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[Kingsman] the train is a metaphor - Ponderosa, autoschediastic [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: "What sort of aggression is it then?" Eggsy asks, cutting right to the heart of the matter.

Harry knows even before he hears the response. Knows because even as Merlin is saying, "It appears to affect sexual responses. Activating latent desire and cranking up the subject’s sex drive whilst simultaneously increasing pheromone production," Harry is thinking primarily of the distance between himself and Eggsy and how very few steps it would take to be within range to push the boy to the floor and pin him there.
'fanfic  fandom:kingsman  p:harry_hart/gary_"eggsy"_unwin  c:harry_hart(galahad)  c:egggsy(tristan)  c:merlin(kingsman)  genre:dirtyPWP  !blowjob  !rough_sex  !barebacking  !dirtytalk  !age_difference  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !reallyverymuchhot  theme:compitence  !praisekink  Status:Complete  length:5k-10k  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
Guard Your Eggshell Heart
Parker had a theory, and her theory was this: it made Eliot really happy when they noticed the things he did for them. It made Eliot happy when they made sure he knew they noticed the things he did for them. And when Eliot thought they didn't notice, it made him- not unhappy, but something worse, something like he knew that was all he could expect from anyone and he'd resigned himself to it a while back. Once she'd noticed it, she couldn't stop, and the realization of how often they took Eliot for granted made her stomach twist uncomfortably.
_fic  *leverage  parker  alechardison  eliotspencer  hardison/parker  eliot/hardison/parker  genre:romance  rating:adult  length:10-20k  !praisekink  !polyamory  !threesome 
september 2015 by daisysusan

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!2018  !age_difference  !barebacking  !blowjob  !dirtytalk  !polyamory  !reallyverymuchhot  !rough_sex  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !threesome  'fanfic  *leverage  _fic  alechardison  author:ohmcgee  c:egggsy(tristan)  c:harry_hart(galahad)  c:merlin(kingsman)  eliot/hardison/parker  eliotspencer  fandom:kingsman  fandom:venom  genre:dirtypwp  genre:romance  hardison/parker  length:10-20k  length:5k-10k  location:ao3  p:harry_hart/gary_"eggsy"_unwin  pairing:venom/eddie  parker  rating:adult  rating:m/e  rating:nc-17  status:complete  theme:compitence 

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