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[Crossover Inception] Agents of SHIELD, everything we've seen is a dream
Basically what it says on the Tin, everything we've seen on Agents of SHIELD is an Inception style dream. Reasons up to author, but possibly chance ot use agents who've being too badly injured physically or mentally to be in the field.

Bonus points; Fitz and Simons in real life are one person (Fitzsimons). The dream allows them to work as two separate person, which is much better for everyone involved (and explains why people keep referring to them as Fitzsimons)

Super Bonus Points: Skye was investigating rumours of this SHIELD literal "dream team", when she was captured and made a member. It actually works out better than anyone expected
#prompt  §round:021  [agents.of.shield]  #unfilled  $crossover  $au  (gen)  |(aos.team)  mindfuck  help 
december 2013 by avengerkink
Agents of SHIELD, Any or Gen, what are their daemons?, CNTW
Exactly that. What are their daemons, what are they like, how do they work in SHIELD?

My thoughts:

- Ward's daemon is shy and may have scars from when Ward was abused
- it's hard to tell FitzSimmons's daemons apart because they're actually comfortable enough to have physical contact--not necessarily in a relationship, just familiar with each other
- Skye's daemon is curious and gets into trouble just as much as Skye
- May's daemon looks cute and cuddly or defenseless, but turns out to be incredibly dangerous

Feel free to include any Avengers as well. If you pair Coulson with anyone, I prefer him to be a bottom.
#prompt  §round:021  [agents.of.shield]  #filled  $wip  $crossover  (gen)  |(aos.team) 
december 2013 by avengerkink
[Fusion] AoS Coulson + team - "Tahiti is a magical place"
[Spoilers for AoS 1x08 - The Well]

This is a Dollhouse fusion, and reveals several spoilers about the series. You've been warned.

In the last couple minutes of The Well, Coulson has a dream that he's back in Tahiti, being all relaxed and pampered and whatnot. He uses the phrase, "Did I fall asleep?" to his masseur, and my mind immediately went to the call-and-response from Dollhouse. ("Did I fall asleep?" "For a little while." "Shall I go now?" "If you like.")

Also, the repetition of the phrase "Tahiti is a magical place" is beginning to strongly remind me of the phrases used between Dolls and their handlers, coded phrases used to reinforce their roles or get them to go to treatment.

What if the damage Loki did to Coulson was pretty severe? Maybe human medicine managed to save Coulson's body, but he'd suffered pretty heavy brain trauma and would have never been the same. He would have remained the vegetable for the rest of his life. The only way to save Coulson was to use Dollhouse technology to rebuild his memories and personality (because I could totally see SHIELD agents getting mandatory brain scans along with their medical checkups). But that sometimes creates odd gaps if the programmer didn't have anything to work with, and a dreaming Doll sometimes has difficulty processing those gaps.

Go from there where you will, anons. Is Melinda May his handler? Does Coulson begin to dig deeper into his records and find unusual scan results? Does someone use a Doll-specific disabler during a mission and Coulson ends up going down, resulting in FitzSimmons searching around on his behalf?
#prompt  §round:021  #unfilled  [agents.of.shield]  $crossover  |phil.coulson  mindfuck  mind.control  technology  (gen)  angst 
november 2013 by avengerkink
[SALT Crossover] Gen/Slash: Tony Stark is a Russian spy
SALT crossover: Tony Stark was born in Russia and was trained since birth to be a "plant"/"sleeper agent" in America (just like Angelina Jolie in SALT). When the Stark family dies in a car accident, they being very prominent and note-worthy family, Tony replaces the real Tony Stark (who died in the accident aswell) to fully situate himself in America as he awaits for further instructions.

The Avengers still happens, whether or not Natasha recognises Tony or Tony recognises Natasha is up to the writer (though I prefer Natasha not to recognise him), as well as what happens when the fact Tony is a spy is (dramatically revealed).

The only thing I want is for Tony to actually not want to betray America. I also want him to be extremely kick-ass thanks to his spy skills which maybe is what makes Natasha suspicious and what leads to the dramatic reveal.
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [mcu]  $crossover  (gen)  |tony.stark  identity  family  |natasha.romanov  secrets  betrayal  spies 
september 2013 by avengerkink
[Crossover] Leverage/Avengers, teams
Let's go steal the Avengers

anything where the teams interact. maybe they start out thinking they're enemies but then realize they're on the same side. Maybe SHIELD brings in the Leverage team to test the Avengers or to help them against a human baddie. Any excuse is fine!

+1 Natasha and Sophie test each other's people-reading skills and they both come out with mutual respect.
+10 Eliot is SOOO excited that he gets to spar with Captain America but pretends not to be
+10 Hardison and Tony geek out over computers together
+100 Bruce finds Parker a little scary but Parker and Hulk get along great
+100 Coulson interacts with the Leverage team
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [mcu]  $crossover  |(team)  rivalry  bonding  |phil.coulson  shield.training  (gen) 
september 2013 by avengerkink
[Crossover] Hulk, Welcome to Night Vale
When the quinjet (or a plane or whatever) is attack mid-flight, Bruce hulks out and falls out and into Night Vale.

The reactions from the citizenry there is a lot different than he expected.
#prompt  §round:020  #filled  [mcu]  $crossover  |hulk  mission  transformation  (gen) 
september 2013 by avengerkink
Steve/Renesmee (Twilight crossover)
(please don't kill me)

Steve/Renesmee Cullen. He's a man out of time, she's a woman who grew up to fast, and they meet in New York City when she's using her advanced strength to help clean up the aftermath. I don't care if she's secretly Darcy, or if she's just herself, whatever. Just. These two. :D

+ 1 Natasha training her to kill vampires like Blade fight
+ 100 Renesmee running away to NYC in the first place to get away from the bullshit that is imprinting
+ 1000 Thor using his Asgardian status to make Renesmee a legal citizen, and not bound by the pack's rules/whatever, along with Tony using his status to rescue the babies that were imprinted upon, and groomed to be brides.
+ 10000 Not being super nice to the canon characters. >_>;
+ 100000 Being super nice to Charlie and conveniently forgetting the bull shit that was him congradulating Jacob on the fact that Jacon kissed Bella against her will
+ a million, Renesmee adores being called 'Nessie'
#prompt  §round:020  #unfilled  [mcu]  $crossover  |steve.rogers  *steve/other  (het)  strength  bonding  imprinting 
september 2013 by avengerkink
gen, crossover with madoka
I want a crossover dealing with the magical girls of the New york and the avengers. Like, avengers have a run in with this young girl praancing around the city in the most ridiculous miniskirt and using clearly superhuman powers. Then the shield starts looking in to it and wouldn't you know, new york seems to be full of them.
The more they dig into it, the creepier it gets.
at first everyone is like, cute! but hey, maybe yoy should leave the fighting to the grown ups.
Then when things start to get more complicated, the reaction starts to be more like, how do we gets these fucking space cat-weasles out of our planet.

in the end, there is nothing the avengers or the shield can do. The incubators are impossible to kill and there is no cure for the girls that have done the contract. Only thing to do is try to keep the incubators away from potential victims, but even shield does not have that much of monitoring power.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  $crossover  |(team)  (gen)  magic  super.powers 
august 2013 by avengerkink
[Crossover: Wolverine] Any/Kenuichio Harada, The Avengers go to Japan
For whatever reason, maybe they're chasing someone or on vacation or something, but the Avengers go to Japan and end up meeting Yukio, Mariko, Wolverine, a billion ninjas. Etc.

Thor and Wolverine get along as well as you'd expect. Tony and Wolverine as well.

Would love a bit of someone/Kenuichio featured or on the side.

+ Hawkeye feels competitive since Kenuichio has the same skillset and is basically his counterpart, just capable of fulfilling Asian fetishes and he does this pretty little wrist twirl when pulling out his bow. Also he's a legit ninja, that's automatically extra cool points.
+ At some point, Kenuichio and Yukio fake not knowing English as well as they do. Kenuichio goes a step further and spontaneously develops a bad accent, even though he's good enough that he sounds like he was raised in the US.
+ Yukio and Natasha go on a girly shopping spree. For cool weapons. And cute accessories to dangle off them.
+ They get caught in a massive 4-way fight between rival yakuza and ninja clans
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (gen)  $crossover  |(team)  |(any)  competition  combat  holidays  sparring 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Gen or Any/Any, Crossover with Terminator, JARVIS vs Skynet
Has this been done before? Like maybe Skynet sends back another terminator to kill John Connor and his mom who happen to be hiding in NYC and they run into the Avengers and when John and Sarah tell them what's going on, they're like "Can't you see we're busy defending the Earth now from alien invasions? We can't deal with future AIs taking over the world. Besides, we've got JARVIS. He wouldn't let that happen."

Or maybe the Terminator attacks the whole group and JARVIS is like "Bitch please. This is my time." But in a totally polite British manner.

Or, John and Sarah find out about JARVIS and decide that he will become Skynet so they try to hack in and destroy him.

+ Bonus if Cameron is somehow there, because I loved her.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  $crossover  (gen)  *(unspecified)  |JARVIS  technology  intelligence  internet  time.travel 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Avengers/Star Wars Crossover - Nick Fury is Mace Windu
Just what it says on the tin:

Instead of dying in his duel with Palatine and Anikan, Mace just fell and lost an eye. To escape the Jedi purges, He hides out in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy, specifically a little known planet called Earth. Once on Earth, he recognizes the various Superpowers as precursors to full-blown Force-Sensitivity and takes it upon himself to train them into a new Jedi Order. He mind tricks his way into SHIELD and forms the Avengers, in hope of avenging his fallen comrades.

TR;DL: Nick Fury is the Galaxy's most BAMF! Jedi Knight.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  $crossover  (gen)  |nick.fury  bamf  identity  shield.training  fighting  warriors 
august 2013 by avengerkink
[Crossover: Torchwood] Steve/Jack, You're alive?
Before he left for his last mission (who ended in the ice) Steve met Jack and they had a short but great time (and lots of mindblowing sex!!). And somehow they found someone who wedded them. Then Steve crashes into the ice and everyone thinks he's dead and his husband is grieving.

Cut! 70 years in the future: Torchwood get's a signal about alien activity in New York and when Jack sees the fight on TV (like most of the people in the world) he spots a familiar figure: Steve. His husband is alive! He's in the next plane to New York to find him.

Steve woke up after 70 years in the ice. Everyone he knew is dead by now and he mourns a lot about his pretty husband. And after the battle someone arrives in the tower: Jack!

And when they meet for the first time after 70 years, the first thing they say is "You're alive?" And then...
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  $crossover  (slash)  |steve.rogers  *steve/other  marriage  grief  reconciliation  discovery  age.gap 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Friendship, Edwin Jarvis & Alfred Pennyworth
So Jarvis raised Tony and Alfred raised Bruce Wayne. I'd like to see them comparing notes on their genius billionaire charges.

Bonus for Tony & Bruce being angsty bros.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (gen)  $crossover  |edwin.jarvis  friendship  caretaking 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Bruce/Tony, welcome to night vale fusion
When a new scientist and his team roll into town, Tony Stark, charming host of the community radio, doesn't think much of it, besides a faint curiousity about what the hell they're even doing here. Then he hears news about the head scientist, and- more importantly- his amazing bed of perfect, wonderful, amazing hair.

Then he sees that hair for himself.

And Tony falls in love instantly.
#prompt  §round:019  #filled  $wip  $au  $crossover  [mcu]  |bruce.banner  |tony.stark  *bruce/tony  press/tabloids  science  hair  falling.in.love  (slash) 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Clint/Coulson, Suits/lawyer AU
Ok whenever I see prompts for Suits AU's they seem to always ask for the Harvey/Mike roles (which is totally awesome, but) I want to see Coulson in the Harvey role, but instead of an associate attorney, Clint is his sectary - ala Donna: the BAMF sectary who takes shit from no one, can do the seemingly undo-able, has half the office terrified and the other half infatuated and is never to be underestimated.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  [mcu]  (slash)  |clint.barton  |phil.coulson  *clint/coulson  $crossover  $au  bamf  office.sex 
august 2013 by avengerkink
Post-civil war - Tony's taken captive by friends [Rape/Non-con. CNTW]
After the civil war, Tony is assumed dead when Osborn goes after him and he isn't heard from. His brain reboots itself and he's found by "friends". Can be whoever you want, but for some reason my mind keeps going toward Luke Cage and Logan. But whatever.

Anyways, this group of Avengers take Tony and let the world assume he's dead, not telling Tony that that's the reason no one's coming for him and telling him that everyone hates his guts so that's why he's here.

They keep him captive, hidden, and no one has a clue.

Basically, I just want Tony to be treated like shit - literally, no rights, no freedom, nothing - by people he thought were friends.

I want one of them to get pissed off at something and use Tony as their punching bag. I want them to humiliate him using sex and drill obedience into him.

I want Tony to, at one point, think that suicide is the ONLY way out and to attempt so but, somehow - maybe getting Strange involved - he's brought back and still kept captive.

Depression and so on, comes into play, or you can just write the abusive scenes.

I even have this weird idea that, because of how they treat him, they make it so that Tony can NEVER die. Ever. And they kill him constantly, knowing that he'll come back to life in a few minutes anyway.

They're careless with his life, cruel and unmerciful.

If you really don't think this can work, you can make it into mind-control or evil clones or whatever.

But I want Tony to be abused, not in all these ways, but in whatever way you deem fit, by people he once thought of as friends.

That is all.

I'm sorry. It's cruel. But yeah.
#prompt  §round:019  #unfilled  $crossover  $au  (slash)  (het)  |tony.stark  *tony/team  *tony/other  non-con/rape  betrayal  team.whore  revenge  suicide  depression  torture  psychological.breakdown  psychological.torture  [comics] 
august 2013 by avengerkink
[Crossover] the Avengers are Not Impressed with the Ministry of Magic.
So I've looked EVERYWHERE and come to the conclusion that there is a shameful lack of good Avengers/HP crossovers, and I'd like to see them interacting with Harry and their opinions on the British wizarding society.

The Avengers are awesome as they are! And it's fun to figure out which House they'd be in, but it's even more fun because they're heroes who have twisty pasts and today save the world. It'd be a little bit less fun if they were "normal" eleven-year-olds being Sorted. Also I love thinking of them as a dysfunctional but still caring family, whose crazy life might give some people nightmares but gives them no pause. So I want to keep their background intact, please.

Also, hey, parallel universes are Avengers canon!

The final proposal is that the Avengers should fall through a rift and find themselves temporarily stuck in HP verse. For entertainment purposes, they are in England (and possibly have all reverted to teenagers because of REASONS). They then meet Harry and find him likable enough to take some interest.

Their interest in or usage of magic should be at the writer's discretion -- do all of them even have the "magic" as this world understands it? Did they talk enough with magic users like Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff that they have some power of their own? There are no wands in Marvel, maybe that's why they couldn't use magic before? Then again in Marvel it's implied that magic can be learned, so perhaps Tony got drunk/angry/into a dare and took some lessons. Or maybe they got zapped by the Tesseract!

I'd like to see them at Hogwarts, but there are many ways to get there, especially since they are most definitely not eleven. They shouldn't be averse to going there, though, since it seems to be the place one can find resources and information -- everything powerful seems to be magical in this verse, and they do need to get themselves back home -- or at least find a way to pass the time until someone back home gets them back. Of course inserting themselves in the system would be one of the first things Natasha would do upon arriving on an alternate reality. So they exist and could apply to go. They could also smuggle themselves in. Or not go there at all and try to find whatever they need by raiding the Ministry and pureblood mansions. It might be hard, due to the unfamiliar magic, but these people don't flinch from the impossible.

Feel free to troll Umbridge and Fudge, those two are there to be hated. <3
#prompt  §round:017  #unfilled  $crossover 
february 2013 by avengerkink
Art Feat. Clint, Coulson, Natacha, Any : Nighthawks a la Avengers [crossover]

So. Nighthawks.
It features a guy in a suit, a red-head, and is called NightHAWKs.
How can we not have a Nighthawks Avengers-style? Won't one of you talented artists right this wrong? Pretty please? I kinda need it in my life.

Of course I'd love it if someone would write a companion piece for the art, but I'll try and not be too greedy!
#prompt  §round:017  #unfilled  $art.request  $crossover  |clint.barton  (gen) 
february 2013 by avengerkink

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