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Four reasons to use the One Metric That Matters
Avinash Kaushik has a name for trying to report too many things: data puking.*
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april 2016 by esperluette
Misconceptions about academic data sharing | Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft
Lesenswerter Beitrag von Benedikt Fecher und Gert Wagner die damit auf ein Editorial im New England Journal of Medicine reagieren in dem die Autoren das Aufkommen eines neuen Typus von Wissenschaftlern (dem "Research Parasite") ausgehen. Diesen Typus zielen sie auf Wissenschaftler ab die sich der verfügbaren Daten bedienen. Schöne Reaktion!
offenewissenschaft  HIIG  "Open  Data"  "Data  Sharing" 
february 2016 by matthiasfromm
The Power, Patterns, and Pains of Microservices
My friend and former colleague Dave McCrory coined the idea of data gravity —the inclination for pools of data to attract more and more data. The same thing— monolith gravity —exists with existing monolithic applications; any existing application will have inertia.
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january 2016 by esperluette
Nesta research grant mapping below the radar social economies
Nesta giving out small grants to a number of organisations for doing some
data mapping of "below the radar" social economy like Etsy, Ebay and other
Nesta  Grant  Research  "data  mapping" 
february 2014 by mysociety

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