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Who needs genetic testing for cancer? | CNN
Primary care providers should screen women for personal, family and/or ethnic history of breast, ovarian, tubal or peritoneal cancer to decide who should undergo genetic counseling for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, the US Preventive Services Task Force recommended Tuesday. Mary-Claire King is quoted.
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15 hours ago by UWMedicine
New retina center for UW Medicine brings new technology, research | KIRO-TV
New retina center for UW Medicine brings new technology, research for patients struggling with vision. Dr. Russ Van Gelder, director of the UW Medicine Eye Institute, and patient Mark Bathum, a blind paralympic skier are interviewed.
16 hours ago by UWMedicine
How machine learning is crafting precision medicine | Forbes
Doctors are using artificial intelligence to develop precision treatments for complex diseases. Their aim is to glean from increasingly massive and available data sets insight into what makes patients healthy at the individual level. Jay Shendure and Pamela Becker are named.
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18 hours ago by UWMedicine
Osteoporosis often missed in elderly men | US News
Osteoporosis is typically thought of as a woman's disease, but elderly men are also prone to bone loss -- even though they often aren't treated for it, a new UW Medicine study finds. Story quotes endocrinologist Radhika Rao Narla.
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4 days ago by UWMedicine
Sneezing and coughing: Here’s how far germs spread | SELF
Infectious diseases have a few modes of transmission. One of these is large droplet transmission. Virologist Alexander Greninger is quoted.
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5 days ago by UWMedicine
Study of text messages to reduce suicides shows intriguing results | Oregonlive.com
UW Medicine examined the ability of simple, supportive text messages, sent at regular intervals over a year, to reduce suicides in soldiers and Marines. Story quotes Amanda Kerbrat.
!UWM  Area:Psych  suicide  military  Kerbrat.Amanda 
5 days ago by UWMedicine
Can kids of anti-vaxxers secretly consent to vaccines? | Newsweek
As Washington state deals with a measles outbreak that has caused at least 53 people, young people have asked how they can get vaccinated without their parents' knowledge. Doug Diekema is quoted.
!UWM  Area:InfectiousDisease  measles  Diekema.Doug  Area:Pediatrics 
7 days ago by UWMedicine
When Is the surgeon too old to operate? | The New York Times
A handful of hospitals have instituted mandatory screening procedures for medical professionals over 70. Many have been unenthusiastic about the idea. Surgeon Patchen Dellinger is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Surgery  aging  Dellinger.Patchen 
7 days ago by UWMedicine
Kids are using too much toothpaste, and it’s problematic | Reuters
The research team found that about half of children ages 3 to 6 used the recommended pea-sized amount of toothpaste when they brushed, but 38 percent used a half- or full-load of toothpaste, which is too much. Brent Collett is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Psych  dental.care  Collett.Brent 
7 days ago by UWMedicine
Catching a killer | thevillagesdailysun.com
Innovations in the country’s largest retirement community, in Florida, are defying the odds with a stunning cardiac save rate that is four times greater than the national average. Emergency medicine pioneer Leonard Cobb is quoted and Harborview is named.
!UWM  Area:EmergencyMed  cardiac.arrest  CPR 
7 days ago by UWMedicine
What does the emergency declaration for measles mean for you? | The Seattle Times
Measles is an ongoing threat in the U.S. because of large outbreaks throughout the world. Virtually all people who travel internationally are at risk of being exposed to measles. Op-ed by John Lynch and Jeff Duchin
!UWM  Area:InfectiousDisease  measles  Lynch.John  Duchin.Jeff 
7 days ago by UWMedicine
At least 12 children exposed to marijuana gummies | CNN
Several states with legal recreational marijuana, including Colorado, Oregon and Washington, have made child-resistant packaging a requirement for certain products. Pediatrician Suzan Mazor is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Pediatrics  Area:EmergencyMed  marijuana  Mazor.Suzan 
8 days ago by UWMedicine
A new prognosis for pain care | Wall Street Journal
At the University of Washington Center for Pain Relief, researchers developed an online assessment called PainTracker where patients answer a series of questions to determine what impact pain has on their lives and help them better understand their condition and manage their recovery. Mark Sullivan is quoted.
!UWM  Area:PainMed  Sullivan.Mark 
8 days ago by UWMedicine
How does endometriosis impact fertility? | SELF
If you have endometriosis, you might have a host of concerns ranging from pain to fertility. Some figures suggest that between 30 and 50 percent of people with endometriosis have impaired fertility. Christopher Herndon is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Ob-Gyn  endometriosis  fertility  Herndon.Christopher 
8 days ago by UWMedicine
Sleep patterns can change with aging | The Washington Post
When Carol Gee turned 55, she made a new friend: 4 a.m. In the past, she usually slept through it. But once she entered menopause, it became her new wake-up time. Sleep specialist Michael Vitiello is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Neurosciences  sleep  Vitiello.Michael 
8 days ago by UWMedicine
Monkeys with superpower eyes could help cure color blindness | WIRED
Male squirrel monkeys don’t see color well; they have a kind of red-green color blindness. Dalton's eyes really only see medium and short wavelengths of light—blues and greens, and their overlap color, yellow. Jay Neitz is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Eye  color.blindness  Neitz.Jay 
8 days ago by UWMedicine
Mandatory MMR vaccine possible in Washington State | Seattle Weekly
A new house bill could add pressure on Washington parents to vaccinate their children, and it’s generating discussion from people on all sides of the vaccination argument. Dr. Douglas Diekema, professor of pediatrics, is quoted.
!UWM  measles 
11 days ago by UWMedicine
Technology is taking on addiction. Now there are smartphone apps to help prevent relapses | KNKX
Every week, tens of thousands of Americans complete intensive drug and alcohol rehab programs. The next months after treatment, however, are fraught with risk of relapse. Dennis Donovan, professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, is quoted.
!UWM  addiction 
11 days ago by UWMedicine
Tips for living with Type 1 diabetes | Patient Advice | US News
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition that occurs when the body mistakenly attacks cells (in the pancreas) that make insulin. Dr. Lorena Alarcon-Casas Wright, professor of medicine, is quoted.
!UWM  diabetes 
11 days ago by UWMedicine
What counts as milk? | KUOW
Should it be almond milk or almond beverage? KUOW interviews UW Medicine nutritionist Judy Simon about milk alternatives. In short, check nutrition panel, look for amount of protein, vitamin D, calcium, fat.
!UWM  Area:Nutrition  milk  Simon.Judy 
13 days ago by UWMedicine

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