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[Avatar: The Last Airbender] Okay, We're In Trouble [PODFIC] - Opalsong - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: "Oh spirits, he’s trapped in a box with a crazy terrorist and a horny firebender. A horny firebender who is currently their only hope and can’t firebend. Can’t firebend because he’s too horny."
'podfic  fandom:ATLA  p:sokka/zuko/jet  c:sokka  c:zuko  c:jet  !barebacking  !dirtytalk  !hate!sex  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !threesome  !bondage  !dubcon  theme:coming_out  theme:odd.couple/rarepair  Status:Complete  length(pod):2-2.5hours  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
[Avatar: T0he Last Airbender] "Okay, We're In Trouble" white_knuckle - LIve Journal
"Oh spirits, he's trapped in a box with a crazy terrorist and a horny firebender. A horny firebender who is currently their only hope and can't firebend. Can't firebend because he's too horny."
'fanfic  fandom:ATLA  p:sokka/zuko/jet  c:sokka  c:zuko  c:jet  !handjob  !barebacking  !bondage  !dirtytalk  !dubcon  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !hate!sex  !threesome  theme:blanket_closet_cabin_cave  theme:kidnapped/captured  theme:coming_out  Status:Complete  length:longish?  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
[Kingsman] the train is a metaphor - Ponderosa, autoschediastic [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: "What sort of aggression is it then?" Eggsy asks, cutting right to the heart of the matter.

Harry knows even before he hears the response. Knows because even as Merlin is saying, "It appears to affect sexual responses. Activating latent desire and cranking up the subject’s sex drive whilst simultaneously increasing pheromone production," Harry is thinking primarily of the distance between himself and Eggsy and how very few steps it would take to be within range to push the boy to the floor and pin him there.
'fanfic  fandom:kingsman  p:harry_hart/gary_"eggsy"_unwin  c:harry_hart(galahad)  c:egggsy(tristan)  c:merlin(kingsman)  genre:dirtyPWP  !blowjob  !rough_sex  !barebacking  !dirtytalk  !age_difference  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !reallyverymuchhot  theme:compitence  !praisekink  Status:Complete  length:5k-10k  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
[Star Trek reboot] Misconduct - sacrilegist - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: A routine away mission leaves Chekov and McCoy stranded on an inhospitable planet. Now, McCoy's inhaled an unknown intoxicant. The relief he's looking for isn't medicinal and the consequences of fucking the life out of the kid will outlast the respite.
'fanfic  p:mccoy/chekov  c:mccoy  c:chekov  genre:romance  genre:dirtyPWP  theme:get_together  theme:mission_fic  theme:blanket_closet_cabin_cave  !rough_sex  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !age_difference  !barebacking  !outdoorsex  !possesive  length:5k-10k  Status:Complete  !reallyverymuchhot  fandom:star_trek_aos  theme:lost/stranded  rating:M/E 
june 2013 by fanfictionato
[Teen WOlf] The Creepy Cave - LolaFeist -[Archive of Our Own]

Stiles looks up. Slowly. “Holy shit,” he says. The tentacle is attached to more tentacles which are attached to a giant glowing squid thing. “That is not the droid we were looking for.”
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:derek/stiles  c:dereck_hale  c:stiles_stilinski  theme:get_together  !tentacles  !aliens.made.them  !bondage  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  Status:Complete  length:3000-5000  theme:firsttime  rating:M/E 
may 2013 by fanfictionato
[Teen Wolf] That Time Derek and Stiles Had to Get Gay Werewolf Faerie Married, and Lived to Tell About it (not that they will)

To build an alliance with the fae, Derek has to prove he's willing to make a commitment. And that he's capable of satisfying the party he commits to.

Fae marriages don't always take the same way other marriages do anyway, so it's totally fine. Derek can get this over with and then pretend it never happened.

Except the faeries want him to marry Stiles
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:derek/stiles  c:dereck_hale  c:stiles_stilinski  genre:humor  genre:friendship  genre:romance  theme:arranged_marraige/marraige_of_convenience  !virgin_sacrifce  !virgin  Status:Complete  length:5k-10k  theme:makesmehappy  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !aliens.made.them  rating:M/E 
april 2013 by fanfictionato
[Teen Wolk]Highly Inappropriate

Derek was drugged and literally covered in blood and Stiles was about to crumple under the weight of guilt that came with being an impulsive idiot, but for some reason his dick wasn’t getting the message that this was by no means a sexy situation
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:derek/stiles  c:dereck_hale  c:stiles_stilinski  genre:romance  genre:friendship  theme:get_together  !grinding/frottage  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  genre:hurt/comfort  Status:Complete  length:5k-10k  rating:M/E 
april 2013 by fanfictionato
[Teen Wolf] Alpha Spikes
AU. Alphas are like royalty and are offered their choice of any age eighteen-and-up virgin Omega for each year's heat season, as a 'thank-you' to all they've done for their compounds throughout the year. Derek is an Alpha and...yeah, Stiles. Stiles is an Omega. And still a virgin. In every way. And he's just turned eighteen. This...is not his day.
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:derek/stiles  p:danny/jackson  p:scott/allison  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  AU  theme:get_together  theme:mated/bonding  theme:firsttime  theme:hugs  theme:giftgiving  !possesive  !protective  !knotting  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !heat  !virgin  Status:Complete  length>50k(epic)  rating:M/E 
march 2013 by fanfictionato
[Teen Wolf] A Walk in the Woods
Summary: Stiles doesn't feel like he's about to die.

"You came in contact with some magical sumac," Derek interrupted. "It's all over you. Now, do what I tell you before you die."
'fanfic  fandom:teen_wolf  p:derek/stiles  c:dereck_hale  c:stiles_stilinski  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !age_difference  !cute!  Status:Complete  oneshot  length:5k-10k  rating:M/E 
november 2012 by fanfictionato
[Naruto] megyal - FIC: "Cure"
Kakashi and Iruka are on a mission (ANBU or not, I don't care) and one is poisoned with a serum that makes one (or both) of them go out of their mind with lust. The only solution is to work the serum out of their system... the fun way
'fanfic  fandom:naruto  p:kakairu  c:kakashi  c:iruka  genre:dirtyPWP  theme:mission_fic  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !barebacking  length:1000-3000  oneshot  Status:Complete  theme:awesome.prompt.is.  rating:M/E 
november 2012 by fanfictionato
[Merlin]The star to every wandering bark
Summary: When Uther arranges his son's marriage, Arthur discovers his intended spouse is not only a sorcerer but a man. This is a bit of shock for straight Prince Arthur - and no less of a shock for his fiancé, straight Prince Merlin of Cenredia.
fandom:merlin  p:arthur/merlin  length:10k-30k  AU  status:complete  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  theme:arranged_marraige/marraige_of_convenience  rating:M/E 
january 2012 by fanfictionato
[Star Trek XI] A Matter of Time
During the next twelve hours, Scotty and Chekov must fight for control as they succumb to an alien virus.
!sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !age_difference  theme:get_together  c:chekov  c:scotty  Status:Complete  p:scotty/chekov  fandom:star_trek_aos 
november 2011 by fanfictionato

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