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greensap: The Great Adventure
REC: This is such a great work. I love the bright colours and the way the different story elements flow into each other. (2017-02-26)
INFO: Coloured art of The Hobbit.
artist:greensap  art:technique:gouache  art:content:montage  beings:animals.horses  beings:animals.wolves  beings:dragons  beings:Gandalf  beings:dwarves  beings:hobbits  geography:myth:Middle-Earth  !meta:rec:art  posted:2010-12  recced:2017-02 
february 2017 by turlough
breath-art: Bard with black arrow
REC: Another fantastic work from this artist. Highly stylised but still full of life and movement and the colours are just gorgeous. (2017-02-23)
INFO: Coloured art of Smaug and Bard at Laketown.
artist:breath-art  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:digital.art  beings:dragons  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Lake-town  !meta:rec:art  posted:2013-10  recced:2017-02 
february 2017 by turlough
alarie-tano: Bilbo and the Thrush
REC: This is such a beautiful work. I love the delicate pencil work and the soft yet rich colouring. (2017-02-20)
INFO: Bilbo and thrush on the doorstep.
artist:alarie-tano  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:pencils  beings:birds  beings:hobbits  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Lonely.Mountain  !meta:rec:art  posted:2012-11  recced:2017-02 
february 2017 by turlough
eaneli: Shadow of Mirkwood
REC: I love the subtle colouring and unusual perspective of this work. It makes me feel like I'm sitting in the tree tops among the black butterflies looking down on Bilbo who's contemplating climbing up. (2017-02-17)
INFO: Bilbo in Mirkwood.
artist:eaneli  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  beings:hobbits  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Mirkwood  !meta:rec:art  posted:2010-03  recced:2017-02 
february 2017 by turlough
vilva73: Glade of wolves
REC: This is such a cool work. The colouring is gorgeous and I love the unusual perspective. (2017-02-11)
INFO: Coloured art of wolves and goblins on the ground, Bilbo and Thorin & Co in the trees.
artist:vilva73  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  beings:animals.wolves  beings:dwarves  beings:hobbits  beings:goblins  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Misty.Mountains  !meta:rec:art  posted:2010-05  recced:2017-02 
february 2017 by turlough
DartGarry: The Hobbit chapter I. dwarfs song
REC: This is such a lovely take of the scene where Bilbo becomes all enchanted by the dwarves singing. I love the dreamy colouring and the neat way the round window frames everything. (2017-02-07)
INFO: Coloured art of Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin & Co. at Bag End.
artist:dartgarry  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  beings:hobbits  beings:elves  beings:Gandalf  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:the.Shire  location:Bag.End  !meta:rec:art  posted:2011-06  recced:2017-02 
february 2017 by turlough
moonytash: The Hobbit
REC: This is such a fun and charming depiction of Bilbo's front door and garden. I love the bright, clear colours and the small whimsical details. It would be a perfect frontispiece for an illustrated edition of the book. (2017-02-03)
INFO: Coloured art of Bilbo's front door.
artist:moonytash  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:the.Shire  location:Bag.End  !meta:rec:art  posted:2007-11  recced:2017-02 
february 2017 by turlough
Miruna-Lavinia: Smaug over Esgaroth
REC: love the colours in this work. This artist really uses watercolours to their fullest advantage. (2017-01-28)
INFO: Coloured art of Smaug spewing flame over Lake-town.
(also at http://transylvanianshipper.tumblr.com/post/142077413636/smaug-over-esgaroth-by-miruna-lavinia )
artist:miruna-lavinia  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  beings:dragons  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Lake-town  !meta:rec:art  posted:2016-04  recced:2017-01 
january 2017 by turlough
ullakko: Elvish Feast in Mirkwood
REC: This is such a lovely work. It's just the way I imagine the scene would look. The darkness of the forest, the dwarves looking all haggard, the fire and all the lanterns gleaming red and gold and green, the elves singing and dancing, eating and drinking. (2017-01-25)
INFO: Coloured art of Bilbo and Thorin & Co. watching the Elves feast.
(also at http://ullathynell.tumblr.com/post/72323579197/elvish-feast-in-mirkwood-2014 )
artist:ullakko  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  art:technique:inks  beings:hobbits  beings:dwarves  beings:elves  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Mirkwood  !meta:rec:art  posted:2014-01  recced:2017-01 
january 2017 by turlough
faQy: mirkwood
REC: I love the storybook feel of this work and the warm, earthy colours. It would be so cool to have The Hobbit with illustrations in this style. (2017-01-22)
INFO: Coloured art of Bilbo and Thorin & Co. in Mirkwood.
artist:faqy  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:pens  art:technique:digital.art  beings:hobbits  beings:dwarves  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Mirkwood  !meta:rec:art  posted:2011-06  recced:2017-01 
january 2017 by turlough
breath-art: fifteen birds in the trees
REC: This is a little different to this artist's usual works. The composition is more informal and the dark background echoes Russian and Japanese laquer work rather than of Western Art Deco. It's a very striking piece in any case and I love the way it mirrors the combination of danger and humour present in the book. (2017-01-18)
INFO: Coloured art of Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin & Co., assorted goblins & wolves.
artist:breath-art  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:digital.art  beings:hobbits  beings:dwarves  beings:animals.wolves  beings:Gandalf  beings:goblins  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Misty.Mountains  !meta:rec:art  posted:2013-07  recced:2017-01 
january 2017 by turlough
vilva73: Hobbit - chapter 5
REC: This is such a cool and scary work. I love the creepy lighting and the glow of Sting and the eyes of Gollum. (2017-01-14)
INFO: Coloured art of Bilbo and Gollum.
artist:vilva73  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  beings:hobbits  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Misty.Mountains  !meta:rec:art  posted:2010-04  recced:2017-01 
january 2017 by turlough
Norloth: Far Over the Misty Mountains
REC: This is such a pretty work. I love the combination of the black silhouettes and the richly coloured background. It makes it look like an illuminated glass window. (2017-01-11)
INFO: Coloured art of landscape with dwarves - illustration of the song the dwarves sang in Bilbo's home.
artist:norloth  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  art:technique:digital.art  beings:dwarves  geography:myth:Middle-Earth  !meta:rec:art  posted:2013-12  recced:2017-01 
january 2017 by turlough
moonytash: Hobbit: And they all fell in
REC: This is such a fun and pretty work. I love the sunny colours, the lovely linework, and all the little details. And the faces of the dwarves are hilarious, particularly Thorin's grumpy expression. (2017-01-07)
INFO: Coloured art of Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin, Bifor, Bofur, and Bombur.
artist:moonytash  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  beings:hobbits  beings:dwarves  beings:Gandalf  location:Bag.End  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:the.Shire  !meta:rec:art  posted:2009-02  recced:2017-01 
january 2017 by turlough
DartGarry: illustration The Hobbit chapter I
REC: This is such a wonderful portrayal of Bilbo relaxing outside his door. Everything is so green and lush and Bilbo looks so content with his long pipe, sending smoke rings up into the air. It looks just the way I've always imagined the opening scene in the book. (2017-01-02)
INFO: Coloured art of Bilbo outside Bag End with Gandalf coming up the path.
artist:dartgarry  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  beings:hobbits  beings:Gandalf  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:the.Shire  location:Bag.End  !meta:rec:art  posted:2011-04  recced:2017-01 
january 2017 by turlough
erzsebet-beast: Forbidden pool
REC: I love the composition and linework of this work. The way everything centers on/spirals out from the small waterfall with Gollum in the foreground and Faramir, Frodo, and Sam observing from afar. (2016-12-27)
INFO: Monochrome art of Gollum, Faramir, Frodo, and Sam.
artist:erzsebet-beast  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:inks  beings:hobbits  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Ithilien  !meta:rec:art  posted:2015-02  recced:2016-12 
january 2017 by turlough
faQy: Theoden and Merry
REC: This is such a sweet work. Theoden looks like such a kind old man and I love Merry's worried expression. (2016-12-22)
INFO: Coloured art of Merry and Theoden.
artist:faqy  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  beings:hobbits  beings:animals.horses  geography:myth:Middle-Earth  !meta:rec:art  posted:2013-01  recced:2016-12 
january 2017 by turlough
s-u-w-i: in the forest
REC: This is such a cool work. I love the intricate linework and subtle colouring. It's one of my favourite portrayals of Treebeard. (2016-12-18)
INFO: Treebeard with Merry & Pippin.
artist:s-u-w-i  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  art:technique:pens  beings:hobbits  beings:Treebeard  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Fangorn  !meta:rec:art  posted:2012-11  recced:2016-12 
january 2017 by turlough

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