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Britain’s White-Collar Cops Are Getting Too Good at Their Job - Bloomberg
modern Britain. The integrity of the U.K.’s institutions—courts, universities, the stock exchange—is at the heart of its appeal to global capital. Yet those same institutions frequently look the other way. The examples are legion, from the London School of Economics granting Muammar Qaddafi’s son a doctorate for an allegedly plagiarized thesis to the recent IPO of Russia’s EN+ Group Ltd., a commodities company controlled by an oligarch with close Kremlin ties. EN+ plans to use the funds raised from British markets to pay loans from Russian banks that are under U.S. sanctions.
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Parliament’s whips have lost their edge, just as their role becomes vital - Cracking the whips
This approach may not be surprising given that the whips’ job is fundamentally amoral. Their business is to ensure that the government can pass its legislation—or, for opposition whips, that it is defeated. During Labour’s minority administrations in the 1970s, six MPs died after being dragged to Parliament to vote in varying degrees of ill health, according to one whip from the period.
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