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Us - Chapter 1 - Loxxlay
A week before Loki leaves for college, Thor asks him to stay.
^fanfic  ^^avengers  *thor  *loki  +thorki  -explicit  !incest  !humanau  teens  #nine  games  pining  superwarm 
december 2018 by Artificiall
FFXV - Ignis/His Uncle - Incest, Dubcon/Noncon, Underage
Ignis' uncle sexually grooms of his nephew and Ignis just takes it and doesn't tell anyone (maybe he does eventually?).

No preferred headcanon for Ignis' parents as long as they aren't oot abusive (neglect is fine).

!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [ignis]  !incest  !dubcon  !noncon  !underage  FFXV 
november 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
FFXV - Ignis discovers Regis is molesting Noctis...
...and offers himself up in Noctis' place.

Ignis should be 12 - 16 years old.

Happy ending OK if you want.
!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [ignis]  [noctis]  [regis]  #regis/noctis  #ignis/regis  !underage  !incest  FFXV 
august 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Vayne/Larsa, sexual abuse
Because I can't be the only one who thinks Vatne acts super creepy towards his brother, am I?
!!unfilled  !!post7-14#1  [vayne]  [larsa]  #larsa/vayne  !incest  !abuse  FFXII 
april 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Dissidia NT, Zidane/Terra/Kuja, incest & threesome
Terra is awfully into the thought of Zidane and Kuja making out. So, it turns out, are they. This leads to a threesome (with or without Trances).
!!postDissidia+#1  !!unfilled  #kuja/terra/zidane  !threesome  !incest  FFDissidiaNT  [kuja]  [terra]  [zidane] 
february 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
FFXV, Lunafreya/Ravus, incest
Considering the Jaime Lannister/Viserys Targaryen vibes I get from Ravus, I'm surprised there's not more fic of him and Luna. The (consensual!) incest could be a coping mechanism for the trauma they've been through? Ooh, and Ravus going down on Luna is a must!
!!postFFXV#1  !!unfilled  [lunafreya]  [ravus]  #lunafreya/ravus  !incest  FFXV 
february 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
≠ - Not Equal by IKE Reibun
Right after reuniting with his father, from whom he’d been separated when he was a kid, Ryou suddenly traveled back in time 22 years, during the peak of the bubble economy of the Showa era!
There, he met his father, Konomi, who was 3 years younger than he was…!
Living in an unknown environment with the uneasiness of wanting to go back to his own time, Ryou was anxious. But being comforted by the pure-hearted Konomi, his feelings gradually started to change… The first volume of Ike Reibun’s loved original work!
Manga  By:IKE_Reibun  Rating:FR-21  !Incest  Series  Complete 
august 2017 by Miezikami
Sailor Danshi by SAKIRA
Seeing a friend dressed up in a sailor uniform at a drinking party, his heartbeat immediately speeds up and his crotch starts throbbing! To find out why, he takes his friend to a love hotel and…? The arousing sailor uniform clinging to a muscular body, bondage brothers, oyaji harassment, sex on the beach and much, much more – all in this fully-loaded novel!
Manga  By:SAKIRA  Rating:FR21  !BDMS  !Incest  Complete 
april 2017 by Miezikami

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