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Alleged image of Xiaomi's $65 budget smartphone hits the web
Xiaomi’s recent budget device the Redmi 2 has been very well received so far and it really is one of the best budget Android smartphones in the market. The company is now reportedly looking at launching yet another budget smartphone, this time with an even more affordable price-tag. According to Chinese website Mydrivers, Xiaomi is...

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The post Alleged image of Xiaomi’s $65 budget smartphone hits the web appeared first on VR-Zone.
Alleged  image  of  Xiaomi’s  $65  budget  smartphone  hits  the  web 
march 2015 by vrzone
Xiaomi's upcoming $65 smartphone to bring 4G LTE to the masses
Xiaomi is certainly on a roll since the past few months. In a short period of time, the company has managed to become the world’s No.3 smartphone maker. For 2015, the company has some big plans and one of them is launching affordable LTE smartphones. The first such device has made its way to China’s...

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The post Xiaomi’s upcoming $65 smartphone to bring 4G LTE to the masses appeared first on VR-Zone.
Xiaomi’s  upcoming  $65  smartphone  to  bring  4G  LTE  the  masses 
january 2015 by vrzone

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