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FFXV - Ignis/His Uncle - Incest, Dubcon/Noncon, Underage
Ignis' uncle sexually grooms of his nephew and Ignis just takes it and doesn't tell anyone (maybe he does eventually?).

No preferred headcanon for Ignis' parents as long as they aren't oot abusive (neglect is fine).

!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [ignis]  !incest  !dubcon  !noncon  !underage  FFXV 
november 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Ignis/any, shock collar
Someone (Ardyn?) putting Ignis in a shock collar, For Reasons. Smut optional but extremely welcome; I'm okay wth dub- or non-con.
!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [ignis]  #ignis/any  !torture  !dubcon  !noncon  FFXV 
october 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Noct/any or Ignis/any, "waking up" during sex [dub-/non-con]
This prompt is pretty awful so I'm flexible on parameters. Bottom Noct or Ignis, some possible scenarios:

-- snapping back into lucidity during a sex-pollened haze to find one of the other bros inside them
-- Ardyn's mind-controlled them into sex, but lifts the spell halfway through the act for additional horror
-- they pass out somewhere/the other chocobros are elsewhere and an OMC/hunter finds them unconscious
-- their partner ~couldn't help themselves~ and decided (without pre-negotiation) to go for it while they're asleep

I'm primarily looking for the initial sense of confusion/incoherence where Noct/Ignis has no idea what's going on or why they're naked with a cock in their ass and just, you know, awfulness and violation etc. Feel free to go full-throttle on the non-con aspects of it, especially if it's Ardyn or an OMC/hunter/stranger, or -- if the top is another bro and you don't want it to be completely terrible -- you can have Noct/Ignis roll with it and start enjoying themselves (despite how sketchy it was to begin with; I don't want an essay on consent here).

+ Noct/Ignis POV
+ they're initially having an extremely vivid sex dream that feels super realistic
+ after waking up, they come despite themselves and the top keeps going
!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [noctis]  [ignis]  #ignis/any  #noctis/any  !dubcon  !noncon  !somnophilia  !sex-pollen/aphrodisiacs  FFXV 
september 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Any/Prompto Ignis/Prompto BH!Prompto tricked into a porno shoot Underage/Dubcon
During the Brotherhood era either shortly before Prompto becomes friends with Noctis(or shortly after as long as he hasn't met Ignis yet) Prompto got an opportunity to assign a famous or semi-famous photographer. He thinks that's it's just going to be adjusting lights, or dealing with props, but when he gets there it turns out the model "canceled" and is talked into taking the model's place. As the shoot goes on it becomes more and more explicit and erotic until it's full-blown porn. Prompto walks away feeling vaguely uncomfortable but trying to convince himself he's totally ok with what happened.

Cue his first meeting with Ignis, who eventually and with growing horror realizes he recognizes Noctis' new and underage friend from a series of artistic but pornographic photos he enjoys. Cue the messy fallout of Ignis realizing he's in possession of child porn, and knowing that Prompto was exploited in the making of it. Along with trying to see justice done, but discreetly so as not created a scandal involving the Citadel and Noctis or jeopardize the friendship between Noctis and Prompto.
!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [ignis]  [prompto]  #ignis/prompto  #prompto/any  !underage  !dubcon  !photography/video  FFXV 
june 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Any/Ignis - schoolboy Ignis (dubcon & underage cw)
Bottom!Ignis in shorts & knee socks. No younger than 14 but no older than 17, I have no preference who the top is. No outright noncon.

Things I like: dubcon & manipulation, loss of virginity, facials, forced orgasms, multiple orgasms, glasses on during sex, top having a big dick & big fingers, talking dirty, crying, ass to mouth, multiple orgasms, cumplay, creampie, ass gaping, degrading compliments.

DNW: scat or incest

+1: The top is Regis or Cor.

+100: The top is the older version of one of the Chocobros.
!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [ignis]  #ignis/any  !dubcon  !underage  FFXV 
june 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Regis has droit de signeur
As the King Regis has the right to the virginity of any Lucian. He rarely exercised it in the past but his son's friends are adults now and he makes up his mind to claim their virginities.

No Regis/Noctis, or underage. Top!Regis and bottom!Chocobros please.

+ any of the Chocobros are in a relationship before, and accept that Regis has the legal right
++ Noctis has to end up watching at least once
+++ transboy Prompto
!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [regis]  #regis/gladio  #regis/ignis  #regis/prompto  !first-times  !dubcon  FFXV 
june 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Ardyn/Ifrit potential non-con/dub-con
Ifrit banging Ardyn, hard. Whatever consent level is good so long as it's a rough fuck. Taking into account Ardyn's healing abilities = always good.
!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [ardyn]  [ifrit]  #ardyn/ifrit  !rough-sex  !dubcon  !noncon  FFXV 
may 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Ardyn/Any, non/dubcon pussy spanking
Ardyn as the spanker, preferably with his hand, ideally in some situation where he’s holding the spankee captive and punishing them for trying to escape, or something akin to that.

Prompter is fond of Ardyn/Prompto, and so is down with any setup that allows for Prompto as the spankee, from always-a-girl to trans!Prompto to magical transformation. But if Promdyn doesn’t float your boat, the spankee could be Luna, Ravus, Ignis, or Noct (same deal as Prompto for any other dude).

+At some point, Ardyn fingers them and teases them about how wet they are
++The spankee eventually gets off on it and then feels weird about it.
!!unfilled  !!postFFXV#1  [ardyn]  #ardyn/any  FFXV  !spanking  !noncon  !dubcon  !genital-torture 
april 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
FILL: Gladio/Ignis, werewolf dub/noncon (2/?)
Ignis being fucked and knotted with a huge werewolf dick. Noncon or dubcon preferred.
!!filled  !!postFFXV#1  !!WIP  !dubcon  !noncon  !supernaturalcreatures  FFXV  [gladio]  [ignis]  #gladio/ignis 
march 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Any/Ignis - enemas (dubcon/noncon)
Any giving Ignis an enema. NO detailed scat please.

++ dubcon/noncon
++ Iggy has never had one before and it makes him cry
!!postFFXV#1  !!unfilled  [ignis]  #ignis/any  !enemas  !dubcon  !noncon  FFXV 
february 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Ignoct, Noctis takes revenge for veggies
Noctis takes revenge for Iggy making him eat his veggies and anally fucks Ignis with a veggie like a carrot or cucumber. He and Ignis aren't in a relationship either. No noncon plz but I am ok with dubcob.
!!postFFXV#1  !!unfilled  [ignis]  [noctis]  #ignis/noctis  !object-penetration  !food/cooking  !dubcon  FFXV 
february 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Prompto/Various - self-destructive behavior
During World of Ruin, Prompto goes a little off the emotional deep end. Trying to process what happened to him in Gralea, and having a hard time adjusting to the painful loss of his best friend, he takes greater and greater sexual risks with strangers in order to just FEEL something!!!

Bonus points for abuse, dub-con and/or non-con, and choking
!!postFFXV#1  !!unfilled  [prompto]  #prompto/any  !abuse  !dubcon  !self-harm  FFXV 
february 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
Final Fantasy XII, Ashe/Vayne, Domination/submission
Ashe is Vayne's diplomatic/political hostage, she's being defiant stubborn and haughty. He decides it's about time to give her some discipline and a private lesson in propriety. Much to Ashe's chagrin she's enjoying every second of it, while Vayne is pleased to see his captive break and submit to his will. Bonus points for light bondage, spanking, rough sex, begging, orgasm denial or forced orgasms and humiliation.
!!post7-14#1  !!unfilled  [ashe]  [vayne]  #ashe/vayne  !dubcon  !dom/sub  !bondage  !orgasm-control  !rough-sex  !humiliation  FFXII 
february 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
FFXV - Ignis/Regis, underage dub/noncon
Regis knows that Ignis will keep it a secret, since doing otherwise means losing his job – and Noct. Ignis knows full well just how Regis is pulling his strings, but he can't risk being separated from Noct.

Anything on this premise! One-off event or it being a regular thing all the way until the game starts. Any other (consensual) ships are good!
!!postFFXV#1  !!unfilled  [ignis]  [regis]  #ignis/regis  !underage  !dubcon  !noncon  FFXV 
february 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
FF IV, Golbez/Kain, hypnosis/dub-con
For his own amusement, Zemus makes Golbez and Kain fuck while he's mind-controlling them
!!unfilled  [golbez]  [kain]  [zemus]  !hypnosis/mind-control  !dubcon  !noncon  #golbez/kain  FFIV  !!post1-6#1 
february 2018 by final_fantasy_kink_meme
[Avatar: The Last Airbender] Okay, We're In Trouble [PODFIC] - Opalsong - [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: "Oh spirits, he’s trapped in a box with a crazy terrorist and a horny firebender. A horny firebender who is currently their only hope and can’t firebend. Can’t firebend because he’s too horny."
'podfic  fandom:ATLA  p:sokka/zuko/jet  c:sokka  c:zuko  c:jet  !barebacking  !dirtytalk  !hate!sex  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !threesome  !bondage  !dubcon  theme:coming_out  theme:odd.couple/rarepair  Status:Complete  length(pod):2-2.5hours  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
[Avatar: T0he Last Airbender] "Okay, We're In Trouble" white_knuckle - LIve Journal
"Oh spirits, he's trapped in a box with a crazy terrorist and a horny firebender. A horny firebender who is currently their only hope and can't firebend. Can't firebend because he's too horny."
'fanfic  fandom:ATLA  p:sokka/zuko/jet  c:sokka  c:zuko  c:jet  !handjob  !barebacking  !bondage  !dirtytalk  !dubcon  !sexpollen/aphrodisiac  !hate!sex  !threesome  theme:blanket_closet_cabin_cave  theme:kidnapped/captured  theme:coming_out  Status:Complete  length:longish?  rating:M/E 
november 2017 by fanfictionato
Just The Tip
In which Derek is an Alpha and resembles the wolves from Van Helsing, fucks Stiles on the Hale House lawn and things get weird.
!alpha!derek  !Smut  !dubcon  pair:sterek  fandom:teenwolf 
november 2017 by ladybugger

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