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Alexander Wood (merchant) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1810, Wood found himself at the centre of a scandal when he investigated a rape case. The victim, referred to as Miss Bailey, came to Wood claiming that she did not know the identity of her attacker, however she had scratched her assailant's penis during the assault.[1] In order to identify the assailant, Wood personally inspected the genitals of a number of suspects for injury. There is no evidence on the public record that Wood acted improperly during the investigation,[3] nor indeed of Wood's actual sexual orientation;[3] however, contradictory rumours began to emerge about his conduct, including allegations that Miss Bailey never existed at all and that Wood had fabricated the rape charge as an opportunity to fondle and seduce young men.[1]

When confronted with the charges by his friend, Judge William Dummer Powell, Wood wrote back, “I have laid myself open to ridicule & malevolence, which I know not how to meet; that the thing will be made the subject of mirth and a handle to my enemies for a sneer I have every reason to expect.”[1] Wood became the subject of ridicule and was tagged with the nickname "Molly Wood", "Molly" then being a derisive slang expression for a homosexual man.[1] John Robinson, at the time a young law clerk in Powell's office, called Wood the "Inspector General of private Accounts."[1]

Judge Powell buried the potential sodomy charges on condition that Wood leave Upper Canada,[1] and Wood left for Scotland in October 1810.
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Freud and false memory: psychoanalysis and the recovered memory movement
If that is so we might well ask how it was that a movement which had its origins in a feminist rebellion against Freud, in an attempt to draw the veil of silence from memories which had never been repressed, should eventually have come to rely more and more on the most sacred of all Freudian doctrines – that of repression.

...There is no evidence that any of the patients who came to Freud without memories of sexual abuse had ever suffered from such abuse. But, as a growing number of Freud scholars have recognised in recent years, and as I have argued in this book, there is a great deal of evidence, most of it in Freud’s own frank and astonishing words, that he went out of his way to persuade, encourage, cajole and sometimes bully his female patients to reproduce scenes of child sexual abuse which he himself had reconstructed from their symptoms or their associations. Freud’s manner of treating his early women patients was not essentially different from the manner he treated his later ones. For in both cases his theories denied women autonomy and declined to validate their own experiences and their own memories. Whereas his later theories led countless psychoanalysts to persuade women who had been abused to believe that they had not, Freud himself had, under the influence of his early theories, frequently tried to persuade women who had not been abused to believe that they had. In short, in his disregard for his female patients’ autonomy, and their right to psychological self-determination, Freud was just as much the nineteenth-century patriarch before he abandoned the seduction theory as he was afterwards.
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Steubenville and the misplaced sympathy for Jane Doe's rapists | Megan Carpentier | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
It's the only crime in which the level of intoxication of the victim is considered by some, like the convicted rapists' lawyers and some in the media, to be mitigating evidence. It's the only crime in which the perceived attractiveness of the perpetrators to other people or the victim is considered relevant information. It's the only one in which we're encouraged to sympathize with why perpetrators picked their victims – their supposed drunkenness, their clothes, their reputations – and then blame the victims for making themselves attractive targets.

And it's probably the only crime these two boys could have committed and gotten international coverage for their football prowess and the supposed harm that the victim – not the two rapists – did to their team.
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Los Angeles Review of Books - Louis C.K. And The Rise Of The 'Laptop Loners'
“You’re a great guy,” she says. “But my chemistry is telling me that you’re a loser.” Is this funny or just depressing?

One can imagine how this scene would play out on Curb. Larry, dismayed, would hold his date in his trademark, squint-eyed stare. He would be indignant to be so unfairly judged. In Curb, what often allows the audience to laugh is the reassuring knowledge that, despite Larry’s humiliations, he’s still Larry David: superior, smug, self-satisfied. Larry doesn’t feel shame, only annoyance and self-righteousness. He’ll laugh last while drinking champagne in his mansion.

Louie gives no such reassurance. One gets the sense that humiliations stay with him, that he carries them like blooming tumors in the pockets of his swollen belly. Both Louie and Larry are bourgeois white American men, but only Larry’s feel like first world problems. In part, this is because bodily despair transcends race and class. Louie’s misery seems inevitable, irreparable, real in the sense that it extends beyond the boundaries of the show’s fictional sphere and into C.K’s actual life. We surmise that it’s not just the character that’s overweight and out of breath, but also the actor who plays him.

The waning state of C.K.’s fleshly self is a major source for Louie’s particular amalgamation of humor and woe. Louie’s doctor tells him he has “the worst penis I’ve ever seen.” A young woman wants him to describe — mid-coitus — his body’s degeneration. Again, we’re privy to C.K.’s subjective reality, his glass half empty interpretations. It’s the nightmarish solipsism of he who thinks the world was built to hurt him, the literalization of a misanthrope’s imagination.

Excellent meta on Louis.
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A world accidentally full of triggers | MetaFilter
My problem with trigger warnings is that they are sometimes/often used:

- with a poor understanding of how triggers work...
- to signify in-group status rather than to warn...
- to pathologize people's reactions to their own trauma...
- and by the less well-intentioned, trigger warnings can be used to shut down conversation, or to create a hierarchy of trauma where A, B and C count as worthy of trigger warnings but D and E do not
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The Balancing Act of Being Female; Or, Why We Have So Many Clothes » Sociological Images
What I like about the image is the way it very clearly illustrates two things. First, it reveals that doing femininity doesn’t mean obeying a single, simple rule. Instead, it’s about occupying and traveling within a certain space. In this case, usually between “proper” and “flirty.” Women have to constantly figure out where in that space they’re supposed to be. Too flirty at work mean’s you won’t be taken seriously; too proper at the bar and you’re invisible. Under the right circumstances (e.g., Halloween, a funeral), you can do “cheeky” or “old fashioned.”

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"nice guys" of okcupid
Wow. This tumblr full of macros made from OK Cupid pics and profile text from self-identified "nice guys." Wow.
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For the Men Who Still Don't Get It - Carol Diehl
What if
all women were bigger and stronger than you
And thought they were smarter
What if
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How to prevent rape without blaming victims - Salon.com
The notion that the way you dress influences your chance of being raped is just one of the ways that we delude ourselves into believing that rape happens to other women – women who aren’t as smart or cautious. According to the “just-world hypothesis,” we search for mistakes that the victim made so that we can maintain our belief that there is order and predictability in our universe. I’ve spent enough time in the feminist blogosphere to know that it isn’t just the big, bad patriarchy that sustains victim blaming — it’s terrified women, too. This brings up a question that I’ve long struggled with when reading feminist theory on the subject: How can we dispense useful advice in a way that doesn’t blame the victim?
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A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians – Whatever
WARNING: this post is going to be oh-so-very-triggery for victims of rape and sexual assault. I am not kidding.

Dear certain conservative politicians:

Hi! I’m a rapist.
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S&M Aftercare… Or Brainwashing? | Alas, a Blog
No one wants to be harmed in this way. Among abuse survivor communities the arousal involved in abuse situations is often called “body betrayal,”...

For some number of people who have experienced abuse, the greatest split within the self does not simply come from how horrific the acts themselves were but from the feelings of desire and pleasure that can happen in human beings even during horrific unwanted acts. For some of us, BDSM can be a safe way to explore unpacking some of this desire and how these arousal patterns got mixed up with horrific things — or were already hooked up to horrific things and that pre-existing fact was exploited by a harmful person. And for some of us, taking that out and playing with it may not be a necessary part of recovery at all.

But simply knowing this — the fact that your arousal and pleasure systems can be activated by harmful people is ok — it does not mean you want it, it does not mean that it was good for you, or that anyone should have treated you in that way. That can be the greatest healing in and of itself.
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TV Tropes Deletes Every Rape Trope; Geek Feminism Wiki steps in | The Mary Sue
Up until a week ago, TV Tropes had a very handy trope index called Rape Tropes. (Note: all TVT rape trope pages in this article link, ironically, to Google caches.) This page also linked to other iterations of rape tropes in popular culture such as Rape as Backstory, Rape and Switch, Rape as Drama, Rape as Redemption, and other rape tropes common in the pop culture idiom.

Today when you access any of these pages, you’re informed, “We do not want a page on this topic. It does not meet our content policy.”

More information here: http://geekfeminism.org/2012/06/25/rape-as-back-story-now-on-the-gf-wiki/
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Yahtzee - Paralyzer
In 1965, Erik Lehnsherr has infiltrated the NYPD for his own purposes -- but his powers make him a brilliant detective. Yet that's not why FBI agent Charles Xavier has sought him out. It's because the mysterious killer they're both trying to find is murdering people like them: other mutants.

Their search for a madman binds them together. Their inner demons may tear them apart. But the greatest danger comes when the killer they're looking for looks back ...
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Yahtzee - Paralyzer
In 1965, Erik Lehnsherr has infiltrated the NYPD for his own purposes -- but his powers make him a brilliant detective. Yet that's not why FBI agent Charles Xavier has sought him out. It's because the mysterious killer they're both trying to find is murdering people like them: other mutants.

Their search for a madman binds them together. Their inner demons may tear them apart. But the greatest danger comes when the killer they're looking for looks back ...
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Do Friends Matter? A Feminist Defense of Friendship » Sociological Images
1.5 hour lecture on youtube from Lisa Wade and Caroline Heldman:

We argue that in American culture we tend to elevate family — both the kind we are born into and the kind we form through romantic relationships — above friendship. Research shows, however, that having non-romantic confidants is more strongly related to physical and mental health than romantic partnership. In light of this, we offer a feminist defense of friendship. We challenge the idea that forming healthy, supportive friendships is less important than finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. We also review cultural messages about friendship and show how these messages intersect with an emphasis on heterosexual relationships in ways that undermine women’s ability to be friends with women, men’s ability to be friends with men, and men and women’s ability to befriend each other.
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When Rape Victims Lie « Sasha Said
First, we make sure women understand that only a few types of rape count and only a few types of victims matter, so those who don’t conform to those narrow criteria feel they must lie if they don’t want their attacker to get away with the crime. Then, when the lies are discovered, we tell rape victims that they are now no longer credible and it’s their fault the case against their attacker must be dismissed. Works out well, doesn’t it? For rapists, that is.
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highlyeccentric | And now, a word about RAPE
The expectation that rape is, and will always be, the worst possible thing you can do to a person is itself a part of rape culture. It fuels the use of rape as 'punishment' for various things. It feeds the dismissal of date-rape as 'not real' rape. It means you might disbelieve women who remain composed and with-it after being assaulted. It shapes expectations about how 'real' victims act.
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