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John Kelly Called Elizabeth Warren An "Impolite Arrogant Woman" In An Email
“blah blah blah,” Kelly, then serving as the secretary of homeland security, wrote.
2018-10  #MeToo  politics  feminism 
19 hours ago by Weaverbird
#MeToo: what do you do when the art you love was created by a monster? - Vox
“For me, it’s a false dichotomy because this question presupposes we should want our artists to be virtuous, and that we should expect morality and ethical behavior from artists. I don’t understand why we expect that or why we should expect that,” says Hayes-Brady. “Whatever you think about David Foster Wallace [who stalked and abused Mary Karr], it is certainly the case that he is a cultural touchstone. [His work] was important at a particular moment. As such, that justifies spending time studying it, in critical and challenging ways with a critical eye.”

The other argument says that our time is limited, we cannot devote equal critical attention to every work of art out there, and it’s reasonable for critics to curate their choices a little. That’s the stance Hungerford took in an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education in which she explained why she chooses not to read or assign David Foster Wallace. “Why should we turn the podium over to this author among so many others, to invite him to stand at the microphone of literary culture for a thousand pages and more if it’s not pretty clear to a moderately well-informed person that his work is worth our attention?” she wrote.
art  morality  society  #MeToo 
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In the time of #MeToo and the Year of the Woman, Mormon Church president tells women to get off social media for 10 days - The Washington Post
“I don’t think this is telling Mormon women not to be political on sexual virtue. I think that would be the last thing you would hear from these guys,” Flake said. “I don’t think he’s talking about politics. I don’t think he’s talking about sex. I think he’s talking about focus — recalibrate your priorities; know what matters; and just detox.”
mormon  lds  #metoo  #believewomen  women  religion  social  socialmedia  politics  elections  election  election2018 
7 days ago by allaboutgeorge
How #MeToo Is Taking on a Life of Its Own in Asia | Time
Seo reported the incident to her managers shortly after, but was subjected to performance audits that she describes as unfair, and assigned to a lower level branch outside Seoul—a move she says did not match her strong track record at work. Last fall, after suffering long term health problems such as panic attacks and trouble sleeping, Seo watched as the #MeToo movement took off in Hollywood. She began to grasp how widespread sexual harassment and assault were, and realized even “world-famous actresses” had suffered as she had. “I had more confidence in believing that it wasn’t my fault,” she says.

As the reckoning spread across the U.S., Canada and parts of Europe, millions of survivors described their experiences of groping, rape, unwanted kissing, abuse and threats; others simply posted “me too” on social media. In November, Seo asked for a meeting with senior management to open an investigation into the incident, and to find the truth regarding her treatment at work in the years since she reported the incident. Frustrated by the lack of progress, Seo decided to add her voice to the rising global chorus on January 29—sharing her experience in an open letter on her workplace intranet and signing it with #MeToo at the end.
#meToo  Korea  China  Thai  sexual_harassment 
9 days ago by Quercki
#MeToo is one year old, and the battle is just beginning | Eva Wiseman | Life and style | The Guardian
The past 12 months have seen a sea change in our approach to the way sexual abuse is covered, but in some ways it feels like the real work is only starting now
11 days ago by asterisk2a
Brett Kavanaugh and the Problem With #BelieveSurvivors - The Atlantic
It’s important to listen to those who come forward—and also to those accused.
belief  assault  #metoo  accusation 
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