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What’s Missing from #MeToo and #TimesUp: One Indigenous Woman’s Perspective
it is happening at an alarming rate today. Both the land, water, and Indigenous women have been ‘othered’ and devalued in our society. Native American women are 2.5 times more likely to experience sexual assault and rape than any other ethnic group and the unsolved cases of Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women (#MMIW) are staggering. Extractive industries play a major role in this violence and I encourage you to visit www.landbodydefense.org for a report and toolkit on how to support these resistance efforts. Another resource on MMIW community-led work is at It Starts With Us.
This patriarchal worldview of how we relate to Mother Earth and to the non-human is so toxic that academics are referring to it as a new epoch — the Anthropocene. Under a patriarchal, colonialist mindset we find ourselves consuming and polluting the natural resources of our Mother Earth at a rate that is exasperating climate change and threatening life on this planet. Yes, TIME. IS. UP. Time is up for unjust patriarchal systems. Period.
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Aziz, We Tried to Warn You
"If you’re fretting about the perceived overreach of #MeToo, maybe start by examining the ways you’ve upheld the stigmatization of feminism."
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The American far-right is crashing after its Trump victory high | Cas Mudde | Opinion | The Guardian
Cas Mudde is the author of Populism: A Very Short Introduction and The Far Right in America // reactionary movement never come as far as proactive utopian
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Bad Girls: On Being the Accused | Bully Bloggers
The answer to rape culture is not, and can never be, liability culture.
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(1) Edye Cheeseman - Edye Cheeseman shared LaTasha Levy's post.
She went on to mention Recy Taylor and the four WHITE men who brutally raped her with impunity and Rosa Parks who advocated for Taylor long before she sat her ass down on a bus. (which a bunch of y'all woke folks didn't know, be honest.) And y'all got a nerve to drag her for invoking Taylor? The power in that story is that Oprah not only forced the white men in that audience to face their history of savage behavior, she also scolded white women for their complicity, silence and the way they have ignored Black women's experiences with sexual assault and harassment. Oprah further underscored this when she repeatedly mentioned domestic workers, the Black women, like her mother, (like Viola's mother, like most of our moms and grandmothers), who survived white racial terror on many fronts, including the threat of sexual violence by white men and either contempt or apathy from white women.

And when she connected Black women's experiences to #MeToo she was not affirming white feminists! You have to be dumb, deaf and blind if you are STILL claiming #MeToo is a white women's movement, after white women have been called out for coopting Tarana Burke's work. Tarana, a fierce Black woman, started the Me Too campaign years ago in defense of women and girls. And you know that shit by now, right? How could you not? Tarana was in the audience. What Oprah did with that speech was to recenter Black women who have long suffered the savagery of white men. It was a moment that called out both white men and white women on their shit. It was laced with shade.
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Killing the Sixties: Abuse, Consent, #MeToo and the Pagan Community – Atheopaganism
It is time to formally declare that the sexual values of the Sixties are dead. They weren’t idyllic, they weren’t victimless, and they weren’t of forward-thinking consciousness. We have learned a lot since, and it is that learning that needs to be the bedrock foundation of our community’s sexual practices and behavior.

Now, will that be less “fun”?

Only to those who are in the habit of harassment and assault.

Asking permission may seem awkward. It requires courage and a willingness to face rejection. But just steamrollering past the consent phase is abusive. It just is.

Let that be the “Pagan way”. Let the seeking of affirmative consent and the accepting of what we receive by way of an answer be what we mean when we say we are “sex-positive”. Anything less is being “assault positive”, and we have had more than enough of that.

And it goes without saying that minors can’t consent. Not to adults. I don’t have a problem with 16-year-olds discovering their sexuality together, but I have a BIG problem with a 25-year-old hitting on a teenager. Much less a 40-year-old.

Some have suggested that the inevitable endpoint of the #MeToo movement is a return to puritanical, anti-sex repression. I disagree. I think it’s finally doing the laundry, and clearing out the nasty stuff in the cupboards. And if we conduct ourselves with integrity, we will have far less abuse and harassment in our community going forward.

Now, does this mean that men who misbehaved because they thought it was okay are going to get strung up for things they did decades ago?

Yes, unfortunately, it does. And I can accept in limited cases (certainly not in cases involving minors) the plea that “it was a different time”.

But it’s a different time than that now.

The Sixties are dead, and good riddance.
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Me Too Creator Tarana Burke Reminds Us This Is About Black and Brown Survivors by Zenobia Jeffries — YES! Magazine
We have to talk about consent really early on. I’m a big champion of sex education. Because I think that the only way we can have lasting changes is if we change the way that young people think about each other. We start teaching respect and boundaries very early, you know kindergarten, pre-kindergarten. We should be talking about respect and boundaries. We should be talking about what it means to ask permission. We should be talking about those things.

I’m 44 years old. I grew up with [the] Just Say No [campaign against drugs]. I grew up in the midst of the “drug war,” with Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan. And there were many problematic things about that, but the flip side of that was I was inundated as a child with the message of “just say no.”

So, I feel like we have to have a similar wave with young people around consent. We need to be inundating these children with the idea that consent is the way of life. Yes, you do have to ask to touch somebody.
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Dieter Wedel wird sexueller Übergriffe beschuldigt - Kultur - Süddeutsche.de
Metoo-Debatte: Schauspielerinnen werfen dem Regisseur Dieter Wedel sexuelle Belästigung vor. Wedel weist die Vorwürfe zurück.
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Time's Up Now
The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It's time to do something about it.
Join us. Add your name to our Letter of Solidarity by donating to the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund.
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Due Process Is Needed For Sexual Harassment Accusations — But For Whom?
After USA Today asked me to write about not believing in due process, I wondered: How often are we being suckered into a side of a debate that we shouldn’t even be having?

The first time I remember being sexually harassed at work was at my second job ever, working at a bookstore. There was a man there who always tried to work sexual innuendo into every conversation we had. He’d find excuses to touch my back or arm, and try to give me massages in the breakroom. He was constantly winking at me, licking his lips. He would bring a gym bag to work, and sometimes, when we were in the breakroom together, he’d unpack the bag like he was organizing it. He’d talk to me about his workout routine, how important it was for him to stay in shape so he could maintain his sexual prowess. Then he’d bring out a bottle of KY Jelly, and he’d slowly and deliberately place it on the table. Staring at me.
Sometimes managers would be in the room, pretending not to hear. Occasionally a manager would shake their head at him and tsk tsk, like he was a naughty child. He was not a child. He was 32. I, on the other hand, was a child. I was 17.
I had spent most of yesterday thinking of this recent flood of public sexual harassment allegations against rich and powerful men. While so many talked of the downfall of these men, either in shock at their depravity or in sympathy for their careers now sidelined, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much of my professional life had been spent navigating gender discrimination and sexual harassment. I thought about all the women (and some men, and gender non-conforming folx) that these men harmed, who would never get in-depth profiles discussing the tragedy of what they lost, exploring what they could have been if not for these men and the system that enabled them and so many other abusers to torment their victims with such ease.
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The Consent of the (Un)governed
This is a great feminist take on sexual harassment/assault, neoliberalism, and the #metoo movement.
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(22) Rebecca Solnit - We now return to our regular feature, Today in...
And the 'solutions' are a problem too. Often, as with this case, academic harrassers are essentially awarded for harrassment: allowed to keep their job and salary, relieved of teaching duties: "Nezar AlSayyad, a tenured architecture professor and an internationally recognized Middle East scholar, remains employed at UC Berkeley more than a year after an independent investigator determined that he sexually harassed his former student, Eva Hagberg Fisher, from 2012 to 2014. The university has given AlSayyad no classes to teach since fall 2016, but he continues to receive $211,000 a year. Student protests erupted against AlSayyad and the campus administration in November 2016, after The Chronicle first reported the investigator’s findings. Dozens of graduate students also signed a petition demanding that the administration revoke AlSayyad’s tenure if a separate investigation by the Faculty Senate determined that the professor violated the Faculty Code of Conduct. In April, the regents agreed to pay $1.7 million over 10 years to settle the lawsuit of a UC Berkeley employee who claimed that her boss, Sujit Choudhry, then dean of the law school, hugged, kissed and touched her repeatedly during 2014 and 2015, and that the campus did nothing to stop it. That payout exceeded what had been a record UC settlement for sexual harassment, the $1.15 million won in January by a UC Santa Cruz student to settle her claim that a professor raped her when she was his student in 2015.
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Minnie Driver: men like Matt Damon 'cannot understand what abuse is like' | Film | The Guardian
In her first response to Damon, Driver wrote on Twitter: “God God, seriously?

“Gosh it’s so interesting (profoundly unsurprising) how men with all these opinions about women’s differentiation between sexual misconduct, assault and rape reveal themselves to be utterly tone deaf and as a result, systemically part of the problem.”

Driver’s response to Damon was shared widely on social media, alongside that of the actor Alyssa Milano, who said: “There are different stages of cancer. Some more treatable than others. But it’s still cancer.”

On Saturday, Driver told the Guardian: “I felt I desperately needed to say something. I’ve realised that most men, good men, the men that I love, there is a cut-off in their ability to understand. They simply cannot understand what abuse is like on a daily level.
“In the same stereotypical way that we see women being supportive of men in their endeavors,” she said, “I feel that’s what women need of men in this moment. They need men to lean on and not question.

“Men can rally and they can support, but I don’t think its appropriate, per se, for men to have an opinion about how women should be metabolising abuse. Ever.”
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