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[Fill] Untitled, Kane/Toews/Any(Seabrook) (1/1)
Kane/Toews/Any, spitroasting
Jonny and Patrick are in an established relationship and decide to spice things up by inviting a teammate into their bed. I don't mind who tops/bottoms, as long as there's a Hawk getting happily spitroasted in the middle.
pairing:kane/seabrook/toews  !fill  !complete  #HD1  kink:threesome  kink:spitroasting 
july 2016 by highdicking
Fill: rumors (1/1)
Kane/Toews, outside POV
I would really love something from an outside POV. Like maybe the guys catching them or hearing them have sex somewhere at the UC, on the plane/bus, or at the hotel on the road, etc.
!fill  !complete  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  character:schmaltz  trope:accidentalvoyeurism  trope:outsidepov 
july 2016 by highdicking
[Fill] Untitled (1/?) Incest, Implied Previous Underage
Kane/Toews, incest
AU where Kaner and Jonny are half-brothers and in a secret/taboo relationship (could be as adults, could be as teenagers and on).

(if for logistics reasons, step-brothers work better than half-brothers, I don't mind. But would prefer if they grew up together and are brothers/are considered brothers by themselves and the people around them)
!fill  !incomplete  pairing:kane/toews  warning:underage  warning:incest  au:school  school:college  school:highschool 
june 2016 by highdicking
[Fill] Untitled (1/?)
Kane/Toews, porn leads to feelings
Jonny finds Kaner's porn collection and is surprised to find that he has a lot of videos with built dark haired dudes with huge asses getting fucked by short blonde guys. Obviously Jonny then has to watch all of this porn, and starts throwing out random pieces of dialogue from it in normal conversation.
!fill  !complete  #HD1  pairing:kane/toews  kink:porn 
june 2016 by highdicking
I joke about sex because it's funny (when you're frightened)
Prompt: John. Please come home at once and do a rape kit so that I may take a shower. SH.
!a  !fill  !fanfic  angst  sherlock_bbc  sherlock  john  gen  non-con+rape  ?unfinished 
january 2015 by indramiel
Eduardo in Atlantis
Prompt: After the deposition, Eduardo is recruited by Rodney and SG1 to work at the mountain (the algorithm he came up with, etc). Eduardo finds Rodney hilarious, which surprises most people.
!fanfic  !fill  slash  crossover  mckay  eduardo  mark  eduardo/mark  social_network  sga  sga/social_network 
march 2014 by indramiel
The good times are killing me
Summary: In which the boys pretend to still be together for Christmas (and there is more than one kind of charade).
Rating: Explicit
!fanfic  !fill  slash  merlin_bbc  merlin  arthur_pendragon  au  angst  merlin/arthur 
november 2013 by indramiel
Sebastian/Kurt, bp!Kurt, non-con, sleep sex, fingering, toys, cumplay
Prompt: Sebastian and Kurt are roommates. When Sebastian accidentally finds out that Kurt has a boypussy, he becomes fascinated.
!fanfic  glee  non-con+rape  kurt  bp  slash  sebastian  kurt/sebastian  somnophilia  pwp  !fill 
october 2013 by indramiel
Steve/Tony, Alpha/Beta/Omega
Prompt: Steve Rogers has always been small. The smallest Alpha anyone has ever seen in fact. And Steve would be the first person to tell you that his life was a lonely one. After all, no Omega wants an asthmatic Alpha who would just as easily go into cardiac arrest as they would knot them. Steve has signed up for project Rebirth, and as they go through years of preparations, he meets one Tony Stark, the son of the great Howard Stark.
As Tony developed he became the perfect specimen of Omega perfection. Young, gorgeous, funny, rich, smart, etc… and Steve can’t help but fall for him and his snark. But being the weak Alpha that he is, Steve figures he doesn’t have a chance in hell and he’ll have to settle for being a Stark family friend.
Only that’s not entirely true. Omega!Tony, who could have any Alpha he set his eyes on, has fallen hard for the sweet, mild-mannered and chivalrous Steve Rogers. So what if he’s tiny and asthmatic and not your stereotypical Alpha? Tony thinks he’s perfect and wants him anyway.
!fanfic  !fill  slash  omega!verse  avengers  steve  tony  tony/steve  au 
september 2013 by indramiel
Carlos describing Cecil to the folks back home
Prompt: Carlos being an adorable fond boyfriend and telling his friends/family back home about Cecil and said friends/family being completely weirded out:
"Oh Cecil did the cutest thing with his tentacles the other day!!"
"I think Cecil's tattoos are really starting to like me!"
"Cecil's so precious, when he gets flustered his third eye goes all ultraviolet!"
Etc etc
!fanfic  !fill  slash  wtnv  cecil  carlos  cecil/carlos 
august 2013 by indramiel
Carlos/Cecil Self Harm, Tentacles
Prompt: I want to see Carlos reacting rather aversely to Cecil's tentacles for a change. Maybe only at first, but I definitely want to see Carlos freaking out and bailing on whatever romantic interlude they were in the middle of, and Cecil getting so upset that he tries to cut them off. Would prefer to see a happy ending where Carlos returns and fixes it (maybe not right away- could be a few days later, when someone notices/comments on how Cecil is walking funny or has bandages on or something and Carlos realizes what's happening).
!fanfic  !fill  slash  wtnv  cecil  carlos  cecil/carlos  hurt+comfort  angst 
august 2013 by indramiel
The Interest of Towns
Prompt: For as long as there’s been Night Vale; there’s been Cecil. There has always been a soothing voice carried over the sand wastes and scrublands. Always
!fill  !fanfic  slash  wtnv  cecil  carlos  cecil/carlos 
august 2013 by indramiel
(A Blessing or) A Curse
Prompt: Dean and Sam find a fallen Castiel, about 10-15, and take him on the road with them. Dean and Sam can't resist molesting him though and convince Castiel that he's been cursed and it makes them need to fuck him constantly. Still naive to humans and a child Castiel believes them utterly and feels guilty for making the Winchesters needing to rape him all the time.
Lots of dirty talk with focus on the sex, leaving Castiel's little hole sore and filled with their cum as the curse demands, keeping his body constantly ready to be fucked whenever they want. Maybe Castiel eager to help assist them as soon has he notices them getting aroused. Eventually Castiel gets aroused and comes for the first time during a session.
!fanfic  !fill  slash  threesome  castiel  dean  sam  dean/castiel/sam  dub-con  supernatural  au 
august 2013 by indramiel
This Circle Never Ends
Prompt: Mark doesn't understand why someone as beautiful and perfect as Eduardo is with him, and so is preemptively cruel and hard with Wardo, believing that he is protecting himself from getting hurt when Wardo inevitably comes to his senses and leaves Mark.
Wardo is confused, because he is so in love with Mark, but Mark is constantly mean to him, making spiteful and cruel remarks, and just being hurtful in general, even during sex (bottom!Eduardo only please). Wardo doesn't understand why.
Bonus for Mark being incredibly jealous and possessive and suspicious (coz c'mon, EVERYONE wants his Wardo) and showing it through being and cold and especially rough and clinical when fucking Wardo, but Wardo not *getting* why Mark is being like this.
Anyway, I want it to culminate in Mark simply going too far one day- hurting Wardo too badly physically and/or emotionally- and Wardo just completely breaking down and sobbing. Guilty!Mark realizing just *how* much he hurts Wardo, and happy ending would be lovely!
!fanfic  !fill  slash  abuse  social_network  mark  eduardo  eduardo/mark  ?hiatus  angst 
july 2013 by indramiel
Quero você como eu quero
Prompt: Following the depositions Mark remains convinced that he did the right thing and refuses to apologize. A drunk and depressed Eduardo wishes that Mark could see what he'd ruined, what might have been had he made a different choice--and a fairy/genie/some magical creature decides to grant his wish.
Mark wakes up the next morning in another life: a life where Eduardo are married (or something equivalent) and very much in love. Rather than screwing Eduardo over, he'd approached the situation differently and that change made all the difference. Whether Facebook is still as successful is up to you, but I want to see Mark slowly growing to love this other life and being bitterly unhappy to lose it.
In the end, Mark needs to apologize.
!fanfic  !fill  slash  social_network  eduardo/mark  eduardo  mark  ?wip 
july 2013 by indramiel
All in meekness yield
Prompt: Hannibal/Will, omegaverse with a twist
Will is an alpha, but he's socially awkward and gets anxious around other people and is a neurotic empath. Hannibal is an omega with a domineering personality (to the point everyone thinks he's an alpha) who is secretly a serial killer and has a habit of eating people. Will doesnt know what to do when Hannibal starts to pursue him.
!fanfic  slash  hannibal  will  hannibal/will  omega!verse  !fill  hannibal_tv 
may 2013 by indramiel
Prompt: Blaine ties his boyfriend to a bitching post and lets the champion dogs his mom breeds fuck Kurt's sore little hole and fill it up with doggy cum. After the first dog breeds Kurt, Blaine starts stroking Kurt's hard cock while the dog's still tied to him. Kurt's so embarrassed that being fucked by a dog made him so hard. When the first dog's knot slips out, Blaine leads the dog back to its crate and brings out another one. Kurt protests, says he's too sore and can't take another knot, but Blaine says something like, "You can do it, Kurt. You'll be a good bitch for me, right?" and Kurt just bites his lip and nods and takes it like a good bitch.
Up to filler exactly how consenting Kurt is.
Also, I don't care what breed the dogs are just as long as they're big. Maybe a Great Pyrenees or something.
!fanfic  bestiality  glee  kurt  blaine  pwp  !fill 
may 2013 by indramiel
Prompt: Voyeur!Scotty with side order of Chekov/Sulu
Scotty is totally innocently looking through all the comm feeds or some other engineering bullshit where he comes across Sulu going at Chekov hard and dirty in a turbolift and finds it better than sandwiches.
Really, really dirty hot porno still-has-uniform-on dishevelled sex.
!fanfic  slash  st  sulu  chekov  chekov/sulu  pwp  scotty  !fill 
may 2013 by indramiel
Alwaysagirl!Chekov/McCoy, established relationship
Prompt: Alwaysagirl!Chekov/McCoy, established relationship.
McCoy comes back to their quarters to find Polina masturbating with a toy. He knows it's impolite for him to interrupt and he thinks she should keep on going, and he'll just sit right here and watch her, thanks.
Bonus points for McCoy dirty talking to help get her off. Double bonus points if after she comes from the masturbation he fucks her into the mattress (because, come on, he's got to be hard as a rock after that little show.)
!fanfic  !fill  genderbend  girl!chekov  chekov/mccoy  pwp  st  mccoy 
may 2013 by indramiel

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