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The two sides of Getting a Job as a Data Scientist Towards Data Science 20180226
The two sides of Getting a Job as a Data Scientist Are you a Data Scientist looking for a Job? Are you a Recruiter looking for a Data Scientist? If you answered yes or NO to this questions you need to read this.
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What Retail Can Teach Health Care About Digital Strategy HBR 20180308
What Retail Can Teach Health Care About Digital Strategy Adam Licurse, MD MARCH 08, 2018

Retailers know they have to find the right blend of digital convenience and in-person service. Consider Walmart’s latest advertising campaign in which customers gleefully place orders online and through its app, selecting to receive smart-looking blue boxes on their doorsteps or seamlessly pick up their orders at the closest store.

Imagining the same ad for a healthcare provider in 2018, even an innovative provider, is a stretch.

Health Care’s New Frontier
How technology is changing the design and delivery of care.
Like banks, airlines, and retailers, health care providers will need to offer an easy, digital front-end experience to their customers. This isn’t just about building fancy new websites, but undertaking true care redesign: becoming adept at delivering high-quality, cost-effective virtual care through telehealth and digital tools. To this end, they will need to move from pilot programs to large-scale efforts routinely offered across the care spectrum.
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AI in the Enterprise Report Altimeter 201806
AI in the Enterprise Real-World Strategies for Artificial Intelligence New Research from Altimeter By Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst, Altimeter For enterprise companies considering investing in AI and implementing AI applications, the current landscape can seem overwhelming. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft dominate the news, but how applicable are their strategies to companies with vastly different business models? This report examines the real use cases, challenges, and opportunities of AI for organizations. It includes interviews with executives from large, well-known companies and start-up entrepreneurs who are envisioning the many ways that machine intelligence can fuel innovation and growth. Finally, the report offers recommendations for companies thinking about where to focus, how to build their partnership ecosystem, and how to measure value in the short and long term as AI becomes a critical driver of digital transformation. In this new report by Susan Etlinger, you will find:  A framework for understanding how you can apply AI within your organization Interviews and in-depth case studies from organizations using AI to fuel innovation and create tangible business value Five specific guiding recommendations for enterprises planning AI implementations
#ai  #applications  #innovation  #enterprise  #deployment  #advice  #analyst  #report  +Altimeter 
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Square off: Machine learning libraries O'Reilly 20180116
Square off: Machine learning libraries Top five characteristics to consider when deciding which library to use. By Mayukh Bhaowal January 16, 2018 Main reading room at the Library of Congress (source: Library of Congress on Flickr) Check out the session, "The Journey of Machine Learning Platform Adoption in Enterprise,” at Strata London, May 21-24, 2018. Choosing a machine learning (ML) library to solve predictive use cases is easier said than done. There are many to choose from, and each have their own niche and benefits that are good for specific use cases. Even for someone with decent experience in ML and data science, it can be an ordeal to vet all the varied solutions. Where do you start? At Salesforce Einstein, we have to constantly research the market to stay on top of it. Here are some observations on the top five characteristics of ML libraries that developers should consider when deciding what library to use:
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Population Health: Start with Teams Not Tools KLAS 20180515
Population Health: Start with Teams Not Tools
15 May 18 by Taylor Davis
Population health strategies are beginning to mature and spread with increasing speed, and in a market with such hype, it’s tempting to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch the fireworks. Provider organizations grow increasingly eager to leverage population health techniques to reach more patients and provide better care. In response, vendors create more robust population health technologies.

Many provider organizations’ population health strategies currently focus on obtaining the perfect tools. To no one’s surprise or pleasure, this approach generally requires spending a lot of money. Even worse is the fact that these investments don’t always pan out.
#pophealth  #patientengagement  #deployment  #strategies  #status  #advice  #innovation  #integration 
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Deep learning in the enterprise O'Reilly 20180226
Deep learning in the enterprise
Opportunities and challenges companies will face integrating and implementing deep learning frameworks.

By Emily Drevets February 26, 2018
Network structure
Network structure (source: Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash)
Attend the webcast "Using artificial intelligence to fight financial crimes" on February 27, 2018.

Deep learning is a class of machine learning (ML) algorithms inspired by the human brain. Also called neural networks, these algorithms are especially good at detecting patterns across both noisy data and data that was once completely opaque to machines. While the technical details of neural nets may thrill mathematics and computer science Ph.D.s, the technology’s real significance has a much broader appeal. It represents one more step toward truly self-learning machines.

Not surprisingly, this new wave of algorithms has captured attention with applications that range from machine translation to self-driving cars. Enterprises—and not just web-scale digital giants—have begun to use it to solve a wide variety of problems. Early adopters are demonstrating high-impact business outcomes in fraud detection, manufacturing performance optimization, preventative maintenance, and recommendation engines. It’s becoming clear that these new machine-intelligence-powered initiatives have the potential to redefine industries and establish new winners and losers in the next five years.

Though a custom deep learning framework can provide significant value, building one does come with unique challenges. This article will address some of the hurdles that enterprises will face as they develop this technology, approaches to overcoming them, and other considerations for building and maintaining a deep learning program. Specifically we will explore:
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Buoy Health: Check Symptoms & Find the Right Care
About Buoy
What is Buoy?
Buoy is a digital health tool that helps you – from the moment you get sick – start your care on the right foot.

These days, when most Americans get sick, they google their symptoms. But the information they find is unreliable and risky. Buoy flips the script by using advanced artificial intelligence to resemble a chat with your favorite doctor—where you get an accurate analysis of your symptoms and learn where to go and what to do next.

Start by entering your symptoms. Buoy’s algorithm analyzes your answers in real-time and decides the most important question to ask next. In just 2-3 minutes, Buoy gains a detailed understanding of your case and offers options for what to do next that are personalized to you. If you need immediate care, Buoy can connect you to care providers nearby.

No more endless googling. No more guessing. Start your care on the right foot. That's Buoy.

Fast facts
Founded: 2014
Funding: Angel investment
Affiliations: Harvard Innovation Laboratory (Cambridge, MA; member), New Lab (Brooklyn, NY; member), Healthbox (Orlando, FL; member)
Prizes: Harvard University Dean’s Health & Life Sciences Challenge (finalist); U.S. China Health Summit (winner of innovation forum)
Available in the United States
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10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Management IESE 20180424
"Artificial intelligence has huge potential to help managers make better decisions. Senior executives have the responsibility to learn to use it. And we must be careful to use it in a way that empowers people, not threatens them. Even if AI can challenge paradigms, we still need to address fundamental and human questions: What is our purpose? How do we serve? And how do we engage our employees so they can grow with us?"

These questions from Prof. Jordi Canals, along with many other issues, were addressed at a recent conference on The Future of Management in an Artificial Intelligence-Based World. The Barcelona conference brought together leaders from business and academia to share their insights into the current state of AI, what the future is likely to hold and how managers should prepare themselves for the changes ahead.

"Leadership is about people and artificial intelligence is about machines. But the borders are becoming fuzzy. We have to anticipate how this is impacting business in order to give us a head start," said Dean Franz Heukamp.

Key takeaways from the conference included these 10 ways managers should approach AI:
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The Innovation Paradox: Why Good Businesses Kill Breakthroughs and How They Can Change Tony Davila Marc Epstein 2014
The Innovation Paradox: Why Good Businesses Kill Breakthroughs and How They Can Change Hardcover – June 30, 2014
by Tony Davila (Author),‎ Marc Epstein (Author)

For more than twenty years, major innovations—the kind that transform industries and even societies—seem to have come almost exclusively from startups. Established companies still dominate most markets, but despite massive efforts and millions of dollars, they can’t seem to achieve the same kinds of foundational breakthroughs.

The problem, say Tony Davila and Marc Epstein, is that the very processes and structures responsible for established companies’ enduring success prevent them from developing breakthroughs. This is the innovation paradox.
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The five trademarks of agile organizations McKinsey 201801
The five trademarks of agile organizations
By Wouter Aghina, Aaron De Smet, Gerald Lackey, Michael Lurie, and Monica Murarka
Article Actions
Agile organizations—of any size and across industries—have five key elements in common.

This article was written collaboratively by the McKinsey Agile Tribe, a group of over 50 global colleagues bringing expertise from the digital, operations, marketing, and organization disciplines. They integrate their deep experience and thought leadership to extract the best from McKinsey’s global experience as it helps organizations transform themselves into agile organizations.

Our experience and research demonstrate that successful agile organizations consistently exhibit the five trademarks described in this article. The trademarks include a network of teams within a people-centered culture that operates in rapid learning and fast decision cycles which are enabled by technology, and a common purpose that co-creates value for all stakeholders. These trademarks complement the findings from “How to create an agile organization.”
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The Art + Science of Continuous Innovation Imaginatik 201802
nnovation, while a serious priority for today’s corporations, is failing. It turns out corporate innovation success requires much more than Innovation Labs, corporate hackathons, or executive tours of Silicon Valley.

It requires companies innovate as a matter of course – on both short- and long-term objectives, both tactical and strategic. To do this, companies must refresh their operating principles and organizational culture at the core.

Download The Art + Science of Continuous Innovation to learn how to anticipate, and encourage, a spirit of constant change with your organization, and create a culture of innovation.
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How CEOs Can Decode The Alphabet Soup Of Machine Learning 20180329
How CEOs Can Decode The Alphabet Soup Of Machine Learning
By Mike Salvino - March 29, 2018Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter
Two words that are spoken in every leadership and board meeting around the world right now are “machine learning”.  Technology buzzwords seem to monopolize these meetings.  Who could forget: digital, big data, internet of things (IoT), mobility, …-as-a-service, security, the cloud and the recent favorite, blockchain?  Now, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and numerous other technological terms that describe the artificial intelligence space have become this year’s buzzwords.

I’ve been in meetings with other executives where most people, including me, can’t make heads or tails of what people are talking about when this subject comes up. It’s like listening to a foreign language. If you are a CEO, your closest confidants are throwing all these words at you and you are thinking to yourself: “How did they learn this concept so fast? When did they become the expert in this space?” Most of them are just serving up the alphabet soup of the latest buzzwords to mask their own ignorance.  It’s up to you to figure out who knows what they are talking about (“contenders”), who doesn’t (“pretenders”), and whether this machine learning technology really matters to your business.
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What Defines Artificial Intelligence? The Complete WIRED Guide 20180201
Supersmart algorithms won't take all the jobs, but they are learning faster than ever, doing everything from medical diagnostics to serving up ads.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS overhyped—there, we said it. It’s also incredibly important.

Superintelligent algorithms aren’t about to take all the jobs or wipe out humanity. But software has gotten significantly smarter of late. It’s why you can talk to your friends as an animated poop on the iPhone X using Apple’s Animoji, or ask your smart speaker to order more paper towels.

Tech companies’ heavy investments in AI are already changing our lives and gadgets, and laying the groundwork for a more AI-centric future.

The current boom in all things AI was catalyzed by breakthroughs in an area known as machine learning. It involves “training” computers to perform tasks based on examples, rather than by relying on programming by a human. A technique called deep learning has made this approach much more powerful. Just ask Lee Sedol, holder of 18 international titles at the complex game of Go. He got creamed by software called AlphaGo in 2016.
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Grand Rounds - Expert Guidance For All Your Health Care Needs
Find an in-network doctor
Get an expert opinion
Learn about a condition
Talk to a doctor today
Get help with your benefits

Our matching engine finds the doctors best equipped for your needs. Doctors with deep knowledge, skills and experience, who are covered by your insurance.

Collecting medical records. Finding the best medical expert. Booking the appointment. It's all done for you.

Safe, secure and
zero cost to you
All Grand Rounds services are covered by your employer, and by the highest level of data security. So you can focus on your health, without the headache.
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Seeking Wisdom - from Darwin to Munger
Seeking Wisdom
From Darwin to Munger
Third Edition

By Peter Bevelin

Peter Bevelin begins his fascinating book with Confucius' great wisdom: "A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it, is committing another mistake." Seeking Wisdom is the result of Bevelin's learning about attaining wisdom. His quest for wisdom originated partly from making mistakes himself and observing those of others but also from the philosophy of super-investor and Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charles Munger. A man whose simplicity and clarity of thought was unequal to anything Bevelin had seen.

In addition to naturalist Charles Darwin and Munger, Bevelin cites an encyclopedic range of thinkers: from first-century BCE Roman poet Publius Terentius to Mark Twain—from Albert Einstein to Richard Feynman—from 16th Century French essayist Michel de Montaigne to Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett. In the book, he describes ideas and research findings from many different fields.

This book is for those who love the constant search for knowledge. It is in the spirit of Charles Munger, who says, "All I want to know is where I'm going to die so I'll never go there." There are roads that lead to unhappiness. An understanding of how and why we can "die" should help us avoid them. We can't eliminate mistakes, but we can prevent those that can really hurt us.

Using exemplars of clear thinking and attained wisdom, Bevelin focuses on how our thoughts are influenced, why we make misjudgments and tools to improve our thinking. Bevelin tackles such eternal questions as: Why do we behave like we do? What do we want out of life? What interferes with our goals?

Read and study this wonderful multidisciplinary exploration of wisdom. It may change the way you think and act in business and in life.

Net proceeds from sales of Seeking Wisdom go to benefit The Munger Research Center of the Huntington Library in San Marino, California.
#decisionmaking  #thinking  #strategy  #investing  #advice  #book  #order 
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Poor Charlie's Almanack
Poor Charlie's Almanack
The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger
Expanded Third Edition

Forward by Warren E. Buffett
Edited by Peter D. Kaufman

[ Authorized Chinese translation ]

From 1733 to 1758, Ben Franklin dispensed useful and timeless advice through Poor Richard's Almanack. Among the virtues extolled were thrift, duty, hard work, and simplicity. Subsequently, two centuries went by during which Ben's thoughts on these subjects were regarded as the last word. Then Charlie Munger stepped forth.

– Warren Buffett
From the Foreword to Poor Charlie's Almanack

For the first time ever, the wit and wisdom of Charlie Munger is available in a single volume: all his talks, lectures and public commentary. And, it has been written and compiled with both Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett's encouragement and cooperation. So pull up your favorite reading chair and enjoy the unique humor, wit and insight that Charlie Munger brings to the world of business, investing and life itself.

Charles Helman Lea once said, "It will generally be admitted that the true test of all books is the influence they have upon the lives and conduct of their readers." We hope this book passes that test, exerting a lasting influence on you.

Net proceeds from sales of Poor Charlie's Almanack go to benefit The Munger Research Center of the Huntington Library in San Marino, California.
#investing  #advice  #book  #CharlieMunger 
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How to Design a Better Pitch Deck Ycombinator 20151115
How to Design a Better Pitch Deck
By Kevin Hale

Advice Startups
November 15, 2015
The following is an adaption of a presentation I give to YC startups before we have them create their presentation slide decks for Demo Day.

Here’s how to make a solid Demo Day slide deck. The thing to remember is that you already have everything you need to create a great presentation.

There are probably 100 reasons why your company is great, but people can only really remember a few of them after a short presentation or pitch. With each one of you, we sat down and figured out the 5 to 7 most important ideas people should know about your startup. These 5 to 7 points are the ones you want investors to remember.
#startups  #pitchdeck  #advice  #Ycombinator 
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