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all your art of war by lagaudiere, Pacific Rim Gen, Mako & Jake (Jake/Nate, Mako/Raleigh), 8,472 words, Teen+.
20188-04 | Author's summary:
The first time they drifted, they lasted for 24 seconds.

Everyone thought they’d be able to do it so easily, and everyone included Jake. So many of the great jaeger teams were siblings. You usually couldn’t get more solid, more in sync than that. But he knew he’d miscalculated the moment his mind touched Mako’s.

Or, what if Pacific Rim Uprising was much more focused on Mako and Jake's relationship and also different in several other ways?
(pacificrim)  [gen]  [jake/nate]  [mako/raleigh]  #fiction  ~.7500-11250words  2018  lagaudiere  {character-x-lives}  *POV:jakepentecost 
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In Every Person, A Universe by TrufflesTheMushroom, Pacific Rim Gen, The Wei Triplet, 18,238 words, Tenn+.
2013-08 | Author's summary:
The Weis and the Kaidanovskys remain afloat in their half-destroyed ejection pods for eight hours, slowly bleeding out and desperate for help. Poor jokes are made, better friendships are forged, and something deep inside Cheung Wei dies.

[Content notes: suicidal & depressive thoughts/discussion, survivor's guilt]
(pacificrim)  [gen]  #fiction  ~15000-25000words  2013  TrufflesTheMushroom  {character-x-lives}  *POV:weicheung 
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They Might Be Giants by PunkHazard, Pacific Rim Gen, The Wei Triplet, 7,206 words, Teen+.
2013-07 | A sort of origin story for the Wei Triplet featuring snapshots of a friendship between them and the Kaidanovksy and between them & Mako:
Ancient Chinese Proverb: When the wind of change blows, some build walls. Others build Jaegers.

[Content notes: canonical character deaths]
(pacificrim)  [gen]  #fiction  ~.7500-11250words  2013  PunkHazard  *POV:weicheung 
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the ocean between us by kittebasu (chanyeol), Daiya no A AU, Miyuki/Sawamura, 56,891 words, Mature.
2018-05 | Author's summary:
"That's-- You get that I don't want this, right? It doesn't matter that it's you. It could be anyone, and I wouldn't want it." Kazuya drives down the exit ramp, emerging out into the center of Tokyo, not far from the Diet Building. The streets are already aglow in the falling dusk. "It doesn't help that you play, though. It makes it a bigger issue."

"Bonds are a gift," Sawamura replies, like an after school special, and he's turned to look directly at Kazuya again for the first time in a while. "How can you not want it?"

A soulbond AU wherein Sawamura is Japanese-American & plays for the MLB, and Miyuki has a younger half-sister for whom he acts as her unofficial surrogate parent. Sawamura & Miyuki meet during a Friendship Series between America & Japan, and they develop a spontaneous, accidental bond.
(daiyanoa)  [miyuki/sawamura]  #fiction  ~40000pluswords  2018  chanyeol  {alternativeuniverse}  {soulbond}  {kids}  *POV:miyukikazuya 
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what's a mob to a king, what's a king to an emo teenager? by crossroadswrite, Yuri!!! on Ice, Otabek/Yuri, Yuuri/Victor, 12,034 words, Teen+.
2017-09 | Author's summary:
Yuri has very clear and specific instructions about how he should act around Prince Otabek Altin of Khazhakhstahnia, and none of them include giving him the up and down and going “What the fuck are you wearing?”

Prince Otabek Altin of Khazhakhstahnia glances down at his expensive-looking Disney Prince tunic and matching pants that look like they costed more than Yuri’s iPhone.

To be completely fair, he looks very good in it, and Yuri’s surprise was more about how good he looks than the actual clothes. Also the amount of green and gold assaulting his eyes. No one should be allowed to wear that much green and look good.

“Clothes,” Prince Otabek Altin of Khazhakhstahnia says. Then looks over at Yuri, eyeing his leopard print Vans with a raised eyebrow.

Yuri is going to fight him.

(or: the princess protection program au that was supposed to be quick and messy and short, but instead its over 10k and people have emotions.)

From author's notes: "a family can be an abdicated prince, a lost prince, a good prince, and a clingy king"
(yurionice)  [otabek/yuri]  [yūri/viktor]  #fiction  ~11250-15000words  2017  crossroadswrite  {alternativeuniverse}  {royalty}  *POV:yuriplisetsky 
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overture for two (me & you) by oh_fudgecakes, Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri/Victor, 21,772 words, Explicit.
2018-02 | Author's summary:
Plagued by his poor performance at the GPF, Yuuri’s disastrous free at Japanese Nationals ends not just in eleventh-place, but deals him with a lasting injury, resulting in him retiring before the events of the show. He becomes a commentator, determined to move on from his uneventful skating career. Yet, a series of chance meetings with a smitten Viktor and his own yearning for the ice keeps drawing him back to competitive figure skating.

In which everything's different, but it all ends the same anyway.

A bit painful for me to read at time due to Yuuri's anxiety & self-esteem, but a compelling read.
(yurionice)  [yūri/viktor]  #fiction  ~15000-25000words  2018  oh_fudgecakes  {alternativeuniverse}  {differentmeetings}  *POV:katsukiyūri 
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Dot, Dash, Star* by shorelines, Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri/Victor+Yuri, 29,358 words, Teen+.
2017-01 | Author's summary:
People with soulmates were blessed with lights like stars. Viktor Nikiforov was born without one, Katsuki Yuuri would have two, and Yuri Plisetsky pretended he had none.

They find each other anyway.

Interesting exploration of romantic & platonic soulmates.
(yurionice)  [yūri/viktor]  [yūri/victor/yuri]  #fiction  ~25000-40000words  2017  shorelines  {soulbond}  {alternativeuniverse}  {differentmeetings}  *POV:katsukiyūri  *POV:victornikiforov  *POV:yuriplisetsky 
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on growing; by crossroadswrite, Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri/Victor, 139,204 words, Teen+.
2017-04 | Author's summary:
Yuri Plisetsky glares at him with all the righteousness five year olds possess, and says in heavily accented and clumsy English. “Be more gooder, stupid!”

And then he storms out in a sweep of blond hair and blue and red lights from his Sketchers.

(Or: in which Yuri Plisetsky is Victor Nikiforov's bratty five-year-old and nothing is the same.)

Series: https://archiveofourown.org/series/726834 (includes "on finding your way;" <https://archiveofourown.org/works/11180250>, which is set after "on growing;" and one of my favorite Otabek/Yuri)
(yurionice)  [yūri/viktor]  [otabek/yuri]  #fiction  ~40000pluswords  2017  crossroadswrite  {alternativeuniverse}  {kids}  {differentmeetings}  *POV:katsukiyūri 
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Geneviève Nikiforova's Easy Guide on How to Get a Son-in-law by crossroadswrite, Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri/Victor, 6,282 words, Teen+.
2018-01 | Author's summary:
“Are you into power tops, Vitya?”

Instead of answering, Vitya chokes on his tea. “Mama!”

“Well. Are you?”

(Or: Local Dramatic Mom Makes Grindr Account to Find Her Son a Husband, What Happens Next Will Warm Your Heart.)
(yurionice)  [yūri/viktor]  #fiction  ~.3750-7500words  2018  crossroadswrite  {alternativeuniverse}  {differentmeetings} 
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say you'll remember by anyadisee, Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri/Victor, 17,841 words, Teen+.
2017-05 | Author'summary:
It’s not that Yuuri blames Celestino, though. That’s really not it. He knows what Celestino’s feelings and intentions were – he’s not just a coach to Yuuri, after all, but also a friend. He worries, looks out for Yuuri, and tries to bring him out of the shell he always retreats to when things don’t go his way. If anything, it was Yuuri’s mistake. He knows how he is with alcohol. He should’ve known better.

But. What’s done is done. The only thing he can do now is damage control.

If only he can find the damage, that is.

[or, in which yuuri remembers the banquet happenings]

...And worries, but somehow finds himself trading texts with Victor anyway.
(yurionice)  [yūri/viktor]  #fiction  ~15000-25000words  2017  anyadisee  {alternativeuniverse}  {differentmeetings}  *POV:katsukiyūri 
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something so wholesome about you by crossroadswrite, Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri/Victor, 3,489 words, G.
2017-05 | Author's summary:
It was supposed to be his year. He was supposed to-

Celestino stops talking and squeezes his shoulder. Yuuri looks up at him, opens his mouth to say something when someone says his name.

He freezes, holds his breath for a full second against the painfully familiar voice, not daring to hope. Then, very slowly, he turns towards the source, eyes going wide with disbelieve.


(Or: in which Vicchan lives, Yuuri doesn't quite fail and doesn't quite get drunk, but manages to accidentally woo Victor Nikiforov anyway.)
(yurionice)  [yūri/viktor]  #fiction  ~.1000-3750words  2017  crossroadswrite  {alternativeuniverse}  {character-x-lives}  {differentmeetings}  *POV:katsukiyūri  *POV:victornikiforov 
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hood & glove by Fahye & illustrated by hawberries, Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Otabek/Yuri, 12,473 words, Teen+.
2017-02 | Author's summary:
"I don't mess with the fae," Otabek says.

"I'm not asking you to mess with them," JJ flat-out lies.
(yurionice)  [otabek/yuri]  #fiction  ~11250-15000words  2017  fahye  {alternativeuniverse}  *POV:otabekaltin 
may 2018 by janebot
Friendship!!! Is Magic by afrai, Yuri!!! on Ice/Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi + Yuuri, 10,483 words, Teen+.
2017-04 | Author's summary:
Haruhi said to the stranger, "The food's good, isn't it? Have you tried the small quiches?"

She'd spoken English on the assumption that most people in the room would likely understand it, but when the man turned it became apparent that he was Japanese. Haruhi knew this because she recognised his face. It was the face of Japan's ace skater, Katsuki Yuuri.

"K-K-Katsuki Yuuri-senshu!" Haruhi clapped her hand over her mouth, feeling the blood rise to her face.

"Ah," said Katsuki. He was different off the ice. His spectacles reduced the impact of his eyes, and the shape of his face was somehow softer, less distinctive. "Do I know you?"

Yuuri makes a friend. Viktor hates it.
(yurionice)  (ouranhighschoolhostclub)  [ge]  #fiction  ~.7500-11250words  2017  afrai  {crossover/fusion}  *POV:fujiokaharuhi 
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Orange by aozu, Nirvana in Fire & Sequel AU, Gen (Jingyan/Zhanying, Feizhan/Pingzhang), 8,003 words, Teen+.
2018-02 | Author's summary:
Coffeeshop AU.

One where Feizhan, Lin Jiu and Zhanying are baristas, and Lin Shu is the worst (best) friend in history.

Another Lin Shu tries to matchmake Jingyan & Zhanying fic.
(lángyábǎng)  [jingyan/zhanying]  #fiction  ~.7500-11250words  2018  aozu  {alternativeuniverse}  *POV:lìnjiǔ 
may 2018 by janebot
i once saw a man so beautiful, that i– by aozu, Nirvana in Fire AU, Jingyan/Lin Shu, 6,490 words, Mature.
2018-01 | Author's summary:
A science AU where Meng Zhi, Li Gang, Zhen Ping and Lin Shu are post docs, Jingyan is a PhD student and Zhanying has just newly joined the lab as an intern.

Featuring a chat group for all the lab members except Jingyan.

Because it is *about* Jingyan.

In chat group/texting format.
(lángyábǎng)  [changsu|shu/jingyan]  #fiction  ~.3750-7500words  2018  aozu  {alternativeuniverse}  {schools}  *POV:lièzhànyīng 
may 2018 by janebot
But Everything Changed by emilyenrose, Nirvana in Fire(/Avatar the Last Airbender) AU, Jingyan/Lin Shu/Nihuang, 7,591 words, G.
2018-01 | Author's summary:
“Jingyan, pour the tea,” ordered Lin Shu, stretched sweating on the scorched grass.

“Pour it yourself,” said Jingyan.

“I can’t, I’m dead. Nihuang has killed me. Murdered by his fiancée when he was still a beautiful young gentleman, that’s what they’ll say. A tragedy! Anyway you should do it, you’re the waterbender.”

Tags: #The One Where Lin Shu Is A Firebender #Mu Nihuang The Lightning General
(lángyábǎng)  [changsu|shu/jingyan/nihuang]  #fiction  ~.7500-11250words  2018  emilyenrose  {alternativeuniverse}  {crossover/fusion}  *POV:xiāojǐngyǎn 
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set a fire to my soul by aozu, Nirvana in Fire AU, Jingyan/Zhanying, 10,787 words, Teen+.
2018-01 | Author's summary:

Mei Changsu is a myth.
A legend.
As the Matchmaker.

Or, one in which Jingyan is a ball of awkward and Zhanying eventually gets what he requests for.

Modern university AU wherein Lin Shu tries to matchmake Jingyan & Zhanying together to their great embarrassment & with much awkwardness.
(lángyábǎng)  [jingyan/zhanying]  #fiction  ~.7500-11250words  2018  aozu  {alternativeuniverse}  {schools}  *POV:xiāojǐngyǎn  *POV:lièzhànyīng 
may 2018 by janebot
for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you by soera, Nirvana in Fire(/His Dark Materials) AU, Jingyan/Lin Shu, 23,359 words, Teen+.
2017-12 | Author's summary:
Jingyan's greatest secret, that no one will ever know, is that Foya still hasn’t settled.

[A fandom can never have too many daemonfics!]

Wherein Jingyan's daemon recognizes Xiao Shu and events of Nirvana in Fire goes a bit differently.
(lángyábǎng)  [changsu|shu/jingyan]  #fiction  ~15000-25000words  2017  soera  {alternativeuniverse}  {crossover/fusion}  {daemons}  *POV:xiāojǐngyǎn  *POV:línshū|méizhǎngsū 
may 2018 by janebot
Each calls into themselves the divine and the infernal by wildestranger, Nirvana in Fire, Changsu/Jingyan, 3,145 words, M.
2017-12 | Author's summary:
This is something Lin Shu used to do; step up to Jingyan so that he is standing slightly too close – never touching him, but close enough that he could, if he wanted to.

And notes:
There is a scene towards the end of the show, where Mei Chang Su comes to visit Jingyan and tells him he is too tarnished to remain by Jingyan's side in the future, which makes Jingyan upset because "this is the first thing you tell me this morning". It made me wonder what had happened the night before, and well - I have enjoyed thinking about it. I hope you will too.
(lángyábǎng)  [changsu|shu/jingyan]  #fiction  ~.1000-3750words  2017  wildestranger  *POV:línshū|méizhǎngsū 
january 2018 by janebot
Never Gonna Give You Up by ExtraPenguin, Nirvana in Fire, Changsu/Jingyan, 4,475 words, Teen+.
2017-12 | Author's summary:
When Mei Changsu returns to Jinling to reopen the Chiyan case and install Jingyan as Crown Prince, he finds that the years have not been kind to Jingyan's spirit.

Tag: Cynical!Jingyan
(lángyábǎng)  [changsu|shu/jingyan]  #fiction  ~.3750-7500words  2017  ExtraPenguin  {character-x-lives}  *POV:línshū|méizhǎngsū 
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