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AughtPunk: Points on a Circle
It began when Jesse McCree summoned one of Hanzo's dragons in the middle of battle.

It began a month ago when Hanzo looked at Jesse and realized he's already in love.

It began an hour ago when Satya heard the word 'magic' and refused the believe.

It began six months ago when Genji introduced his his brother to Jesse, not knowing the two of them have a past.

It begins.
fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  author:AughtPunk  AO3  !slash  !poly  !het  postpairing:angela/genji/zenyatta  long  rating:R 
january 2019 by Miscella
WerewolvesAreReal: Audience: 822,000 and Homeland Security
Hardison starts a live-stream for Dragon Age to show off his new mods. And he kicks ass. But his viewers are actually a bit more concerned about the angry guy in the background of his videos, and the blond chick who keeps peering through his windows.

"Is this some kind of performance art," asks peskytroll341.
AO3  fandom:leverage    pairing:Alec_Hardison/Parker/Eliot_Spencer  !no_pairing  !slash  trope:meta  !het  !poly  rating:PG  genre:humor  author:WerewolvesAreReal  trope:outsiderpov 
october 2018 by Miscella
thingswithwings: Odd One Out
"We should talk about Eliot," Alec says, at the same time Parker says, "We should have sex in a hammock."
author:thingswithwings  AO3  !poly  !slash  !het  fandom:leverage  genre:humor  genre:romance  rating:NC-17  pairing:Alec_Hardison/Parker/Eliot_Spencer 
october 2018 by Miscella
polytropic-liar: OT3 culture clashes between Rey, Finn, and Poe.
When Rey gets back (with LUKE FRIKKIN SKYWALKER HOLY SHIT), they put her in Finn and Poe’s room. Technically it’s supposed to be four to a room (the Resistance doesn’t have a lot of space, especially with the new recruits coming in, all of the Republic’s bereaved out for revenge), but they’re all heros and also, though no one says it, kind of weird. Lieutenant T’Sol, in charge of bunk assignments, throws them all together and calls it a day.

Finn has been out of intensive physical therapy for about a month at that point. He can stand, sit, walk, and even bend.

He can also, Rey discovers two days into living with him, be a massive pain in the ass.

She comes back from training with Luke–yep, Luke Skywalker, training as a Jedi under Luke Skywalker, no big deal–to find that her stuff has been moved. The jacket she left on the floor next to her bed, the repairs for the communications unit she was working on, they’re in different places. She drops her staff n the doorway, horrified, and proceeds to tear up her bunk. The extra food, emergency kit, and extra tools she stashed under the mattress are undisturbed, as is the secret compartment she built into her trunk. Dumping everything she owns on the floor and spreading it out to take inventory reveals that nothing has been taken..but has it been poked through? She doesn’t know. How and why did someone get in here?

When Poe comes back from training runs he finds her in the doorway, furiously upgrading the security locks.

“Uh,” he says. “Hey.”

“Hey.” It comes out a little muffled through the spot-welder in her mouth, but she’s sure he gets the sentiment. “Check your stuff. Security breach.”

“Shit.” He doesn’t do nearly a good enough job of checking, in Rey’s opinion, though maybe he can’t get at his hiding spots with her there. He comes back over to her just as she’s fitting the panel back over their improved lock system. “What of yours is missing? Should I call someone? I’ll call the Lieutenant.”


“No?” She wants to be annoyed with how Poe reacts to things that surprise him. He never gets mad, just gives you this look like ‘everything’s okay, just explain to me.’ It’s…annoyingly perfect.

“No. Nothing’s missing.” And it’s not like whoever it is will be getting in again. The door now requires voice, retinal and thumbprint activation. She’ll ask Luke tomorrow how to make sure no one can use the Force to get it open, too.

“Okay.” Poe goes back to his bunk and takes out a holo disk; he does flight simulations a lot during his breaks, and often will invite Rey to join him. Usually she does, but today she has to take care of her stuff. She spreads it out even further, all across the floor, and behinds going over each and every thing she owns, making sure it’s clean and not broken. They’re not much, little pieces of equipment she’s scavenged and the clothes given to her and a couple things she’s bartered for, but it’s the most she’s ever owned in her life.

Finn comes back in about an hour later, and freezes, his face distressed.

“Uh, what’s going on???”

“What?” She doesn’t understand what his problem is.

“This? The floor, covered in stuff?”

“Oh. Inventory.” Duh.

“Oh…kay. Well can it just…stay on your side of the…” He reaches down to pick up her jacket, which is spread out by his bunk.

Rey tackles him. His yell of surprise is answered by Poe’s cry of “Careful!“ Rey remembers just in time about his injury, and adjusts their trajectory so that she knocks him back onto his bunk for a soft landing.

“What the hell!“ he yells as she pins him down with a knee on his stomach and an arm across his shoulders.

“Why did you touch my jacket? What makes you think you can touch my jacket? Did you touch my things before too? Was that you???” She’s possibly never been this outraged in her life. Who does something like that?

“What? I…what??? Yes, I did! Your things were on the floor, I cleaned them up! Like a normal unit member! Instead of spreading them all over, who does that?“

What. Rey lets go of his shoulders, stymied. How is she supposed to talk to someone who doesn’t understand the inherent wrongness of touching another person’s possessions?

“Wow, okay. Hey, guys? Guys.” Poe sticks his head in between Rey and Finn’s locked glares. Now instead of conflict Rey has a faceful of upsettingly shiny hair. His shampoo smells like night flowers. “Let’s try something, okay? Rey. What does Finn need to understand?”

“You can’t touch my things. They’re my things.” She can’t believe she has to explain this.

“And Finn. What does Rey need to understand?”

Rey can’t actually see Finn through Poe’s head, but his voice when it comes is less angry than hers, more worried.

“You can’t leave a mess. You’ll get us in trouble.”

Abruptly, Rey realizes that Finn’s bunk is always perfectly, almost eerily neat. She has never seen any of his possessions left out on the table, never seen the blankets have a single wrinkle in their folds. If she didn’t see him take things with him when he left the room, she wouldn’t even know Finn had possessions.

“Right. Okay. So, Rey, do you promise not to leave any mess on Finn’s part of the room?”

“…yeah.” She knows Finn knows that they’re not in the First Order and Rey isn’t going to get them in trouble for having a messy room. She gets that him knowing that doesn’t really matter. “No mess on Finn’s part of the room.”

“And Finn, do you promise not to touch anything of Rey’s?”

“Yeah. Sorry. I didn’t know it would bother you. I clean up after Poe all the time.”

“…you do? Huh. That explains why I never remember making my bed.”

Poe’s head recedes and Rey can see Finn again. He looks grumpy and ashamed of himself, and that makes her forgive him, all in a rush.

“Good. Well done navigating conflict, everyone.” Poe claps a hand on Rey’s shoulder. “Now kiss and make up.”

Huh. Okay? Rey thinks that’s weird, but Poe handled the situation pretty well so far. She’s still sitting on Finn, so she bends down and kisses him.

“Whoops,” Poe says above her.

“Mmhm,” Finn says, which is definitely an encouraging noise, and his mouth is nice and he’s very warm. Rey takes back her thinking this was weird, this was a great idea.

She stops kissing Finn once he starts making little ‘I can’t breathe’ noises, and flicks her hair out of her face so she can look up at Poe.

“You too?” she offers, not sure how this custom works but definitely sure she’d like to kiss him.

“It wasn’t meant to be literal…oh, screw it.” He bends down so Rey can slide a hand behind his jaw. She and Finn just kind of smooshed their faces together, but Poe does it differently, he tilts his head a little and brushes his mouth over hers a couple of times. It’s good in a tingly, shivery way.

“Hey, my turn,” Finn whines, and Rey breaks off to laugh while Poe obliges. He kisses Finn differently too, he tilts his head back on the pillow and uses his tongue. Rey is so interested by, and so happy about, all of this. Different kinds of ways to kiss and live and be together.

Basically, she thinks they’re doing great at this. As long as no one touches her things ever again.
fandom:starwars  trope:culture_gap  genre:gen  character:poe  character:rey  character:finn  pairing:finn/poe/rey  !poly  rating:PG13  short  tumblr 
december 2017 by Miscella
OnYourMark: Full Immunity
Seven times Peter laid down his badge for Neal Caffrey. Or, from another angle, seven times Neal confessed to Peter Burke.
author:OnYourMark  AO3  !poly  rating:PG13  pairing:elizabeth/peter/neal  !het  !slash  fandom:white_collar  genre:gen  character:june 
november 2016 by Miscella
Druid_Moon: In Starlit Nights I Saw You
She's always wondered about the placement, the end of her words trailing upwards to wrap around her ribs, like some kind of promise to guard her heart.
trope:soulmates  trope:time_travel  fandom:stxi  AU  au!startrek  au!thor  fandom:thor  crossover  pairing:darcy/bones  character:darcy_lewis  character:leonard_mccoy  postpairing:kirk/nyota/spock  !het  author:Druid_Moon  genre:gen  !poly  series  AO3 
november 2016 by Miscella
Rec: Meat & Bone
Summary: MEAT & BONE is a queer slice of life drama about dating and eating! Three room mates and a scaredy cat, the restaurants they frequent and the friends they have there. Anne suffers through an unknown eating disorder and crippling body issues, Gwen walks the fine line between polyamory and lying, and Jane is drowning her sorrows with pounds and pounds of free weights.

Review: I’ve been working on Meat&Bone for the last few years, and it’s gone from a side project while I was publishing my first graphic novel, to become the apple of my eye. You’ll notice a huge improvement in art, so please bear through the first 10 pages, I know they’re rough. This is a very personal work, an allegorical retelling of my own problems with body image and polyamory.
!bisexual  !transgender  !slice.of.life  !drama/angst  !contemporary  !food.industry  !poly  !romance  webcomic  by:kat.verhoeven  rating:mature  status:wip  free 
july 2016 by TheSlashPile
Thorinsmut: Triptych
Parker liked Eliot.
Hardison liked Eliot.
There was a space where Eliot could fit into their lives, closer to them. Parker could see it, like a hole in a security system. It would work.

Getting her boys to fall in line, that's the difficult part.
author:Thorinsmut  AO3  fandom:leverage  genre:romance  !poly  kink  kink:threesome  !slash  !het  character:alec_hardison  character:eliot_spencer  character:parker  pairing:Alec_Hardison/Parker/Eliot_Spencer 
june 2016 by Miscella
broken-moons: Whistler (part of The Windserpant Saga)
‘You want me to take a damn Whistler on board?’

‘You’re cute when you’re angry, Erghun, you know that?’ Xin smiled, not daunted by his captain’s furious eyes in the least.

‘He’s a weathermage, Xin,’ Erghun sighed, exasperated. ‘A storm-bringer. And you’re bringing him onto my ship? You know storms follow those guys everywhere they go, and I’m not putting my ship at risk – for anything.’

Ch2 http://broken-moons.livejournal.com/7135.html#cutid1
Ch3 http://broken-moons.livejournal.com/7320.html#cutid1
Side Story
rating:R  genre:fantasy  series  long  author:broken-moons  lj  !slash  trope:pirates  !poly  kink:threesome 
june 2016 by Miscella
Rec: Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno
Summary: Athos is a junior at Dumas University and captain of the fencing team. He loves his two best friends, but they don’t see him that way (or do they?!?). Athos has tried to leave his past behind, but when someone turns up at his university and stirs up painful memories he struggles not to turn to his old destructive habits. 

Review: This is The Musketeers AU, but don’t let that deter you. Apart from the character names (Athos, Porthos, Aramis, d'Artagnan), it’s just like any other deliciously angsty college story… with polyamory.

There’s so many things to love about this fic, but the friendships are probably my favourite thing. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis have such a great dynamic, and the secondary characters are really well developed. I love that the guys have healthy relationships with women (I can’t tell you how many of these things I’ve read where the only female characters are basically just antagonists) - and there are some really strong, smart, wonderful women in this fic (and one horribly nasty one).

This story is told from Athos’ perspective and he has some serious issues with anxiety. I found it hard to read about at times, because he’s just so hard on himself and he tends to gets stuck in his head, but he also has a great support network (which I hope he eventually recognises and uses). Athos just can’t seem to catch a break, and I’m really hoping he gets his happy ending.

The three main characters all have problems to overcome, and there are some upsetting conversations about homelessness, emotionally distant parents, religious homophobia, prescription drug addiction, and emotionally abusive relationships, but they are all so supportive of each other and I just love them to bits. There are also many light moments (the halloween costumes, the fencing, karaoke night), and, while it’s a slow build, once the sex starts happening it really starts happening.
fiction  free  length:novel  status:wip  rating:mature  by:cherryfeather  !slash  !bisexual  !college/university  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !drugs  !friendship  !mental.disorder  !poc.main.character  !poly  !romance  !sports  !abuse 
june 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Food Porn
Summary: A recipe for pure delight! This women-created anthology features eighteen comics that indulge in the sensuality of food, a perfect tapas of erotic treats for anyone with good taste!

Review: Food Porn is an anthology of food-themed erotic comics from the talented women at Filthy Figments. Each comic includes a recipe – I’ve been making some of them and they are quite good. I don’t have a physical copy, so I can’t say how that turned out, but the PDF looks great (and it’s easier to cook from an iPad).

These comics feature sensual and consensual encounters among characters of a variety of genders, races, physiques, and realms of origin. A completely subjective (I can only say they pushed my buttons, anyway.) list of favorite stories with LGBT elements would include Safe Harbor by Kickingshoes (Island of the Hot Sharks), Knead and Rise by Dechanique (I’ve worked in bakeries. They are never this fun.) A Little Different by Jamie Jennings (I might have a little thing for freckled butts.), Nectar by Aero Zero (Gods AND Monsters, sweet!), Crumble Me by Ariel Vittori, (Tender, domestic, D/s story), and Red Bean Buns by Blue Delliquanti (The MCs have an adorable dynamic.) But, don’t get me wrong – this book is full of great stories, and you’re bound to find just the right spicy story to hit your sweet spot.
anthology  published  comic  !slash  !femslash  status:complete  rating:mature  !bisexual  !transgender  !bdsm  !demons  !drugs  !erotica  !food.industry  !magic.users  !magical.creatures  !poc.main.character  !poly  !robots/ai  !scifi  !superheroes  !travel.between.worlds 
may 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: God Only Knows
Summary: The author’s: John Walker and his boywives, a Big Love AU. Mine: Brendon has no idea what he’s getting into when he becomes John Walker’s third boywife.

Review: I will give you a moment to get over the inherent silliness of the word “boywife”.

This story is set in an alternate universe where same-sex relationships are a non-issue and the Mormon church is totally down with gayness. Polygamy, however, is another matter. Brendon, John, Ryan, and Spencer belong to a fundamentalist sect that practices plural marriage. Brendon is afraid no man will want to be his husband after his reputation is ruined. Enter John, who takes Brendon as boywife number three. Brendon’s new brotherwives Spencer and Ryan are happy to welcome him to the fold, but there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye.

I spent a lovely afternoon completely immersed in this story. Polygamy is never romanticized; the author doesn’t shy away from portraying the unequal power differential, dubious ethics, and messy interpersonal politics involved in plural marriage. At the same time, the romance is both believable and genuinely sweet. And Brendon is just so cute when he’s befuddled!
fiction  free  by:katarin  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature  !slash  !college/university  !established.relationship  !first.time  !fluff  !friendship  !marriage  !morning.after  !poly  !powerplay  !slice.of.life  !contemporary  !romance 
may 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Go Get a Roomie!
Summary: (From the artist)This webcomic follows the wild adventures of an upbeat hippie, living her life in love and joy. (And beer and sex.) Slightly NSFW, if you count the countless naked boobs as such, and updating Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hope you enjoy your stay :)

Review: At first, you seem to know what you’re getting into. The summary doesn’t let you down, in that you see a lot of wackiness throughout a good chunk of the comic, but then something changes and suddenly there’s a lot of depth to the characters and their story. I can’t think of a secondary character that doesn’t get their own well thought out back-story at some point. It really seems that, as you’re starting to discover a deeper understanding with the characters, so is the artist and it’s really fun to go along with it.

The two main characters, Roomie and Lillian, have a fantastic dynamic and it’s really awesome to see that dynamic change and grow and become more complex as they do the same thing. While this is technically femslash, it feels a lot more… free. If that makes any sense. You really don’t get the since that anyone fits in a box that can be labeled so easily. It’s much for fluid than that, and as a result, you get a lot more than femslash. So, yeah, it’s a good read. :)
webcomic  free  by:chloe.c.  status:wip  rating:mature  !bdsm  !femslash  !fluff  !friendship  !poly  !slice.of.life  !contemporary  !humor  !transgender 
may 2016 by TheSlashPile
Odsbodkins: Be not forgotten
Sam Wilson had just been outed by Captain America.

Quite an achievement, given that the man had been last seen nosing a plane into the Arctic fifty years ago.

The fact that Captain America's official biography outs him doesn't just have consequences for Steve Rogers.

Sequel to Subjective Histories.
AO3  fandom:Marvel  fandom:captain_america  character:sam_wilson  character:rhiley  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:bucky  character:steve_rogers  !slash  pairing:bucky/sam/steve  pairing:bucky/steve  pairing:sam/steve  pairing:bucky/sam  !poly  rating:NC-17  warning:death  genre:h/c  author:Odsbodkins  series  trope:outsiderpov  kink  kink:threesome 
may 2016 by Miscella
Thorinsmut: anything you can give
Hardison's brow was furrowed, those deep brown eyes peering into Eliot like he was one of his computers – just a tricky bit of code he could crack open if he tried hard enough. "You can't take what?" he asked. "What can't the great Eliot Spencer take?"

Oh, Hardison needed it said now? Right now? After everything? After all Eliot had done to make sure neither of them ever had to question it? Eliot shoved him off, growling. No one in their right mind pushed Eliot, but 'in their right mind' never had described anyone in the team, had it? Hardison was still watching him like he expected an answer, and it snarled its way right out of Eliot's mouth. If Hardison liked words so much, he could have some.

"I can't take the risk of you gettin' hurt! Either of you."
fandom:leverage  pairing:eliot/hardison/parker  threesome  genre:romance  genre:h/c  rating:NC-17  author:thorinsmut  AO3  !poly 
april 2016 by Miscella

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