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exactly what it says on the tin
!part4  ~mikado  ~kida  shota  _unfilled 
june 2011 by drrrkink
This anon request an AU where Shizuo is the new counsellor in Izaya's school. Izaya, a very problematic boy who's made the last counsellor quit, is forced to go to the new counsellor for a few meetings. (and yes, I got the idea from the Hetalia Kink Meme. http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/12046.html?thread=26872846#t26872846 ). 
Long story short, Izaya falls in love with Shizuo, eventually. Even, though, he tries to deny it at first.
I'd really like it if you could make it so that Kida (who's also quite a problematic child) is Izaya's friend and is around the same age as him. And if so, Kida, being the pusher and playboy that he is, keeps getting ideas into Izaya's mind about Shizaya action and what-not.
Also, I'd appreciate it if you can make Shizuo a lot calmer than he is, and with much more self control. 
Whether Shizuo falls in love with Izaya or not, is for you to decide. Sorry for being too picky and having a bad grammar and what-not. English is not my main language. ;//;
!part4  ~izaya  ~shizuo  au  therapist  ~kida  high.school 
june 2011 by drrrkink
24-year-old Shizuo/7-year-old Shizuo, shota. (and maybe, 24yearold!Shizuo is trying to comfort 7yearold!Shizuo by telling him that he does have someone and he's not alone? and that he understands him and such? and thus, comfortsex?)
!part4  ~shizuo  _unfilled  selfcest  shota  comfort 
june 2011 by drrrkink
[Shizuo/Izaya] Imagine Me, You and Him
Izaya got pregnant(Shizuo's child,of course) but he got afraid Shizuo would make him abort it if he found out so he run away and moved to another city.In this timeline, Shizuo still hates Izaya. However, after izaya went missing,he began to miss him although he still didn't know why(probably in denial).Five years later, Shizuo(on vacation or something)went to said city and accidentally met cute mini-Izaya in the park when Izaya's not around(working a decent job somewhere cause he couldn't risk doing dangerous job anymore to ensure his son's safety). Shizuo became intrigued cause the child looked like Izaya and played with him. Eventually Izaya came to pick his son and shocked to see Shizuo. Shizuo also shocked to find out the child was really Izaya's son.For the first time, both of them had a decent conversation and talked about the past 5 years and Shizuo surprised Izaya have changed a lot(very motherly towards his son etc).They stayed in contact and after some time got along with...
!part4  _filled  _incomplete  ~izaya  ~shizuo  mpreg 
june 2011 by drrrkink
The Book
Mastering the Art of Stalking. First edition, 1994. Mika Hariyama. Saki Mikajima. And of course, Izaya Orihara, the man who taught Japan to stalk, and see the truth. Today we think we live in the world Sherlock Holmes have shown us, but benneath it all is Izaya, and no one can touch him.

The Contender
High school drone by day, internet gang leader by night. Too young to be to live on my own, Too old for not dealing with the not everyday, and too bitter that I don't have that much of an allowance, Mikado Ryugamine was looking for a challenge. And in the Mikado/Izaya Project he has found it. Risking his friendship, education, and his web domain name's well-being, he has signed on for a deranged assignment. 365 days. 524 stalking techniques. One boy and a crappy sense of balance. How far it will go, no one can say...
!part4  ~mikado  ~izaya  stalking 
june 2011 by drrrkink
shizuo`s obsession to izaya slowly turned him into yandere
bonus: izaya cried and shaking with fear
bonus 2: shizuo kill namie
bonus 3: shizuo kill more than namie because he is so jealous
!part4  obsession  ~izaya  ~shizuo  yandere  _unfilled  character.death  ~namie 
june 2011 by drrrkink
Anon wants to see Izaya top EVERYONE.
From Celty, to simon, to shizuo, to EVERYONE.
|D Anon doesn't care if multiple author!anons fill for different people. Let that boy get some topping in!
Bonus for lack of raepstimes, but feel free for dub-con and blackmailing.
Cause izaya needs to stop climbing up your windows and snatching your people up. I'm getting tired of hiding my kids, and wife...and husband cause he's trying to rape everybody out here.
(I need to not drink coffee before requesting...;;)
!part4  ~izaya  ~everyone  blackmail  dubcon  requester.high.on.coffee 
june 2011 by drrrkink
[Izaya/anyone, Vorona/anyone]
So. Some of you might have heard of Pepee Lotion. It's a massage gel/lubricant. It has incredible consistency, as seen here:(http://cfs11.tistory.com/image/26/tistory/2008/11/06/15/31/49128f3151ed5)(http://cfs14.tistory.com/image/25/tistory/2008/11/06/15/30/49128f0f1e710)
You see where I'm going with this.I want messy sex, utilizing Pepee heavily. Preferred characters include Izaya or Vorona (both?!) with another character of your choice. Threesomes or orgies are fine too :B
Here are some NSFW examples (sorry they're tacky, I couldn't find quality pictures):http://cfile2.uf.tistory.com/image/1165B60D4BAF299835A96Ahttp://cfile8.uf.tistory.com/image/166CB70D4BAF29990A834Ahttp://ggambo.biz/files/attach/images/1316/174/002/Untitled-2.jpg
!part4  _unfilled  ~izaya  ~vorona  ~anyone  threesome  orgy 
june 2011 by drrrkink
Like Kida persuading Izaya sleep in bed inside of chair, reminding him take some food, don't irritate Shizuo too much etc. Anon really wants to read their banter and all for long romance fill
!part4  _unfilled  ~izaya  ~kida  mother.hen  humour 
june 2011 by drrrkink
[Tsugaru/Psyche] Could Be Love
Although he doesn't look like it, Tsugaru is incredibly kinky with a high libido. He takes it out on poor Psyche. Psyche is more than happy to help out!
!part4  ~tsugaru  ~psyche  kinky.shit 
june 2011 by drrrkink
[Shizuo/Izaya + Shizuo/Kasuka] The Second Circle
Shizuo having sex with Izaya while imagining that Izaya is Kasuka.
In other words, Shizuo is using Izaya as a substitute in order to curb his forbidden lust for his brother.

Brownie points: Izaya knows that he's being used as a substitute and taunts him with words like "onii-chan", etc. 
Extra cookie points: If Shizuo ends up having sex with Kasuka anyway.
!part4  _filled  _incomplete  substitution  ~izaya  ~shizuo  ~kasuka  fantasy  incest 
june 2011 by drrrkink
[Akabayashi/Vorona] Raspberry Blue
Violent sex. I don't really care who's involved, but please try to keep it in character. xD
I would like to see one or both characters engaging in a pleasant conversation. Like, slamming someone up against a wall so hard they black out and then commenting on how nice the weather's been recently.
Pffffft that sounds kinda creepy.
!part4  ~akabayashi  ~vorona  noncon  rape  het  violent.sex 
june 2011 by drrrkink
Mikado is in therapy for his obession with his pen. Izaya is his therapist. Mikado dumps pen-san and becomes obessed with Izaya and tries to have sex with him, he basically never got out of therapy.
Mikado is Izaya's therapist. And Izaya seduced Mikado to become his sex toy, and when Izaya tries to switch therapists Mikado goes BOSS on him and rapes him will saying "you can't leave me!"
Combine this two ideas to make an epiclly fucked up story.
!part4  therapy  au  ~mikado  ~izaya  _unfilled  noncon  sex.toy  obsession 
june 2011 by drrrkink
noncon based on this pic: http://tinypic.com/r/fdhd0z/7

Bonus points for LOTS of humiliation for Shizuo because it's not everyday Izaya has Shizuo completely at his mercy.
!part4  _unfilled  ~izaya  ~shizuo  rape  noncon  humiliation 
june 2011 by drrrkink
After realizing that Shizuo can't focus on killing him while he's sucking something/got something in his mouth, Izaya gets in the habit of performing fellatio on random objects (nothing TOO cracky, please; things like pens, silver wear, toothpicks (maybe on a memorable occurrence, someone’s fingers)) wherever he goes. 
If you can have other characters getting inappropriately turned on by this as well, I’ll love you forever. <- Totally not necessary.
!part4  _unfilled  ~izaya  ~shizuo  fellatio  inanimate.object 
june 2011 by drrrkink
Can involve fluffy moe a la Shy!Mikado and Shy!anri, but the main focus is interaction between Boss!Mikado and Boss!Anri (the latter does not have to involve being possessed by Saika). This interaction can either be a powerplay (WHO WILL TOP?!) or a team up...I dunno, whatever works. As long as it's interaction and it's not platonic. 
I think Mikado/Anri in its early stages would be full of moeeeshyness, but later on, when they've settled into their relationship more, their Boss!sides will come into play more. 
!part4  ~mikado  ~anri  bosskado  power.play  _unfilled 
june 2011 by drrrkink
[Izaya, Shinra]
This anon wonders how things would have turned out had Izaya become a doctor like Shinra did. 
...Now I crave some House-and-Wilson moments between Izaya and Shinra. With Izaya as the eccentric, unapologetic egoist - in short, the Gregory House-like character, and Shinra the mildly jesting Wilson. It doesn't have to be all shippy; one-sided Shinra/Celty would be a bonus. If you can manage to throw in the Raira trio in some way it would be even more awesome.
!part4  au  ~izaya  ~shinra  ~celty  crossover  fusion.fic 
june 2011 by drrrkink
Mikado is chosen to be the moe personification of humanity (don't ask me why). Izaya who loves humans decides that he must get together with Mikado to prove himself. Cue Izaya styled courting, at first Mikado is a bit freaked out, but later finds it rather sweet and agree to be with Izaya. Cue others reactions please! Also smut please!
!part4  ~izaya  ~mikado  _unfilled  courting 
june 2011 by drrrkink
[Mairu/Kururi or Kururi/Mairu] Her Ugliness, Evil of Evil
Okay... So these past days I'm addicted to Kagamine twins, thanks to a certain prompt on page 5... <.< I found more heartbreaking videos of Kagamine twins, and this one, I think this one is what you may call an angst. Therse videos are related each other. But for me 'Servant of Evil' explains everything...
So this selfish anon would like someone to write a fic based on that video, where Mairu is an evil princess and Kururi is her servant, or maid, in this case. They are twin and always together. Kururi always does everything that Mairu wants. And one day, the villagers finally decides to take the princess down because of every cruelty she did. Kururi took her place, since they're twins. I hope I made it clear? ^^a
P.S.: When I see twins I couldn't help but pick the Orihara twins... Please tell me if it could work for another pairing~ but seriously, Orihara twins needs more love!!!
P.S. II: I hope I'm not mistaken Mairu for Kururi...
!part4  ~mairu  ~kururi  vocaloid  twincest  _filled  _incomplete  &multifill 
june 2011 by drrrkink

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