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The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked | Technology | The Guardian
A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum. As Britain heads to the polls again, is our electoral process still fit for purpose?
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6 days ago by Weaverbird
Can and Should Brexit Be Stopped? - YouTube
Andrew Adonis contends that, as the UK enters the end-game of Brexit, a false choice has been offered to British voters and to their politicians: a catastrophic ‘no deal’ Brexit or Prime Minister May’s likely ‘blind Brexit’ which takes Britain out of the EU and into a transition period with no guarantees about any future relationship with its closest neighbours and partners.
12 weeks ago by paulbrichardson
Involvement of Welsh Further Education colleges and institutions in EU funding
Colegau Cymru: Involvement of Welsh Further Education colleges and institutions in EU funding
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august 2018 by paulbrichardson
Britain’s political centre of gravity is moving left - Bagehot
The question at the heart of British politics is not whether it moves to the left, but what sort of left it moves to. Will it be a one nation Conservatism, committed to fixing capitalism from within, or the Venezuela-loving leftism long promoted by Mr Corbyn? To secure the first option, the Conservative Party needs to do more than take failing prisons into public control or increase spending on strained social services. It needs to demonstrate that it can reform capitalism even in the teeth of opposition from big business and Tory donors. Fluff that test and no amount of revelations about palling around with terrorists will keep Mr Corbyn out of Downing Street.
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august 2018 by lemeb
Brexit | The Institute for Government
Brexit negotiations are entering the end game. Over the next few months, the Government must conclude a withdrawal agreement with the European Union (EU) before seeking approval from Parliament in the form of a motion – the so-called ‘meaningful vote’ – on the deal. Only if both these challenges are met, legislation is passed to give effect to the agreement and both the UK and European Parliaments ratify the withdrawal treaty, will the UK leave the EU on 29 March 2019 in an orderly manner and with a transition in place. None of this is certain at the moment. There are multiple scenarios in play. This paper looks at those scenarios and what stands between the Prime Minister and her preferred Brexit in March 2019.
august 2018 by paulbrichardson

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