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a heart attack (in black hair dye) - Trojie - Bandom
Gerard likes to be loud, Ray likes to be quiet, Mikey likes to not be scarred for life, and Frank just likes to sleep.
rated.e  host:ao3  "<5k  =Trojie  #mcr  %ray/gerard  *smut  /gags  /sex-public  /act(anal)  +established.relationship  +kink.negotiation  /D/s  +fluff 
yesterday by LadyLame
just think happy thoughts? - Trojie - Bandom
In which Frank Iero grows wings, because apparently that kind of shit just happens on Warped Tour.
host:ao3  rated.e  =Trojie  #mcr  %frank/gerard/mikey  *smut  +humor  /act(anal)  /doublepenetration  /wings  +magic  !**  "05-20k  podfic.maybe 
5 days ago by LadyLame
can't sleep tonight (as long as I still) - Trojie - Bandom
Gerard is bad at asking for what he wants, or taking what he needs, or remembering what he took.
rated.m  "<5k  host:ao3  =Trojie  #mcr  %gerard&mikey  *angst  *hurt/comfort  /kink  /aftercare  +selfhate 
6 days ago by LadyLame
publicity stunts - Trojie - Bandom
The record company thinks a few plausibly-deniable rumours about Gerard and Frank dating would be good PR, but of course, they're not contractually obligated to sleep together or anything. Ahahah.
rated.t  host:ao3  "05-20k  =Trojie  #mcr  %frank/gerard  %ray/mikey  *fluff  *romance  +fake.dating  +secret.relationship  +humor  !***  podfic.maybe 
7 days ago by LadyLame
all-natural - Trojie - Bandom
Sometimes Andy's straightedge thing harshes Mikey's urge to party, it's true, but y'know what, there are other ways to get chemicals in your system. All-natural, 100% vegan, cruelty-free chemicals, straight from your own hindbrain.
host:ao3  rated.e  "<5k  #fob  #mcr  =Trojie  %andy/mikey  *smut  /act(oral)  +casual.sex  /sex-public 
8 days ago by LadyLame
front wheel, fuel-injected, and stepping out over the line - Trojie, uglowian - Bandom
In which Gerard and Ray fail to get their shit together, with a full supporting cast (of exasperated Frank Iero and longsuffering Andy Hurley.)
"<5k  #mcr  #fob  =uglowian  =Trojie  rated.t  host:ao3  %ray/gerard  *fluff  *humor  &car.racing  +matchmaking  +pining  +friendship  +getting.together  !***  series:shut-up-and-drive 
8 days ago by LadyLame
Because I've Only Got Two Hands - desfinado - Bandom
That's when he remembers to school his breath and the squeak of the bouncing mattress under the jack-knife of his hips.
rated.m  host:ao3  "<5k  =desfinado  #mcr  %gerard/mikey  /masturbation  +angst 
12 days ago by LadyLame
Move over baby; gimme the keys - rivers_bend - Bandom
because I firmly believe there can never be enough fic where Frank and Gerard have sex in the back of a van.
rated.e  host:ao3  =rivers_bend  #mcr  "<5k  %frank/gerard  *smut  +van.days  /act(frottage)  +kissing 
12 days ago by LadyLame
Emergency - seimaisin - Bandom
Ridiculous high school AU ficlet written for anothersadsong for 2010 fandom_stocking.
rated.t  host:ao3  =seimaisin  "<5k  #mcr  #fob  %patrick/gerard  *vignette  &highschool/college/university  +first.kiss 
14 days ago by LadyLame
Psycho Boy - BasementVampire - My Chemical Romance
"The room goes silent again. Gerard swings his legs back and forth while Frank finishes prepping. It’s strangely casual—like he’s not sitting here waiting for Frank to do something sickeningly cruel to him."
Gerard and Frank engage in some extreme sadomasochism.
host:ao3  rated.e  =BasementVampire  "<5k  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *pwp  /bdsm  /act(anal)  /sm  /crying 
16 days ago by LadyLame
First Class - desfinado - Bandom
Gerard is totally disturbed, because he's sort of obsessed with making Frank drool.
rated.e  host:ao3  "<5k  #mcr  =desfinado  %frank/gerard  *smut  /act(oral) 
16 days ago by LadyLame
Nothing Comes as Easy as You - rivers_bend - Bandom
"Um, I've heard, you know, around, that like, there are guys who can get off three times without stopping. And I was, I mean—" god he sounds like a fucking idiot. "Have you ever heard of that?"
rated.e  "05-20k  host:ao3  =rivers_bend  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *smut  *romance  +friends.to.lovers  /overstimulation  &highschool/college/university  /act(handjobs)  /act(oral) 
18 days ago by LadyLame

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