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Five Firsts for Jenny and Vastra by gnimaerd [R] [Doctor Who, Jenny Flint/Madame Vastra]
'It’s not proper, Jenny knows – not at all – what they do on the floor of the library by the light of the Christmas tree. Not lady-like, and certainly not something they should be indulging in before they are married. But it’s lovely, all the same.'
doctorwho  jenny/vastra  gnimaerd  r  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
february 2016 by ispahan
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn by L_Cloudy [PG-13] [ASOIAF, Rhaegar Targaryen]
He died for the first time on the riverbank of the Trident, Robert Baratheon’s hammer smashing into his chest.

Wherein Rhaegar lives again.
(And again, and again, and again...)
asoiaf  rhaegartargaryen  l_cloudy  pg-13  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
october 2015 by ispahan
Choices by trilliath [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
This story is an alternate ending for "the last ten minutes" in which Shepard is, on the whole, much more Shepard-like.
This story includes a logic-throwdown with the starchild and a Shepard who does not just give up with a "You'll never understand". She uses her grit, and her mind.

And then she goes all BAMF and stops the reapers and saves the day with determination and hope.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  trilliath  r  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
october 2015 by ispahan
Stage Incomplete by madamebadger [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Garrus thought that playing a video game or two would provide a good distraction for Shepard. After all, she badly needed some distractions.

(It never occurred to him that she would be so very bad at it.)
masseffect  femshep/garrus  madamebadger  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015 by ispahan
A Family Affair by servantofclio [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
It's a strange awakening, when you're in the company of strangers who treat you as family.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  servantofclio  r  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015 by ispahan
Detective Work by thievinghippo [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
There's nothing Garrus likes more than uncovering a good mystery. Especially when that mystery involves Shepard.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  thievinghippo  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015 by ispahan
The Shepard Code by quondam [R] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Set Post-ME3 where Shepard chooses Control. A hundred years after the Reaper War, a Turian ship captained by the grandson of Garrus Vakarian comes across a derelict Reaper inhabited by a hologram of Commander Shepard.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  quondam  r  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015 by ispahan
Whenever It Rains by Hallianna [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Whenever it rains, he thinks of her.

Garrus and Shepard spend a night together after a hard-won battle against the Reapers on a rainy jungle planet. Turians aren't known for being fans of water, but for her, he'll suffer a little rain.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  hallianna  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015 by ispahan
All Up The Seething Coast by theherocomplex by theherocomplex [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
Sequel to Honey In The Bushes, Water In The Well. In which Shepard discovers the secret to Garrus' success, and decides turnabout is very fair play.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  theherocomplex  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015 by ispahan
Honey In The Bushes, Water In The Well by theherocomplex [NC-17] [Mass Effect, Femshep/Garrus]
In which Shepard's Cerberus upgrades give Garrus some self-esteem issues in bed, and Mordin has just the thing they need.

Also known as that fic where I say what we're all thinking about turian tongues.
masseffect  femshep/garrus  theherocomplex  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
july 2015 by ispahan
Boundary Conditions by fahye [NC-17] [White Collar, Elizabeth/Peter/Neal]
If he bothered to analyse it, Peter would say that it's less about controlling action and more about security of knowledge.
whitecollar  elizabeth/peter/neal  fahye  nc-17  !w[03]:5000-10000words 
june 2015 by ispahan
Empathy 101 by ricketyhands [NC-17] [Almost Human, Dorian/John Kennex]
“If you have the same range of emotions, then how about touch? What about romantic intimacy?”

A blunt question to match Dorian’s.
almosthuman  dorian/john  ricketyhands  !w[03]:5000-10000words  nc-17 
december 2013 by ispahan
Impossible Things by elyssblair [PG-13] [Eureka, Jack Carter/Nathan Stark]
When Jack gets dragged along on Fargo and Zane's ghost hunting, he discovers something he never expected to find.
eureka  jack/nathan  elyssblair  !w[03]:5000-10000words  pg-13  yuletide2013 
december 2013 by ispahan
Fixing One’s Energy Influx Is a Euphemism for Sex by sophie [NC-17] [Almost Human, Dorian/John Kennex]
Dorian looks up. “Your heart rate sped up and you're probably aware that blood flow to your genitals is increasing.”

“Jesus Christ, can you at least not talk about it that way?”

Dorian raises his eyebrows. “You're getting hard, man.”
almosthuman  dorian/john  sophie  !w[03]:5000-10000words  nc-17  yuletide2013 
december 2013 by ispahan

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