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Kristen Stewart: Hiding in Plain Sight
If Stewart’s talents take people aback, no matter how often and variously proved, one probable reason is her commitment to a low-fuss, conversational directness that is rare among modern film performers, particularly in roles that accommodate flashier approaches.
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The Great Recession: American Movie Acting Today
To risk oversimplification, Method acting dramatized the way that, in the middle of the 20th century, Americans saw themselves: held down by repressive norms or psychological blocks, but ultimately glorious, full-flowering individuals with rich inner lives and wellsprings of powerful feeling. In contrast, the new film acting shows us the micro-responses of people engaged in unspectacular strategies of survival, trying to get their minimal needs met by any means necessary. At the heart of this distinction are two vastly different conceptions of trauma.
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‘The Imitation Game’ Stars Benedict Cumberbatch - NYTimes.com
The adult Turing is played by Benedict Cumberbatch (his younger self is Alex Lawther), expanding his repertoire of socially awkward intellectual prodigies, real and fictional. What has made Mr. Cumberbatch so effective as Sherlock Holmes and Julian Assange — and what makes his Alan Turing one of the year’s finest pieces of screen acting — is his curious ability to suggest cold detachment and acute sensitivity at the same time. If he did not exist, 21st-century popular culture would have to invent him: a sentient robot, an empathetic space alien, a warm-blooded salamander with crazy sex appeal.
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Watch Martin Freeman's "surprises" while filming The Hobbit - Movies News - Digital Spy
"There's enough showbiz in me that I don't want to do it just for the camera I also want the 500 people in the room mildly entertained and mildly distracted for the next three hours," Freeman explained.

Director Peter Jackson praised Freeman for giving him multiple options in the editing room, adding: "What Martin will always give you is surprises with takes, with scenes, with ways that lines are performed, with physical stuff.

"He just tries different things all the time, it's absolutely wonderful."

[With video.]
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Viola Davis as You’ve Never Seen Her Before: Leading Lady! - NYTimes.com
“Even when I get the fried-chicken special of the day, I have to dig into it like it’s filet mignon,” Viola Davis said. She was speaking not of meals, but of roles.
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Form an orderly queue, ladies. (I don’t think luck comes into it much. I was...)
I don’t think luck comes into it much. I was recently speaking to an old acquaintance who used to work at the RSC and remembers his first season with them (and, as a total unknown just out of drama school, he was recruited because of his talent alone - unlike some other actors cast in big parts around then largely because they were the son or daughter of a big star or had other connections) - she said that Stratford was buzzing about his talent. She also said he was one of the nicest, politest actors she has ever worked with, which has probably helped a bit, as well - not being an arsehole can be a real career advantage for an actor.

I’ve heard the “very little range” accusation lobbed at Freeman a lot and I disagree. He’s a quiet, unshowy actor who follows the internal, Stanislavskian method of living the character’s emotions from within, rather than impersonating other people. If he looks like he’s just being himself in every part, IMO it’s because he makes the character’s thought processes and feelings so natural and believable. I don’t need him to look radically different in every part he’s in - I just need to feel 100% convinced by the character. Which I always am.
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july 2014 by whatifisaidno
Martin Freeman interview – “Well, I didn’t really have a lot of experience acting opposite the dragon …” - University Observer
Freeman relishes his role as Watson and exhibits an insightful understanding of the character’s inner workings. “John is still, he’s stoical, he’s very watchful, he’s very very strong-willed, a strong-minded person, he’s not easily flappable.

“You know he’s an alpha male, he saves lives and can kill people; like if it wasn’t for Sherlock he’d be the most impressive man in the room, you know because he’s knocking about with someone who’s even more fucking alpha than he is. All of which is interesting to play because you’re playing someone who is very much their own man, they’re very strong.”

Freeman also has a certain sense of admiration for his fictional counterpart. “He doesn’t do a lot of vocal flourishes, he doesn’t do a lot of showing off, it’s just he’s still in a way that I envy about some men. He’s got a real strength to him.”
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Los Angeles Review of Books - Louis C.K. And The Rise Of The 'Laptop Loners'
“You’re a great guy,” she says. “But my chemistry is telling me that you’re a loser.” Is this funny or just depressing?

One can imagine how this scene would play out on Curb. Larry, dismayed, would hold his date in his trademark, squint-eyed stare. He would be indignant to be so unfairly judged. In Curb, what often allows the audience to laugh is the reassuring knowledge that, despite Larry’s humiliations, he’s still Larry David: superior, smug, self-satisfied. Larry doesn’t feel shame, only annoyance and self-righteousness. He’ll laugh last while drinking champagne in his mansion.

Louie gives no such reassurance. One gets the sense that humiliations stay with him, that he carries them like blooming tumors in the pockets of his swollen belly. Both Louie and Larry are bourgeois white American men, but only Larry’s feel like first world problems. In part, this is because bodily despair transcends race and class. Louie’s misery seems inevitable, irreparable, real in the sense that it extends beyond the boundaries of the show’s fictional sphere and into C.K’s actual life. We surmise that it’s not just the character that’s overweight and out of breath, but also the actor who plays him.

The waning state of C.K.’s fleshly self is a major source for Louie’s particular amalgamation of humor and woe. Louie’s doctor tells him he has “the worst penis I’ve ever seen.” A young woman wants him to describe — mid-coitus — his body’s degeneration. Again, we’re privy to C.K.’s subjective reality, his glass half empty interpretations. It’s the nightmarish solipsism of he who thinks the world was built to hurt him, the literalization of a misanthrope’s imagination.

Excellent meta on Louis.
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On Yellow Paper - What Molly Did Next
How stripping off to play Helen of Troy on the London stage changed the way I feel about my body
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What Rotten Tomatoes data tell us about the best, worst, and most bizarre Hollywood trajectories. - By Christopher Beam and Jeremy Singer-Vine - Slate Magazine
With that in mind, use Slate's Hollywood Career-o-Matic tool below to map the career of any major actor or director from the last 26 years. You can also type in more than one name to plot careers side by side. For example, Paul Thomas Anderson vs. Wes Anderson vs. Pamela Anderson. Mouse over the data points to see which movies they represent. (We've included only actors and directors who've released at least five films between 1985 and March of this year, according to the RT data, to filter out thousands of bit-actors you've probably never heard of.)
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YouTube - David Tennant - Traffic Warden
Short film written and directed by Donald Rice Starring David Tennant & Sophie Hunter
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