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Kane/Keith/Seabrook - Threesome & Appreciation
After Team USA's abysmal showing at the World Cup, Kaner goes home to Chicago and decides that he needs to show Duncs and Seabs some appreciation for their defensive skills. Duncs and Seabs are happy to oblige him.

Bonus points for the encounter eventually culminating in the double penetration of Kaner!
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/keith/seabrook  kink:threesome 
february 2017 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, filming
I want a fic where they film themselves having sex and then watch it together later. Or one of them watching it when they're separated for the summer and then telling the other about it.
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  kink:porn 
february 2017 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, cockwarming
Haven’t seen any cockwarming/cocksleeve on here yet. Doesn’t matter which one is which, although Kane seems more like a sleeve :P
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  kink:cockwarming 
february 2017 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, single parent
I just want to read something with either Pat or Jonny as a single parent and the other one falling in love with them and their kid. I don't care if it's in a hockey setting or as an AU.
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  trope:kids 
february 2017 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, Shaving and Bathing/Washing Kinks
Patrick may be an expert stickhandler, but he's a disaster with a razor in his hand; Jonny itches to slap it away, show him how it's done, take care of him just right. / Patrick's concentration's shot to hell because Jonny can't even relax in the fucking shower, and he can't stop thinking about dragging him into the bath instead; he wants to wash the tension away with his own hands, bit by bit, wants to worship every scar and bruise.

(Would esp. love to see this set in the context of getting rid of playoff beards, either as the "comfort" to the hurt of a losing season, or in celebration of one of the Cup wins - but I'll happily take any old postgame scenario, whether a first time/one-off or an established Thing They Sometimes Do )
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  kink:bathing 
february 2017 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU
Jonny and Kaner have been married for three years, but every morning, they go to their own jobs... as assassins for different agencies. It's all well and good until they're assigned to kill each other and the web of lies unravels. Happy ending, please!
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  au:spies 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Toews/Any, bondage
I just want someone to tie Jonny up and wreck him.
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:toews/any  kink:bondage 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, hooker au
Exactly what it says on the tin. Either in the role of hooker is fine.

bonus scene if u wanna be my lover: hurt/comfort, [hooker] gets beat up/hurt and [other person] takes care of him while questioning his morals, etc
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  au:escort/prostitute  trope:hurt/comfort 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, orgasm denial/delay
Patrick needs someone to be in control of his orgasms. he lets that person be Jonny

Sometimes Jonny lets him come when he asks, other times Jonny will make him wait a month. Jonny loves to see Pat desperate and shaky, his balls full of pent up come
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  kink:orgasmcontrol  kink:d/s 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, dick pics
Jonny accidentally (or not so accidently) sends Patrick a dick pic. Patrick has a lot of thoughts about this.
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  kink:eroticpictures 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, stuffing
Jonny makes fun of Patrick for his diet a lot, Patrick gets his revenge by making Jonny eat so much his belly bulges.
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  au:school  pairing:kane/toews  kink:stuffing 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, college AU
I just want a college AU where they find more and more ridiculous reasons to have sex with each other ("just got an A on my test, dude!") and afterwards they're all "no homo".
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  au:school  school:college 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, somnophilia
Haven't seen any somnophilia fic in this fandom. Was curious where this can be explored :D
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  kink:somnophilia 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, casino prize
Pat works at a casino, and for some extra money offers himself as a prize in a poker tournament. Jonny will do everything he can to win a night with Patrick.
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  au:escort/prostitute 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, a/b/o or d/s verse
I'd like to see an abo or d/s verse fic where Jonny is the omega/sub. Still the captain, still pushy, still way too intense, basically himself, only he's omega/sub. He has a bit of rep around the NHL ("that psycho bitch, somebody needs to claim him and put him in his place". "Nah, man, he's way too much work. Some omegas/subs just aren't worth it")

But see, Jonny doesn't actually want to be 'bad'. Not kneeling for any alpha/dom asshole doesn't mean he wouldn't happily do it for the right person. Hawks' alphas/doms are all decent guys but mostly they just give him space and treat him as an equal. Which is a good thing, obviously,

Except Kaner, who is driving Jonny absolutely up the wall with his ~everything. He's never yelled at anyone as much as he does Kaner but he just can't help it. And Kaner, he yells back and slams all of Jonny's buttons, deliberately riling him up, but he never once tries to make Jonny submit. Jonny is not sure whether he is relieved or disappointed cos he's pretty sure he would if Kaner just asked.

So this got really long and specific, but if someone wants to take a crack at this, the main thing is omega/sub!Jonny. No sex necessary but if there is, Jonny on the bottom, please :)
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  trope:a/b/o  kink:d/s 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, shower sex
We all know Kaner likes to take forever in the shower and Jonny really likes taking advantage of that.
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, girl!Kane, eating her out
Jonny eating girl!Pat out until she's crazy sensitive and can't take it anymore. Bonus points for snarky and sexually confident girl!Pat
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  trope:genderswap  kink:oralsex  kink:overstimulation 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, jail lovers
they meet in jail and fall in love - one protects the other, any power dynamics are fine.
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  au:prison/jail 
august 2016 by highdickingmod
Kane/Toews, drunk sex, dubcon
dubcon warning just to be safe!
i really really really want to read kind of fucked-up drunk sex. please no non-con, but dubcon is a-okay. if you love me a lot, maybe one is a lil drunker than the other and sex turns into taking care of them!
!prompt  !unfilled  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  warning:dubcon  kink:impairedsex 
august 2016 by highdickingmod

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