joined July 2012
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iBeat Watch (@ibeatwatch) | Twitter
iBeat Watch @ibeatwatch iBeat is a sleek, stylish smartwatch that can save your life. We empower people to be fearless, explore, and live longer. San Francisco, CA ibeat.com Joined May 2016
#healthcare  #tech  #wearable 
7 weeks ago by phil_hendrix
Totemic Labs
Totemic Labs makes a device to monitor the health and safety of seniors in a completely passive way - with no wearables required. Totemic Labs is developing a fall detection solution for seniors. Totemic Labs is building a device that uses wireless signals to identify and respond to falls automatically. A single device can monitor an entire home.
#healthcare  #seniors  #monitoring  #home  #tech  #wearables 
7 weeks ago by phil_hendrix
New team assembled to unlock the innovation potential in healthcare data Microsoft 20180626
New team assembled to unlock the innovation potential in healthcare data Jun 26, 2018   |   Peter Lee - Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Healthcare From left, Peter Lee, Joshua Mandel and Jim Weinstein of Microsoft Healthcare. Photo: Dan DeLong for Microsoft It’s an exciting time to be working shoulder-to-shoulder with our healthcare partners and customers, who represent some of the brightest minds in this important industry. We have been approaching the complexities of the healthcare industry with a growth mindset, and for the past two years our team has worked across Microsoft to accelerate healthcare innovation through artificial intelligence and cloud computing, with our initiative Healthcare NExT (New Experiences and Technologies). We shared some updates earlier this year on our work in cloud architectures, empowering clinicians and care teams, and precision medicine, and I’ve been thrilled to see the progress and reaction across the industry. Today we are building on that progress. I’m very pleased to welcome two prominent experts in the science, technology and practice of value-based healthcare to the team. Jim Weinstein and Josh Mandel will be joining Microsoft Healthcare – which integrates Healthcare NExT and its research-driven efforts – with an added focus of creating strategic partnerships, and driving the cross-company strategy for healthcare and life sciences.
#hc  #tech  #innovation  +Microsoft 
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Above Avalon
Apple Analysis. From Wall Street to Silicon Valley. By examining Apple from both a Wall Street and Silicon Valley perspective, Above Avalon provides unique insight and perspective as to how Apple thinks about the world.  About the author: Neil Cybart is the founder and author of Above Avalon. Sensing a lack of relevant Apple analysis from a financial and business point of view, Neil launched AboveAvalon.com in 2014. Prior to launching Above Avalon, Neil spent seven years with Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods as a sell-side analyst covering the property and casualty insurance industry. Neil graduated as an honors scholar with a Bachelor of Science in finance from the University of Connecticut.
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SAP Silicon Valley chief Max Wessel talks local vision - Silicon Valley Business Journal
SAP’s new Silicon Valley leader on its local growth, new focus on startups, and more

SAP's new managing director for SAP Silicon Valley Max Wessel talks to the Business Journal about his vision for the company's local presence under his direction. COURTESY SAP IN THIS ARTICLE Aaron Levie Person Alphabet Company Career & Workplace Industry 2 more By Jennifer Elias  – Technology Reporter, Silicon Valley Business Journal Jul 11, 2018, 6:49am PDT Updated 3 hours ago SAP's new leader in Silicon Valley talks about how he hopes to lead the local division to a more startup-centric model — a slight departure from its predominately enterprise-focused direction — its local growth plans, and more.
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