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Request: Sam/Brady possessiveness, jealousy
The demon possessing Tyson Brady had one job. Keep an eye on Sam Winchester and force him back into hunting when the time was right.

Problem is, he finds himself becoming attached. He introduced Sam to Jess to have an easy target to drive him back into hunting. He sees the two of them kissing and it is all he can do not to rip them apart and take Jess' place.

Jess goes home to her family during the long Summer break, so Brady takes advantage and works to seduces Sam into his bed.

Bonus points for an imaginative way for Brady to keep Sam his.
pairing:sam/brady  fps  !tofill  season:preseries  stanford  possessive  :spn  jealousy 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/OMCs, begging, dirty talk, humiliation
During Sam's time at Stanford, Dean went on a solo hunt and wound up miles outside the middle of nowhere, tracking a demon through long stretches of desert and empty highway to its lair and putting it down. During the fight he takes a few scratches and as he recovers, he realizes he's infected with sex pollen. He's been through it before and knows the symptoms. Usually it'd be no problem, he'd hit town, find the nearest gay bar and take some guy home to screw him. But now he's in the middle of nowhere.

He drives for hours, slowly getting worse and worse, and the only sign of civilization he sees is a gas station/mechanics at the side of the road. He thinks he's in luck, but turns out the guys working there are straight. Cue Dean having to beg and plead to get one (or more) of them to fuck him, practically getting down on his knees and promising them anything and everything if they'll just fucking fuck him.
pairing:dean/omc(s)  begging  dirtytalk  humiliation  fps  season:preseries  stanford  !tofill  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: ABO, alpha!Sam, omega!Dean, bamf!Dean, bottom!Sam, possessive!Dean, exhibitionism, sequel
I'd love love love to see a sequel to http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/110195.html?thread=41113715#t41113715

So there was an awesome fill to this prompt this month, and the author suggested that folks who wanted a sequel could always toss up a request on the kink meme, so... fingers crossed!

I had a few idea that could be fun for a sequel:

1) Dean and Sam going someplace where they are known, like the Roadhouse. Almost everyone there knows about their relationship, so Sam gets treated more like an omega from the minute they walk in, and Dean gets deferred to like an alpha. Maybe an outsider makes a move on Sam thinking he's an omega, then gets all bigoted when he finds out he's an alpha? So Dean sits by while Sam beats him up and then fucks Sam in front of the asshole afterwards.

2) Dean actually DOES claim Sam in public, mark and all, after Sam lets one too many omegas hit on him at the bar. Awesome if he adds a little dominance and humiliation to it, like making Sam stay bent over, exposed and well-fucked and occasionally playing with his hole, possibly while drinking a round of drinks for the witnesses to celebrate.

3) Dean sends Sam out to find an omega for them to share. Sharing, in this case, means Sam being an obedient little alpha and letting Dean and the other omega use him as a fuck toy, Dean taking Sam while the other omega rides Sam's cock in a reverse cowboy so they can make out with Dean the whole time. (Fine if the third person is a beta or alpha, so long as Sam is absolutely the passive party here.) Fine with whoever for the third person, male or female!
fps  alpha!Sam  omega!Dean  bamf!Dean  possessive!Dean  !tofill  alpha/beta/omega  exhibitionism  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/omcs, Dean/Sam, gangbang, non-con
Sam and Dean are captured by a group of Alphas after the guys 'humiliated' them in some reason.(maybe Dean or Sam won their money in a pool game, they saves some Omega from getting harassed by the group, whatever you like) The Alphas decide to 'punish' the Winchesters.

Only they want to make a game out of it. So they make them play reverse strip poker against one another (whomever wins a hand has to take off a pice of clothing), whichever of the two wins the game will be turned into an Omega, the other will be free to go.

Both boys try and win to protect the other, Dean wins (partly because he cheats when he has to) And then Sam is made to watch while the group sets out for a bitching. By the time Sam manages to free himself to try and save Dean, it's too late to stop the turning, and Sam has no choice but to finish it. At least that way he can be sure to claim Dean, so the Alphas won't be able to keep Dean as their property, or sell him on to some brothel;
pairing:dean/omc(s)  pairing:sam/dean  gangbang  noncon  fps  !tofill  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/OMCs, Crowley, Humiliation, Non-Con, Rape Recovery, Crying
Dean encounters a group of demons/hunters/etc. and is raped, Crowley somehow stumbles across the scene and saves Dean. Dean is humiliated by the assault, more so by it being witnessed by someone he knows, and begs Crowley to not take him back to Sam - insisting that he can't know. Crowley eventually breaks, vowing to nurse Dean back to wellness before taking him back to Sam. Lots of hurt/comfort, bonus for reluctant Crowley hating having to so compassion and care for another.
fps  pairing:dean/omc(s)  humiliation  noncon  kink:rape-recovery  crying  !tofill  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
repost: J2, unhappymarriage/mating, manipulative!Jensen, angry!Jared
repost from http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/102148.html?thread=38788868#t38788868

Jensen is married or mated if a/b/o to a man he hates who abuses him but he can’t leave the man (arranged marriage or mated by law/lottery) as it is forbidden/against the law. When Jared moves in next door he seems nice to Jensen and Jensen begins to plot. After spending time with Jared secretly (an affair or just heavy making out with promises of more) he tells Jared how horrible his husband/mate is. Jared knows some of it (sees evidence of beating/hears arguing) but Jensen has exaggerated it. He and Jensen come up with a plan to do away with Jensen’s husband/mate and then Jensen will chose to be with Jared once the man is out of the way. So one day Jensen runs away and Jared using the excuse of helping Jensen’s husband/mate look for him gets him alone and kills him. Then He has to lay low and act normal until Jensen returns and picks him as new husband/mate….only Jensen doesn’t come back. Jensen’s plan was to get as far away as possible (maybe find a place where he can be on his own). Only Jensen didn’t take into account that Jared would come looking for him to get what he was promised, Jensen himself. When Jared catches up with Jensen he has no intention of letting him go (maybe takes him back home). Up to anon what happens after that.
marriage  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  manipulation  anger  alpha/beta/omega  !tofill  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: J2, werewolves, soldier!Jensen, werewolf!Jared
original post here http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/102148.html?thread=38789892#t38789892

Werewolves do exist but the government is keeping them a secret (maybe there aren’t that many). When they find them they put a special collar on them that keeps them in their wolf forms (bigger than normal wolves). Because they are so big and strong/fast/tough they are forced to work for the military. (maybe their collars help the handlers control them with shocks or something). Jared had been caught as an older teen (18-20) and is now serving warrior Jensen in war (made up or current). On one hard mission there is lots of fighting and Jensen and a handful of his until and their wolves get cut off from support and have to lay low under enemy lines. However in all the fighting Jared’s collar and some others have gotten damaged/loose and the wolves get them off. No longer under control they seek out revenge against their captors, many who are killed before the wolves run off. Jared however likes Jensen a little since Jensen was his nicest master so he doesn’t kill him he just takes out his revenge in rough sex, dominating Jensen and forcing him to wear his collar. Up to anon if Jensen is rescued by the rest of his unit later or Jared moves on and takes Jensen with him now that he has freedom.
rps  pairing:jared/jensen  werewolves  au  !tofill  :spn  military 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: J2, hidden!Jensen, rich!Jared, D/S AU or possible A/B/O
Hoping for BDSM universe or D/S AU where people are born dominant or submissive, A/B/O would be okay but hoping for D/S.

Jensen is born a submissive with a dominant twin into a very rich/famous family that prides itself on the main family line being dominant so his family hides him away and pretends that only his dominant twin was born. They have built a few small hidden rooms in their house that are connected by secret passages. As soon as Jensen is old enough to start fending for himself he is pretty much forgotten by his family. They have a system set up so that food still gets to him and cloths and books to teach him skills and every month or two there are training lectures and or videos (his only experience of tv/movies) of how to be a proper submissive. He grows up within the walls of the family house watching all the comings and goings from peepholes in the walls.

When he is a young adult (18-20?) Jensen's father wants to further the family name/business dealings by merging the family with another really rich/famous family. Jensen's twin is going to marry the submissive daughter but there has to be courting first. The submissive arrives with a chaperon, her older dominant brother Jared. For Jensen it's love at first sight with Jared.

During Jared's stay Jensen finds ways to learn about Jared as he watches and begins leaving presents for him (Jensen discovered a way into the main house years ago but was afraid to venture out). Jared is very confused by who is leaving the gifts because he swears he has seen Jensen's twin who denies it. Jared starts a correspondence with his admirer and it's a mock courting. As Jared's stay grows to a close he investigates Jensen's family more and finally someone fills him in on the rumors or Jensen. Jared scours the house on the night of the official engagement announcement for his sister and Jensen's twin and finds a way into Jensen's world and thus Jensen. He is enraged that Jensen was hidden away and exposes the family by bringing Jensen into the light.

After some fighting between the families and the news getting out (maybe reporters at the party for the new couple) Jared lays a claim on Jensen and takes him home to be his.

Obviously D/S themes so go wild on kinks there, maybe some dirty talk love notes, toys being given as courting gifts. Any kinks welcome but watersports, sounding, scat and main character death.
rps  pairing:jared/jensen  au  alpha/beta/omega  !tofill  D/s  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: J2 or J3/J2M, stripping, mistaken identity

Jensen is a down on his luck model trying to make it big in the big city after moving away from his small country town. He thinks it's his lucky break when he gets a call to bring his portfolio and some nice cloths for a test shoot to a popular photographers house. However the message he got was garbled and he shows up at the wrong apartment on the wrong night. Where he ends up is at a bachelor party.

When the door is answered the host is almost drunk and so glad to see him (he's late!) that he ignores Jensen's protests that he's got the wrong address and pulls him into the party. Jensen learns that the host thinks he is the stripper he hired for the party. Jensen is about to protest and leave when the host hands over a ton of cash for the gig saying that the tips from the drunk guests Jensen can keep too. Jensen needs the money and hey he's not shy so why the hell not strip, not like the guests are going to remember if the booze keeps flowing.

However the groom Jared isn't so drunk and keeps offering him drinks and gets him tipsy. A tipsy Jensen is a flirty Jensen and Jared is only happy to flirt back. Things get pretty heavy after a while with Jensen giving Jared a lap dance then just staying seated flirting and teasing. Jared can't keep his hands off Jensen either and neither can his best man (Jeff or Misha please) who has been sitting next to him enjoying the show and commenting. Handjobs are exchanged, along with lots of heavy petting.
pairing:jared/jensen  kink:stripping  rps  au  !tofill  pairing:jared/jensen/jdm  pairing:jared/jensen/misha  :spn  mistakenidentity 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: J2, mpreg, sperm donor search
Repost: http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/56625.html?thread=15659313#t15659313
Four years ago, after his long-term lover died/left Jared decided he was tired of waiting and wanted a child. As a "sire" in a world where some males are "bearers" he needs a willing surrogate.

He goes to a donor bank and finds out they have donor eggs that can be fertilized by his sperm. He looks at his choices and selects a donor history that he likes (ie. green eyes, darkish hair, tall, male. you get the picture).

The surrogate who carries the baby is optional, though I was thinking his sister (sorta like Phoebe from the TV show Friends) or a close female friend. Anyway, now, his little GIRL is 3 years old and is diagnosed with an illness that requires Jared to track down the egg donor, hoping to find a genetic match or a more in-depth family medical history. What he actually finds is 6 foot 1 of gorgeous Texas rancher, Jensen, who he instantly shares an attraction with.

As the story unfolds, I want the boys to end up having another baby together, Jen getting pregnant by accident, and falling in love. The rest is up to the author, including Jen's reasons for donating his eggs, but I want a full AU, neither of them actors. Extra points if JD Morgan and Jim Beaver are part of the story, and Misha Collins too, but not as a love interest with J2. Maybe he can hook up with JDM.
rps  mpreg  pairing:jared/jensen  au  !tofill  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: J2, spreader bar, handcuffs

Just what the subject line says. I want some sexy action with J2 using a spreader bar and handcuffs, or some kind of wrist restraints. Any other kinks welcome except for scat, watersports, vomit, and snuff.
rps  pairing:jared/jensen  toys  bondage  !tofill  :spn  handcuffs 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: J2, slaves, bedsharing, m-preg
repost: http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/63218.html?thread=20179442#t20179442

Jared is a slave mostly used for gardening, cooking and the upkeep of the house. His elderly owner likes to play bingo, and one day, he brings home sex slave Jensen as a prize. He's not a rich man, preferring slaves to be made useful, so aside of his usual jobs of keeping their owner and his guests sexually satisfied, Jensen has to do the dishes and keep the house clean as well.

Instead of getting annoyed with the menial labor, Jensen's actually happy whenever he gets a job that doesn't involve being used for sex.

Jensen and Jared only have one bed for the two of them, that's barely large enough for one, so they tend to sleep pretty close together. When Jensen comes back hurt and in pain after a night of use for his 'proper purpose' as their master likes to put it, Jared comforts him and holds him until morning.

The two of them fall in love, but they both know that if their master catches them using their owner's property without his permission they'll both be punished and one or both of them might be sold. Then one night Jensen finds out he's pregnant and all bets are off.
rps  pairing:jared/jensen  slave  bedsharing  mpreg  !tofill  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: J2, A/B/O, noncon, kidnapping, historical era
Repost from: http://spnkink-meme.livejournal.com/88360.html?thread=34418216#t34418216

Jensen lives in a small fishing village that is raided by an alpha party from a Roman type city. He and all the other omegas are rounded up and taken on the ship to become 'companions', back at the city. All alphas are killed, betas taken as domestic/work slaves. Jensen is forced bonded to Jared, a soldier who keeps Jensen for himself. He is generally kind and is actually a little remorseful after Jensen gets upset.

Back in the new city, omegas are owned, but considered sacred by whatever local god is worshiped. They consider omegas gifts and they can't work because they must breed.Jensen is never really treated cruelly, apart from maybe spanking to keep him under control, but he lives a life that's very far from the freedom and fun of his youth. Jared attempts to make him happy.

Kinks: collaring/bondage, 'gilded cage', punishment, submission, breeding, claiming, pining
pairing:jared/jensen  noncon  rps  !tofill  alpha/beta/omega  :spn  kidnapping  historical 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/cas, dirty talk, come play, size kink
I sincerely don't care about premise i just need more Dean fucking Cas and calling him a baby slut, swallowing his come and then spittting it back onto cas's small dick. Cas no older than 15, please 👌
P.s. Daddy kink is always nice :) anything ok but noncon
fps  underage  pairing:dean/castiel  dirtytalk  comeplay  sizekink  au  !tofill  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: J2, Jensen/Dog, ABO, pregnancies, litters, extreme underage
The government wants to prevent so much underge pegnencies in very young Omegas so every Omega gets a special dog for their needs. Omegas get in heat very early (6-10) and they crave big knots and to be breed. Many dropping out of school with the first baby. But if they have litters instead...pregnancies are easier, birth is easier for them, they can concentrate in school better with their bellies breed full. Omegas are not allowed to have knotting sex with alphas until 16.

Jensen/Jenny gets the stud with 8. Author can make Jared the dog, her father, her future Alpha or some older kinky teacher at school.

Please beastiality, breeding, knotting, size kink, belly bulge, cum Inflation, dirty talk... with Alphas loving to touch the pregnant belly and telling Jensen what they would do...or someting like that. Jensen loves being breed by his /her dog so much and feel so good in the pregnancies. The puppies go to the government when weaned to grow and be groomed into special Omega Dogs.
rps  underage  pairing:jensen/omd(s)  mpreg  !tofill  alpha/beta/omega  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request:Jared/Jensen, extreme underage, training, conditioning, nipple play
Kinks-extreme underage, training, conditioning, nipple play, cumming untouched, dry orgasm, age difference, size difference

Jared conditions Jensen(start as young as you dare) to cum without ever touching his little cock. He teaches Jensen to cum with his little nipples, perineum, and hole. He toys with and sucks Jensen's flat little boy nipples until their always puffy and swollen and red. Jared eats Jensen out and fingers him and slips slim little vibrators up inside his baby hole.
All the while wringing orgasm after dry baby orgasm out of Jensen until he's over-ridden Jensen's instinct to touch his cock for pleasure, until he's sure Jensen will always think of his little cock last when trying to get off, until he's sure that Jensen will cum from just getting fucked. That's when he finally fucks Jensen for the first time.

Bonus points for dirty talk or praise. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE emphasize the nipple play.

It's fine if the filler wants to change the pairing to grown up Dean/little boy Cas or grown up Dean/little boy Sammy
rps  underage  nipple  pairing:jared/jensen  agedifference  kink:training  cominguntouched  sizekink  au  !tofill  conditioning  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Cas/Dean, crippled!Dean, catatonic!Sam, Cas sells himself, angst, first time
I'm looking for Team Free Will trying to survive in a dystopian future, where they either failed to stop the Apocalypse and are struggling with the end times, or they did stop it but the damage was already done.

Either way, Dean ends crippled - he can get around with crutches but it's painful and difficult. Sam is rendered catatonic. Cas is still an angel, but he can't heal them. He's more of an enhanced human now, though he doesn't need to eat or sleep, doesn't get sick or age.

But things as they are, providing for Dean and Sam is difficult. They need food, medicine and shelter. Cas works to provide these, while Dean stays to care for Sam. The work varies: manual labour doesn't pay much, so sometimes Cas will take on night work. And sometimes if he catches someone's eye he will let them use him provide they pay for the privilege.

Dean knows very well the things Cas does for them, and it kills him inside because it's his job to take care of his family, of Sam and Cas - but it's Cas out there doing whatever he has to.

Gradually Dean convinces Cas to lie in bed with him and let Dean hold him. The first few times he tries to kiss Cas, Cas pulls away because he's convinced he's dirty now.

Dean works hard at showing him Cas is the purest person he's ever met.
pairing:dean/castiel  disability  catatonic  prostitution  firsttime  fps  season:future  !tofill  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request Dean/Male Dog, bestiality, dominance, top dean
AU-normal life with no hunting and the boys are raised in a normal house.

When Dean is pretty young he sees two boy dogs play fighting in the park. They're just growling and teething on each other, nipping and running away. It's perfectly normal but to a little kid with no dogs it looks like they're really fighting. Finally when one mounts the other out of a show of dominance or sexual frustration he asks John why they're doing that. John just laughs and explains it's how they show each other who's boss, who's "top dog."
Many years later when Dean turns 13 John gives him a puppy. He says it's a test, if Dean can train and take good care of the dog then he'll prove that he can handle a car in a few years. Too bad the dog is a little shit. He chews things, marks his territory everywhere, gets aggressive, and won't listen to Dean. It isn't until someone tells him to "show that dog who's boss," that it all comes back to him. He knows how to show his dog that he's the boss.

I want Dean to fuck his boy dog in the ass. Breed/size totally up to filler. Dean should know enough about sex to use lube and not hurt the dog but it starts as a show of dominance so he's not too concerned about the dog's comfort. I really want Dean to enjoy the feeling, the rush of domination, the taboo of fucking his dog, and want to do it again.
I'm open to Dean exploring other sex acts with the dog and bottoming but I really really want him to mostly just fuck his male dog into submission.
pairing:dean/omd(s)  bestiality  fps  au  season:preseries  underage  !tofill  :spn 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Sam/Dean, established, biker!kink, semi-public sex, bottom!Dean
Sam and Dean go undercover for a case involving a string of deaths in the biker community. Dean complains about having to leave Baby benched for this one, but Sam is ecstatic: Dean looks hot as hell in the biker garb, complete with a bandana and a leather jacket (that's actually his size unlike John's jacket he's been wearing for years). As they ride to the bar they were planning to infiltrate, Sam can't wait any longer and urges Dean to go and park in an alley. There Sam presses him against the bike and shows him exactly how much he likes the whole biker vibe. (Preferably set in earlier seasons.)

Bonus: Dean getting gagged with his own bandana, leather!kink, a close call with someone almost seeing them.
pairing:sam/dean  au  fps  !tofill  establishedrelationship  :spn  publicsex 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/Cas, non-con, hurt!Cas, protective!Sam, begging, evil!Dean
Dean is hit with a curse. It renders him strong, and he overpowers Sam and restrains him. Using Sam as bait, Dean lures Cas into the bunker and forces him to submit or Sam will suffer.

With Sam tied up and forced to watch, Dean restrains Cas, hands chained above his head. He strips Cas to the waist, forces him to call forward his wings. He gags Cas, loving the muffled sounds the angel makes as Dean runs his fingers through the feathers, sometimes gently, sometimes tearing them out. He scratches and scrapes at Cas's sides and back, tightens the chains to force him onto his tiptoes.

And Sam, all Sam can do is plead and protest and scream at him to stop.

But Dean is having way too much fun. After all, Sam had tried to talk him into admitting his feelings to the angel. Well, now he is.

(Would love it to end with Sam saving Cas from evil!dean this time, after all Cas saved Sam when Dean was a demon, with Cas passed out and Sam caring for him).
pairing:dean/castiel  noncon  hurt/comfort  kink:protective!sam  begging  fps  bondage  wing  torture  season:any  !tofill  curse/spell  restraints  :spn  evil!Dean 
july 2016 by Mayalaen

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